What’s In A Birthday – Love And Friendship

A hilariously funny, cheeky birthday song. 😉

I don’t remember ever wanting to celebrate my birthday. I have no idea why my birth anniversary had to be so filled with trepidation and worry. Could I have been born into the wrong family? Perhaps the stork had dropped me at the wrong address. Certainly as a child, I felt like the odd one out – an odd child that no one understood. There was a sense of loneliness and isolation that crept into my heart and soul, and remained there for some years. My family were traditional in every way. Besides mum and dad, there were three other siblings, although they were much older than me. My older brother had already left for the services when I was only two years old, my other brother was always out-and-about doing his paper rounds. His whole goal in life, even from a young age, was to earn money to afford an expensive home. He achieved that later on. My sister was, huh, what would you say? She was zany! I don’t remember her too well. She married young so our relationship was never a close one.

Going back to my birthday experiences, even mum’s attempt to throw a birthday party would end up with me in tears, sitting outside on the stairs. I just couldn’t take the anxiety of all those cards and presents that, in those early days, were abundant.

I loved other people’s birthdays though. My mother’s birthday on the 1st September was celebrated with bouquets of bright, colorful flowers. I remember huge bunches of Dahlias and Sweet Williams, freshly picked from the garden, adorning the dining-room  table. Everyone I knew enjoyed their birthdays, except for me.

To go forward in time to 1985, we’d arrived back in England after many years abroad. My husband, daughter and  I, had rented a flat in a London suburb. The flat, itself, was nice enough with comfortable furniture. There was a phone sitting conveniently on a small table in the hallway. The only problem was: the phone was disconnected! We had moved in on the 1st of June, and a few days later, on the 5th of June, both my sister and my sister-in-law would be celebrating their birthdays. I remember clearly on the evening of the 4th June, I lay in bed thinking about their respective birthdays, wishing all the while, I could phone them the next morning. Of course with a disconnected phone this was something I was unable to do. Sighing, I calmly let that wish go.

On the morning of the 5th of June, I was awakened by a soft ‘brrr’ of our telephone. Was I dreaming or what? Then it rang again, then again! I quickly sped to the hall to answer the call but there was no one there. What I heard instead was a dialing tone. The phone had been mysteriously connected!

I quickly called both my sister and sister-in-law to give them birthday wishes. We discussed at length the weirdness of the sudden phone connection. I gave them both the phone number that was penciled in on the dial ring. Both promised to call back.


birthday candies
birthday candies

After that, the phone remained curiously silent. I called them both again. They said, they had tried to ring but the line was dead. There was no such number listed. As there was no way to check the line, we just laughed this off as a cosmic joke or perhaps as a prayer answered.

Over the coming week I called them often, although they could not return my calls. Then, all of a sudden, the phone  “died” again and remained dead. We never did receive a bill. I look back at the joyful experience with gratitude and thanks. I shall never forget that morning as long as I live and the joy a simple phone call brought.


I have another small story about my birthday  to share here.

On my very first visit to Sathya Sai Baba, He told me, a few days before my birthday, (my birthday fell during my visit), he’d call me for an interview or “audience” on my birthday. The day came and went without without even a mention of an audience with him and I was never to have one. Now, I often think: ‘What did he mean by birthday?’

Many sages tell us often that the day we are born is not our birthday at all, it is the day we die to a higher self that is the day for real celebrations. I guess I am still awaiting my Birthday and its celebrations – not sure when it will come, but meanwhile I muddle through the traditional birthdays, knowing that a higher one awaits.

9 thoughts on “What’s In A Birthday – Love And Friendship

  1. A charming anecdote Eve, one with an unresolved technical issue! I do recall that some landlines could be configured only so as to make outgoing calls, though this would not explain the circumstances satisfactorily. I also know that one used to be able to make free calls in a public call box simply by tapping the cradle pins. So, to call 1-2-3-4-5, one simply tapped the pins in swift succession once (pause) – twice (pause) – thrice (pause), and so on. This technique worked every time, would be successful with all STD codes and even with international calls. I am full of useless advice today! And if it does happen to be your birthday:


    1. Oh I had no idea we could fiddled B.,T. ! hee. No it is not my birthday but thanks for the charming you tube. 🙂 I was going to chuck the blog in, but feel i will keep it going a bit more just to post my stories and I am so happy a few of you enjoy them. At least I know they are being read.. About BT, they outsource most of their jobs today. It is in a real mess, so i hear from an employee. They fired all the field staff some years ago, now only employee the cheapest labour possible. So, those wonderful days of the telephone company and land-lines is very much on the skids.. This too is a piece of useless information. I wonder how long iphones will be in fashion. Everything seems to have a short shelf life today. Even social media is fading. When I move back to UK, as we will have to now, I am going to get myself a dog, and do more walking. I feel like I need a more traditional life in future, away from the computer, back to basics – that sort of thing. very best ❤ Eve

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      1. It would be a great shame if you were to discontinue blogging Eve; you have such a rich experience of life that it would seem wasteful not to share it. I remember we had a discussion a few months ago about what direction to go in so as to attract readers; and in that exchange I suggested that your articles might include more anecdotal material. Your last couple of articles have been as such; and comments certainly flowed when you wrote about your family. When you began blogging, did you focus on anecdotal pieces such as your experiences with the Sai Baba community? I sense that you both want and need to move along from that aspect of your past; and yet there must surely be a wealth of unrelated stories for you to tell. Keep them coming Eve; you only need to post once or twice a month I have found; and although it’s early days for me, it seems that frequency is not an issue in reader’s minds.

        Hariod. ❤

        P.S. What part of the country are you thinking of moving to may I ask?


        1. Also might add that The freshly Pressed idea hardly ever includes material of a spiritual nature. I have never had one of my posts on Freshly Pressed in 4 years, I hope you do better. They are searching for original stuff, so yours should do the trick. Eve

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    1. Smile, Hi, yes indeed phones should be mysterious!The day was lovely. One of those mystical days that come perhaps, once in a life-time. I added nothing to the story – it was as it was. We never received a bill. We even called the phone company, they had no details about the calls, the number was not listed. Could it had been a coincidence or could it have happened due to a deep desire to share a birthday call? Well, I will never know. I have one other story dealing with the phone, (land-line) but alas none since the mobile was invented.They are too robotic to have a life-form or energy of their own.. One needs a solid old fashioned land-line to make things really happen, says me… sigh! – Oh for our yesterdays – can we have a replay…? Eve


      1. Ha! You might be right about land lines. They all comprise a permanent network of sorts that one can imagine as a brain. Cell phones — constantly connecting to this tower or that — are fragmented and too chaotic to form coherent thought.

        There’s a famous SF short story about the phone network coming to life. The immortal last line reads (something like), “All of a sudden, everywhere at once, the phones began to ring.” 😮

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