Seeing The Invisible – Spirituality

St. Therese of Avila - The Peter's Roma
St. Therese of Avila – The Peter’s Roma




WHAT ARE ‘innerviews’ or religious experiences? From what I gather there are as many different types of innerviews as there are people. Religious experiences are as old as mankind. The bible tells us of visions, revelations, dreams and other divine experiences, in which they have happened to the prophets. Moses for example, was looking after a flock of sheep when be noticed a bush on fire, but not burning.   Suddenly a voice spoke to Moses, telling him to take off his shoes because he was standing on Holy ground. Then God revealed himself to Moses as “I am who I am”. The Buddha, after much searching came to enlightenment during three nights of contemplation. He saw his previous lives pass before him and had revealed to him the holy truths; the knowledge of suffering and the removal of suffering was also revealed to him. Jesus Christ was baptised in the river Jordan when suddenly a voice from above proclaimed, “This is my Son, the Beloved; with whom I am well pleased”.


More than a few Christian Saints have written down their religious experiences. Julian of Norwich, wrote with insight and vision of her religious experiences. This makes her a favourite today. Her expression “All shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well”  is now a beloved phrase. In Lourdes, Bernadette Soubirous had an experience in which the Virgin Mary, revealed herself as ‘The Immaculate Conception,’ and promised Bernadette happiness in ‘the next world’. Bernadette, was to receive more messages from the apparition; one led to the miraculous discovery of water, and another, for a chapel to be built in the Grotto. Bernadette’s experiences were recorded and people from all over the world came to the small grotto in Lourdes, for healing. Today, it is a pilgrimage centre for Christians.


However, spiritual experiences are not exclusive to the prophets, saints, mystics or even the good. Religious experiences happen in all cultures and in all religions. Prophets, tell us time and again, to treasure our inner voice. ‘ Our insights are a spontaneous gifts of grace from the divine to his beloved children. I’ve have chosen a few recorded insights or if you like, spiritual experiences to share with you today. I  hope they will inspire and delight the reader. I would be interested in readers comments on this topic. Perhaps you too have experiences insights that you might like to share. Oh! please do!


“A few years ago, I was feeling rather low and depressed. My life seemed to be falling to pieces around me. I was laying on my bed trying to make sense of it all, when suddenly I felt a light all around me. The next thing I was aware of, was being taken upward towards something of intense brightness. From the brightness, there appeared a figure and a voice said, “Go in peace and everything will be shown unto you.”
From that day forward, I have not worried over difficulties. I know I am guided and protected. I believe I always will be.”


NECTAR OF THE GODS -Sathya Sai Baba’s Ashram – 1991
“During a lengthy stay in Sai Baba’s ashram in 1991, I devoted extensive time to meditation. I rose  at dawn to attend morning chants  in the Mandir. (Temple).  Afterwards, I would join the lines for darshan and remain in the Mandir compound until after bhajans. My morning austerities would end with a steep climb up the hill leading to the meditation tree. There, I would sit for around 15 minutes enjoying the peace and the gentle cooling breeze. This routine lasted for weeks. I never felt tired or hungry. On the contrary I felt elated. The elation increased as the weeks passed by, my often nervous nature disappeared and for the rest of my trip, I became utterly at peace with myself and others.
Towards the end of my visit, I  sat for some time under the meditation tree. On one particular morning,  I heard an inner voice say:  “Stay always sweet – remember sweetness is the nectar of the Gods.”I am sure it was not my imagination playing tricks, because the phrase ‘nectar of the Gods,’ was unknown to me.”
– family member


ALL WILL BE WELL Heidelberg, Germany, 1973
“At birth, my daughter was two months premature. The doctors had only let me see her for a few seconds before she was rushed off to intensive care and placed in an incubator. The doctors told me that her chances for survival were not good. I was given a room by myself to recover from the shock of her birth. The little room was dark, dingy and cold. I remember feeling incredibly lonely and afraid. Suddenly, the room became filled with a presence. It was not a single presence but many. I don’t know how to describe accurately what actually happened – but the presence seemed to be  sending me waves of love and peace. I fell asleep within seconds. I knew I was being looked after and everything would be well. It was!”
– eve


“For many years I kept African Violets. They were my favourite house plants. One day, I was admiring one that had made a remarkable recovery from over watering.
Mentally, I began to talk to it. Suddenly, I became aware of a tremendous feeling of love flowing from the plant to me! In fact, I felt that I became the plant, and it became me and that we both were one with the universe! It was a beautiful feeling. I suppose I can only describe it as a deep peace. The feeling only lasted for a few seconds, but was like nothing else I have ever experienced.”
-Meg Maxwell and Verena Tschudin from “Seeing The Invisible” *
The 50th Birthday Present  – an Out of Body Experience!
Perhaps the most odd insight that’s happened to me, came on my 50th Birthday. Not sure if it was not a divine joke on this writer. Why would the universe have to pick my half century marker to show me in a most precise way, I was definitely ‘not the body’ ?
The 8th November eve, we had been out for the evening visiting Canterbury, Kent, ( U.k. ) This particular evening we had spent at a yoga meditation chant meeting. I remember even today, the chants were powerful. One lady in particular, chanted AUM over and over in a strong clear voice. For me, at least, if was a tad overwhelming.
We left around 10 p.m. and drove home. Turning down our street, there was an odd-looking truck outside our house. At that time, we lived in a cul-de-sac, where large trucks were a rare sight. Now here was one parked outside our house. (It was extremely odd.) I remember seeing it for only a short time on our arrival, for when I looked out of the window some ten minutes later, the truck had gone.
Nothing more unusual happened that evening and I went to bed. The dream preceding the OOBE, I will never forget. I was in a house somewhere, where there were bedrooms. I knew that one of the bedrooms in this dream belonged to my daughter, and on her bed was a  bright pink duvet. At the moment of seeing the pink duvet, everything went blank, and the next thing I remember was floating on the ceiling above my own bed. I knew instinctvely that if I went through the ceiling to the beyond, I would not be able to return back to my body that was sleeping on the bed. Instantly, I felt an urge to return to that sleeping form below me. I willed myself to turn from my horizontal position, (I was horizontal and parallel to the ceiling) to a vertical position, and then willed myself down, down, down, back into my body. The moment I thought to return brought about an instant change in my body position to vertical, and instantly I was back in my body. The entry was through my throat area.
I awoke with a shudder. My whole body shook with the impact of re-entry. I still remember how bewildered I was.  I guess the experience was the most unusual birthday present I’ve ever had. Not sure I want another quite like that! – But it was a valuable lesson…
I would really appreciate feedback  from readers…  thank you.

Meg Maxwell and Verena Tscgydin have written an excellent book on the subject of religious experiences. The book title is ‘Seeing The Invisible’ and is available in the New Age section of any large book sellers. The sale proceeds of the book go to the Alister Hardy Research Centre, which has in it’s archives, more than 5,000 personal letters, collected over 20 years.

21 thoughts on “Seeing The Invisible – Spirituality

  1. i didnt see anything but i smelt it. is that OK ? once a group of my mother’s friends were going to Poona which is a city near Bombay, to a temple of Dattatreya. and i just went along as i was going thru a career crisis and was desperate for divine intervention. we stayed in tiny cottages near a beautiful temple and they were chanting a mantra which they told me also to chant. as i was desperate i kept chanting without any idea of what i was chanting. and i just kept at it. as evening came i could smell wave after wave of divine fragrance that entered through my nose and exploded in my brain. this went on for about 1/2 an hour and then the chanting stopped. we had been chanting for almost 12 hours. i asked everyone if they smelt that fragrance. but they looked at me curiously and said that they hadnt smelt anything. i realized only many years later that it was some Divine Presence that i had smelt that day. btw your Out of Body Experience was amazing !!


    1. thanks, Himanshu.. Nice story.. I remember on one occasion while in P.N. the strong scent of vibuthi.. The story is on the blog still. Divine perfume – I think it still under that name. thanks again. Sai Ram. eve


  2. I believe there is more than we can see. I had bad days where dear Ojibwa Grandmother came to me in dreams and caressed my forehead. Telling me I would be okay. I study herbal medicine for 30 years and I met people in California and Texas who could see the true world we live in. I like this topic in the blog. I had many long conversation when I was young with people who used the herbal medicine and understood. Nature and man is one.I do meditate daily to find sleep. Life can blind us from the beauty and the truth of life.


    1. There is such a strong culture of seeing the invisible in Native American life. In their tradition such things are accepted and even cherished. I believe we are born with this gift but it is yanked out of us as children.. My husband had an invisible friend up until he was 5 years old. He often tells me the story of when he took his invisible friend to the cinema and had him sit down next to him. He was so upset when some horrible adult came along and sat right down on his little invisible friend.. The “friend” disappeared soon after by husband’s brother was born. Odd that.. eh? eve


      1. My poor sister draws the spirits. It isn’t a good thing if you don’t want it. I believe if we can open our mind. We can see and do more things. The people like Morrison who used the drugs to expand the mind. You can see too much. I do have stories written. I did the smokehouse with the Apache. The smoke houses must be controlled. You become what you truly are.


          1. Not suspicious. Just a place to clean body and body. My sister since a child had brought spirits to her she don’t want. I believe what is left on earth are unhappy spirits.Sometime if you are strong. Peyote can be used in the smoke houses or sweat lodge.


          2. interesting. There are many earthbound spirits, they can easily access our auras.. There is a book still available but old, Called, “30 Years Among The Dead.” by Carl A. Wickland, M.d. the books was first published in 1926.Earthbound spirits don’t know they are dead, (physically) thus they look for a human-being to occupy)



  3. Hello Eve, I had what I consider to be a spiritual experience some years ago now. Other people might dismiss it as a health problem. I was attending a talk on Christian meditation by a nun. During the talk I became very hot and agitated, despite the fact that I found the talk and the slideshow very calming and soothing. It was a strange contradictory feeling. Anyway, I felt an overwhelming desire not to be in that room any more and I found myself in a dark place, hearing voices. It’s hard to put into words but it felt like the most perfect place I could be; “everyone” was there even though I couldn’t see anyone, I could only hear murmurings. It’s hard to explain what I mean by “everyone”. I mean everyone who needed to be there was there, something like that. I felt utterly content and loved. Then I heard my husband’s voice calling my name. He later told me that, when he spoke to me, I smiled, even though I was otherwise unresponsive. I remember feeling quite happy to hear his voice, knowing that he wanted me to leave, but still quite content to stay where I was. I finally “left” when my husband put cold water on my forehead. Everyone in the room was quite worried that I had fainted. (I had just drooped in my chair rather than falling on the floor btw.) Someone suggested I might have a heart problem. Well, I might, I suppose, but, even if I have, it led me to a wonderful, peaceful experience which loosened my fear of death. 😀


    1. Thanks Sarah for your prompt reply. You experience sounds interesting. How can we as spiritual beings go through life without some sort of “touch” from the mystical, magical and of course, the spiritual. Our bodies are only the “cover” we use durng this life.Beyond the physical it has no real meaning, does it? – I highly recommend the book “Seeing the Invisible” – as per link posted.. So appreciate your sharing.. Eve.
      p.s. I had to edit the post, due to eye strain. lol sorrrr eee. 🙂


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