25 thoughts on “Don’t Sow Anything But Love – Rumi – Video

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    The thought manifests as the word;
    The word manifests as the deed;
    The deed develops into habit;
    And habit hardens into character.
    So watch the thought, and its way with care,
    And let it spring from love,
    Born out of concern for all beings. ~the Buddha

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    1. thank you so much. I love the you tube, with its sweet music and the Rumi poem. I felt it was a nice post to bring in the New Year. Eve p.s. happy new year to you! 🙂


    1. thank you Val. happy new year to you too. i thought everyone would be out and about tongiht but so far, this has been a very busy “at home” night here and on fb. i have the flu so no choice but anyway thanks for your tsupport of this blog. very kind. Evexx

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    1. you too. 🙂 – has to be better – eh? – hope you enjoyed the video, i was searching through Rumi, there were so many great quotes and videos on you tube, but this one, well, i fell in love with it! – I love the lightness of the music and the pale shades of spring.:) – i must say i am a great fan of you tubes – they are often of great quality – and of much interest. Hurray for them. 🙂

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        1. I came to a similar conclusion as regards blog posting; I think twice a month is the right balance both for myself and for readers at my site. Sorry to hear you’ve caught Bronchitis; that’s nasty; and I hope you soon get better dear Eve. Hariod. ❤


          1. Thanks hariod. I have also turned off the like button. I have never seen the point to likes. I guess I am slowly slowly leaving blogging behind. Well it is time to, I guess. I have another blog “Sai Beautiful Reflections, that is hardly ever posted on, and yet even without new posts or any sort of encouragement from me, it still had 13,000 people visit last year. I might add a few new posts to that blog just now.. 🙂 – I am actually back on FB right now, there is more conversation there for me at least. I need that right now, but truly the best sort of conversation is face to face. I find the computer to be a fickle friend and anyway social media is pretty much past its best. The fad is off the boil. No bad thing really.. Bronchitis is nasty. This has been a bad bout – lucky i had anti-biotics from India to take. They helped a lot.. Eve ❤

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          2. I don’t know anything about Social Media; unless you count blogging in that category. Personally, I find there’s more than enough conversation to be had on blog comments. Take our mutual friend Wyrd Smythe for example, he is wonderfully engaging and so interesting in what he has to say. Then there are other blogs in which the comments are more superficial, tending to be more about cliques and sustaining them through what are quite possibly disingenuous interactions. They are not hard to spot; and they feel altogether shallow somehow. Still, as they say where you are “à chacun son gout”.


          3. You are very observant Hariod. Yes, I know what you mean. My blog here was started for “someone,” rather than to join any particular group of people. The “someone” has disappeared. It was at that point, I discovered the Word Press set up. and decided to participate. (That option had not been available when I first created the blog.) Well, I have done the WP thingy for a year now, although I enjoy some blogs, I find I cannot read more than one blog per day or do more than one blog justice per day, so to use the like button on blogs I am only mildly interested in, seems to be a little bit false. I don’t know what blogs you follow, but I don’t see many with comments. Do you personally know the other bloggers? I belong to several groups on FB that are very interesting – and where conversation does flow. I guess I have been spoilt by those groups. But FB is a very different creature. More personal and more involved. Personally I just want to go home and have a life.. again. 🙂

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          4. To answer your question, then no, I do not know any bloggers personally Eve. There is no one who subscribes to my site that is known to me – no family and no friends. Those who are closest to me have no need to read what I write because they know me well; and they know that what I write about has been central to what I am and have been to them for decades. So, the community of readers who read at my site are in part an enigma to me; I know only of the image they forge of themselves in the blogosphere. That is in no way a criticism, because we each must forge some identity in the virtual world in order that others may get some sort of handle on us. It is possible that some people have multiple identities in this virtual world of course. This isn’t necessarily a sort of ‘digital schizophrenia’; it may be more about accommodating the perspectives of another blog’s author. For example, I subscribe to a few blogs which are quite ‘arty’ and perhaps surreal, others that are earnest and intense, others still that are very ‘left-field’, witty and oblique; and for each my online persona modifies slightly. This, I think, is all part of the art of communication. One isn’t necessarily being disingenuous; it’s more about finding common ground and having the capacity to stand there upon it.


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