Sending Light – Love and Friendship


“I am movement.  I am light. I am infinite Light crucified to the constant of physical light.”


Through a circular portal of clouds, we behold a vision of the Primordial Mother II (1985), her arms outstretched in an eternal gesture of offering. Her eyes are closed, her face serene. From above, a golden light descends and enters her, bathing her form with its radiance. Her robe and veils are green, the colour of abundance. Her bare feet and the folds of her robe spread out over the earth, infusing it with her life-creating powers. And in her womb, a spiraling cluster of stars bursts into life.

Vision of Hermes Trismegistos – Johfra


I am sure most of you  have noticed, that I share a goodly amount of posts on LIGHT. I love the topic because Light is what we are. From the tiniest atom in our bodies to the vastness of the universe, all is light. My quotes and posts on light may not speak to every one, but I do believe in them and the power of positive posting, to keep the light out there, shining even in the deepest and darkest places of the Globe.  Here’s a post about light, how we light up when we meet someone we love. I’d  posted this same piece some years ago, then forgot all about it. I’ve  decided to post it today, with a few other nice pieces about light, love and positive thoughts.  Eve

When we meet a loved one, or see a beautiful flower, or hear beautiful music, we are instantly filled with light.We can feel ourselves literately lighting up. Simply by being in a positive state of mind, our  souls becomes receptive to the light.

We are capable of sending light to another by directing our thoughts, which are aligned with our feelings, toward someone, and when one does, instantaneously that light vibration and its energy is with that person. The quality and worth of  light that is received is exactly that which we send, although the receiver may not be aware of it on a conscious level.

 “We not only have light within us, but also emit light. The light we use for communication within and also emit is called ‘biophotons’. Experiments have shown that creatures of the same species emit and absorb light from each other in the form of these biophotons. These biophotons, being subatomic particles, may carry information. They also may carry energy, the vital force in Huna that is used by all three parts of the self. So when the religions speak of someone being filled with light or being the light, there is a physical basis for that reference. It is also another indication of communication that goes on all around us, that we are in fact a part of, but are unaware of, except when it is revealed by scientific methods.

Light in the tiniest amounts working on the tiniest particles that are nothing more than a possibility are the building blocks of our world and our bodies. Light, as subatomic particles that form waves, moves information from one dimension to the next, from one part of the family within to the next and it is happening all around us and through us. Light is our energy source and our information. When we consume food we digest the food and expel the carbon dioxide, but absorb the biophotons. The biophotons are absorbed by each cell nourishing the body. Our bodies are made of light and by consuming light we replenish our bodies. In every respect, like the Essenes, we are children of the light”

-Courtesy Wil Langford. “Our loved Ones – Ourselves.”



Lit up by the light of your face, there is no soul that is not Longing for the dust of your place, there is no eye that is not. Those who have seen your face, are all-knowing and wise Secrets of your beauty and grace, there is no head where is not.

No wonder if my telling tears, red and bloody, rise from my eyes
Ashamed and repentant of one’s own case, there is no one who is not.

Till His breeze settles His dust upon my lap as my prize
All things, everyone I chase, there is none passing that is not.

Till the fragrance of your hair to every inhaler flies
Morning breeze confer, embrace, there is no dawn that is not.

Puzzling fate, in my fate, my agony and pain lies
Being showered by your grace, there is no one who is not.

– Hafiz

19 thoughts on “Sending Light – Love and Friendship

        1. true. it is the time when people post the most.. I really don’t need to post as much, but have had the flu and need something to do.. The website is fantastic.. eve


          1. yes, there’s been a lot to recover from. The loss of more trees, my husband’s leg which goes from time to time, and oh i am so tired.. ha! I want to go and find somewhere new to live. 🙂 – How is Sommerset? – Somewhere away from the maddening crowd? eve


          2. As with all British regions, Somerset has its better and worse parts. If you want to escape the maddening crowd, then Northumbria is a good bet I gather; it’s rather like Devon was in the 1950’s apparently, before the tourist industry hijacked the county. In the past I’ve enjoyed living on Dartmoor (though it’s wet as heck!), and also West Pembrokeshire which was wonderfully peaceful. Are you thinking of returning to Britain then Eve?


          3. we might.. We are looking to the Us as we can buy in a retirement community and have a life. unlike here. But as things are going in the US, it is wise to have another option. I am rather scared of the UK, as housing is so expensive and really quite not value for money.. Getting out of France will be a full task – the country is doing so poorly. eve

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