Sacred Substance – Reincarnation/Spirituality


The Sense of the Sacred and the Feminine Body,

excerpt from a talk given by Angela Fischer at the event “The Feminine and the Earth”, July 2014.


What is little known, or has been almost forgotten, is that our bodies are sacred and that the body of a woman is sacred in a very particular way.

And if you realize how much and for what a long time the feminine has been violated, and how the feminine body has been treated and regarded, it becomes all too clear how vast the consequences to the spiritual and to the inner light altogether are.

We are used to see this from the perspective of women, and this is of course true: women have been hurt and violated. But widening your view and looking at it from the perspective of the light, of the sacred in the world, of the divine, we see the tremendous violation and denial of the divine, which occurs when you suppress it that much in relation to women.

Why is the body of a woman sacred in a particular way?

Because she has the possibility and the capability to bring the light of a soul into the world.

There is an expression… people say, they “make children”. I don’t like this expression, because women don’t “make” the children, men don’t make them either, neither are they made by both of them together.

What we do is, we make ourselves available and we guide them into the world. We do not make them. And a woman is created in such a way that she can be very close to this and can contribute a substance of her body and of herself, also of the inner substance, not only the physical one, so that the light of a soul can manifest and take on a physical body.

This means, at first she receives the soul. This is the beginning.

There is a tradition that says that in the beginning the soul that is coming into the world is sitting on a woman’s shoulder, before the child matures in the womb. And the woman is created like this – she receives. Like an antenna that receives. She is able to receive a soul. Of course, sometimes a woman and a man receive a soul together, but it is the shoulder of a woman where she is landing.

And secondly the woman prepares a space for this.

She opens a space so that the soul can come closer and find the conditions to manifest within this space.

And the third aspect is that a substance in women – a sacred substance that is living in the cells of her body and in her spiritual centres – participates in the process of light taking on form. Without this substance it is not possible.

How Souls Choose Their Parents and Families

by Lindsay on October 10, 2013

Years before my baby girl was born, I had a dream that I had a daughter. She came to me and gave me a hug, told me I was her mother, and told me her name was Evelyn.

That dream imprinted on my memory and my heart. So much so that when I found out I was pregnant, I knew I was carrying a girl, and she had already told me her name: Evelyn. Meaning wished for child, which couldn’t be more true!

In order to evolve, our souls come to Earth more than once.  I know that as I’ve grown and changed and learned about soul contracts and reincarnation, my thoughts and beliefs have gravitated to this notion.  For those of you who are on the fence about reincarnation, I invite to you to explore the idea that a soul is born into a (different) body for many lifetimes.

It is my belief that once a soul has made the decision to have (another) earthly incarnation, the first step is to decide on what kind of life they want. This is contingent upon what lessons they wish to learn. This involves being matched with a parent or set of parents. This process really depends on the soul’s purpose and desire for specific lessons and lifestyle.

For example,  if two souls had been together before, perhaps as a mother and daughter set, then they might wish to relive that experience again or perhaps relive it in reverse, so the daughter becomes the mother in the new lifetime. Sometimes, the soul wishes to incarnate in a particular part of the world, and the choice will be less specific to the individual parent.

As diverse as people are, so are our souls and what we wish to create and experience in our lifetime(s).

6 thoughts on “Sacred Substance – Reincarnation/Spirituality

  1. I certainly think there is something in all this.
    When you look at books like Carol Bowman’s “Children”s Past Lives” it’s very compelling. I also came across another book on this subject recently that helps you find out if your child (between 3 and 7) has any memories of past lives and how these might help you discover what talents they have carried over from previous lives and the kind of career they should follow… I’ve forgotten the exact title but if you Google “children reincarnation penguins” you should find it…
    Jeanne B. Lyon, France

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  2. My most prominent thought now, is ~ it would be nice to expand upon this theme so that the woman who cannot have children could be reassured that her body, too, is most sacred…

    That’s as heavy as I can get right now. Yours truly ~ Mr. Light Thought!


  3. Thank you for these delightful extracts Eve; I greatly enjoyed reading them. As ever, perhaps we have to proceed with a little caution when speaking of something akin to Pythagoras’ conception of transmigrating souls, as the term ‘soul’ implies something fixedly enduring as against the conditioned tendencies of a particularised expression of consciousness such as found in, say, the Buddhist conception of re-birth, which simultaneously posits no-soul, or ‘anatta’. ‘Soul’ is one of those words like ‘self’ and ‘god’ that can mean so many things, and yet none – perhaps you would agree? For me, it’s a sort of shorthand for something abstract, something more akin to the way of nature rather than to an immaterial element of nature, a ‘thing’ or isolated phenomenon.

    Anyway, it’s good to see that your blog is active again; I had wondered what you’d been up to and how you were faring.

    Hariod. ❤

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    1. thanks for your thoughts. The two articles have been written in a simple and broad language to appeal to the many rather than the few, I guess. The Soul is a complex subject, who can give it real justice? I think we just grab at concepts that appeal and present them as best we can. 🙂 Thanks again for your light on the subject, always interesting and always agreeable..


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