A profound surrender is demanded



lady with lamp
lady with lamp

A Profound Surrender is Demanded – I don’t often reblog, unless something touches me deeply. This message does. eve

5 thoughts on “A profound surrender is demanded

  1. The idea of a ‘leap between species’ is a powerful one I think. One can take this as written and with the intended meaning of a leap from the profane to the sacred; though one can also perhaps take this notion as applying between species of this world and planet. Those who have had deep connections with animals will accept this I feel sure; the barriers of species separation dissolve in love and affinity, in compassion and communication.

    With gratitude and respect as ever.



    1. thanks so much. I like this blog, agenda awakening. I am searching through it right now, it is simply amazing. i am not too well today, so writing this in bed. lol – i can’t use lap tops very well. thanks again. eve


    2. yes my idea too. from the material madness we live in now, to sustainability through understanding our home planet and showing respect and love. – The only home of choice, for we human-beings..



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