Those Miracle Words – Value Of Kindness


Recent research into brain functioning has actually confirmed that we are hard-wired for love and compassion. So it’s not all chasing about individual success – our communities and society flourish when people look out for each other.

When we’re kind to people we know it strengthens our connections with them and provides a source of support. Research shows that we may benefit from giving support more than those receiving it – and we’re also more likely get support in return when we need it. This may not be like-for-like support, or even from the same person, but being kind to others builds a wider support network which increases well-being all round.

Thich Nhat Hanh, “Enseignements sur l’amour”

“A Word, deed or a thought filing compassionate reports can mitigate the suffering of the other and bring him or her joy. A single word can bring comfort and confidence, remove doubt, help someone to not commit an error, reconcile the parties in conflict or open the door to freedom.

A single gesture can be enough to save the life of a person, or helping him to seize a rare opportunity.
One thought can have the same effect, case thoughts always give rise to words or acts.

With compassion in our hearts, every thought, every word and every act may produce a miracle.”

14 thoughts on “Those Miracle Words – Value Of Kindness

  1. Yes, and very well said. We thrive in communities, and naturally have the kindness and compassion. Even better, as Thich Nhat Hanh points out, it can be very simple.
    Thanks for your writing this,

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    1. thanks so much. I can’t say it is my best post, it just happens to suit my mood. I have an injured husband right now, and we could so do with some help. I am worn out from trying to take care. Trying to hope all will be well. Clearly it won’t be any time soon. We live where we are outside a community. We did ourselves no favors, when we decided the “big ole world” was greener on the other side than home. A lesson for us all. We need to rebuilt community life, to reteach our children values of caring in every area. The human spirit cannot survive without true community. Eve 🙂

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