Humanity – Inspirational Quotations

angelsnIt’s been a sad week with the disastrous results of the mid-term elections in the USA.  I do wonder what future, if any, there is for the USA, indeed for us all. We are living in a world on the brink of war, on the brink of financial collapse, on the brink of hopelessness and fear.  We feel overwhelmed by the pressures of life. Everything seems to be going wrong in our lives, and we don’t know what to do. We feel too small compared to the immensity of life, and we want to be rescued from our problems. Our emotional reaction might be helplessness mixed with sadness and fear. 

Yet, even while we’re bogged down with the difficulties, we  understand that life is precious. Life carries the message of hope, even when it is hard to hold on.  Even with the problems facing us we hope life will get better. We still  long for the dawning of a new era, and eagerly await a time of abundance for all. After all, it is our birthright! We hope for the time when a new consciousness will be ushered in. To trust that the ultimate good that is deep within all of us,  reaches those who can appreciate it, work with it, and gain from it. We are humanity.  We are messengers. Here is the message. It is delivered by Don Miguel Ruiz: enjoy!



I believe in angels. The word ‘angel’ means messenger. Everything that exists is a manifestation of one being, and it manifests through messengers. Messengers deliver the will of the one being, and the supreme messenger is light.

Light is alive, and it carries the message of life all around the universe. Light, the divine messenger, has billions of different frequencies. Though it is only one being, it divides itself for the creation of life into our beautiful Mother, the planet Earth. Every vibration of light has a specific message for every kind of life that exists in this beautiful world. There is a specific frequency of light that carries information for the creation of humans. That ray of light manifests as DNA and only creates humans – you and me. We are beings of light because we are beings of energy. The force of life that manifests as humans recognizes its own kind. It is the soul of humanity, and it is a major angel. The soul of humanity is a messenger; you are a messenger, and your message is your life.

In your heart is the real message that humans have been trying to deliver. For so many years we have delivered the wrong message: a message of fear, a message of selfishness, a message of anger, violence, and injustice. This message is not ours. Humans were made for love: our function is to love. Sharing love is human nature  because we come from love, we come from light, we come from our Creator. Our nature is to love and to play, to enjoy life, and to be happy.

– Don Miguel Ruiz from Prayers, A communion with our Creator


24 thoughts on “Humanity – Inspirational Quotations

    1. You’re suggesting that we must play the game by the current rules W.S. Yet what I am saying, and perhaps Eve is sympathetic to this, is that the rules need changing. That, also, is what The Occupy Movement is saying of course. Should the skewing of the electoral system – whether in the U.K. or U.S.A. – be sorted, then if and when this happens it is likely that the disenchantment with politics will fade somewhat along with the fading of the current obvious and growing disenfranchisement.

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      1. well said Hariod. 🙂 –

        I refuse to vote for people I cannot trust. I refuse to lose the only right left to me really – that is to be as honest as I can with myself. I mentioned on my latest post, (“Far from the Madding Crowd”) if you have read it, how a rich American, (Isaac Tigrett in this case) even refused to eat a simple meal with those below his station in life. He would not even share his table with others. When someone tells the world they are on a quest for truth, I would hope they mean it. But to not even want to share a meal with others is beyond belief. Such a small gesture, should have been no big deal. When the rich and famous put themselves on such a “high beam”, why in the world would we want to vote for them or their elk. Eve

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        1. It feels a little as if we’re ganging up on my dear friend the Wyrd Smythe, though I know he is more than capable of holding his own here, or anywhere else for that matter. In any case, as regards ‘ganging up’, then it’s high time the less boisterous gangs – meaning the quiet, ordinary folk like us – took a stand against those with all the armoury. They cannot be beaten in the standard rules of engagement, and it may well come to the mobilisation of a peaceful mass disobedience. One thinks of events 25 years ago to this day of course.

          And yes, I of course read your latest post Eve; though as I know nothing about Sai Baba then I just took the whole as an interesting anecdote, which it certainly was. I did make an attempt at watching the video of the man you mention, though switched off after a few minutes as I found something about him that I didn’t particularly warm to. What was the purpose of including the video may I ask; perhaps you were letting him demonstrate the same point you made in the article and as you again do above?


          1. I honestly do not know why I included the video. lol – Perhaps because he spoke about the dollar being replaced by another currency or currencies backed by gold. I have since deleted the post and glad that I have. W.S. speaks for many Americans who feel we should vote.The democrats really do need votes to keep somesort of a sane govn. in ‘power’ I suppose. The Reps. have no shortage of voters. The wealthy have everything to vote for, everything to gain. America, today is rather like the old Wild West of yesteryear, with the same frenzied “grab-ability” , that is to take as much as you can while you can. While the going is good. ha! – Eve ❤

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          2. When I speak about “currencies backed by gold,” I am speaking of the dollar being “replaced as the international currency of choice.” I don’t think China and other countries are prepared to accept more fiat currency. They are growing tired of useless pieces of paper..

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          3. I read that Germany has been asking for it’s physical gold to be shipped from Fort Knox back to Europe; yet strangely, it’s yet to be forthcoming – lots of paper gold calling on lots less of the real stuff.


          4. there is to be a referendum in Switzerland this 30th Nov. on bringing their gold back home, to allow their currency to be backed by 20 percent gold. There are links on the www dealing with this topic. Yes, we are moving in strange ways, I do feel a chill up my spine over the present day world situ. Where will it all lead to? I never thought we humans could do this amount of damage. Well there you go. fondly eve.

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      2. I do believe citizens have a duty to show up on election day, yes. I’d rather not drag that entire debate here.

        My point was the ironic dissonance between being a political conscientious objector and expressing alarm that one party won. That seems at odds with the “voting doesn’t matter” point of view. The USA midterms show that it does.

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        1. Hi there W.S. 🙂

          We are ganging up on you eh? thus, I won’t add much more. I do get your “take” entirely.I know the demcs.need your votes to keep a civil nation. However, it is the Reps. who really seem to draw a larger portion of votes, due to their cunning influences within the system. Our system in UK is not quite the same. Our two parties think alike, act alike, are alike. They may have a few differences such as what to “pay the dinner ladies in the schools,” or some odd difference like that. Otherwise the two parties in the UK are almost identical. Thus, we speak as we find.. Fondly Eve ❤

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        2. I understand that you don’t want to get embroiled with this here W.S., though I’m not at all sure anyone is implying that “voting doesn’t matter”. Have I missed something? The point being made is that perhaps not voting is, in effect, the ‘vote’ that actually matters, that actually makes the bigger difference. In any case, and as you may not yet realise, Eve is an English citizen living in France, so like myself, has no U.S. vote in any case.


          1. President Obama said in his speech the other day: “I felt the chill from those who decided not to vote. I guess I have not been able to prove myself worthy of their confidence. I deserved to lose their vote.” (My words are not exactly his, although they are similar.) Perhaps non-votes do count! It is a clear declaration: “We expect a lot better from you.” – Well, cheers. (I am not a good commenter.) So will wrap up. Thanks Eve

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  1. So, you’ve not much affinity with the good ‘ol U.S.A.’s good ‘ol G.O.P. Eve? XD Me neither. Obama failed expectations, this is true enough, though at least he has a brain, which news came to me as something of a relief given what preceded him. One does despair though, that just when the world needs its Western powerhouse to come to its senses and move on from Neoliberalism – rampant so-called ‘free-market’ ideology – that in all likelihood, if the Republicans return, we’ll see the same excesses continued at everyone’s cost. Well, everyone except the 1% of course. Corporate sponsored democracy – don’t you just love it? :/

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    1. Hello and thanks for your comment. I don’t know what to say about the USA situ. It certainly is worse than I thought.Perhaps it is the ultimate horror of this age, the Kali yuga. thanks Eve

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      1. Nothing to say
        Just your muted missing smile
        says it all
        Bleakness in eyes
        Of last, lost opportunity
        Ignorant, selfish humanity
        at door of self destruction
        humans red eyed,
        decisions insane
        even returning Messiah
        turned away in vain


        1. Thanks for the sweet words. So true too. We just don’t know what to do while we see the world, every part of it being destroyed. From the oceans to the trees, animals and ourselves. Have there not been previous ages that echoed the same sort message and were destroyed? – The next age is the Golden age of man, the Satya Yuga, I believe? This is definitely the age to test one’s ethics and nerves… 🙂

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