Beauty Redeemed- Inspirational Quotations

Hellebores from my garden
Hellebores from my garden



Being overwhelmed by the news and the continuing ordeal of the Charlie Hebdo events, I took off to the garden to take photos. I hope another post on the delights of the camera is not over doing it.

Often, during the winter, photography is not an option. The sun is hidden behind dark, low clouds, all looks grey and listless. At least they do here. There is little hope, with such weather, to take even a decent outside photo. It’s only when the sun suddenly and unexpectedly peaks through the clouds, perhaps at lunchtime some days, when I can venture into the garden to see what’s growing. There is one beautiful flower that somehow thrives in the darkest winter months – that is the Hellebore. The flowers of the Helleborus are almost a threat to the darkness of winter, for they are one of the most beautiful of all flowers. I have several Hellebores in the garden, from darkest purple to creamy pink. Here are some photos of the creamy pink one. I don’t even think the camera can do them justice, still I try. Here’s a few from today.

Youtube, at the bottom of this post, is quite special, a time lapse nature clip with amazing photos of butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. What can be better than to watch such beauty on a cold winter’s day. 🙂

Camera Lumix LX7 – macro flowers, edited in Topaz Clarity, and Ribbit, although not too much editing on classic flowers.


A Favourite Quote

With our faith invested in the lies, we no longer see the truth. The lies blind our faith, the power of our creation.  ~ Don M. Ruiz




We Are All Connected – You Tube
(Beautiful, breath-taking time lapse photography)

24 thoughts on “Beauty Redeemed- Inspirational Quotations

    1. well thank God for the internet where we can hide away in our little worlds of whatever, google,blogging, photography, etc. Hope they will never be restricted or taken away. I am all for free speech but self-censorship also. 🙂 eve

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      1. my add the garden here is just beginning to bud and the snowdrops will soon be up – for me an interesting time, but i will not be here in feb or march. I hope you enjoy your lemon cake – 🙂

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      2. I must say it was refreshing to come across the tone of your article Eve, as many blogs seem currently obsessed with world events. Sadly, there is not too much intelligent analysis going on it seems, and people are all too quick to haul out their stereotypes and prejudices in a bid to offer some supposedly insightful perspective; either that, or to spout facile platitudes that serve no purpose. H ❤


        1. true. I have seen blogs devoted to news, but i can watch those issues on t.v. and on face-book – never on a blog. Not sure why bloggers do that. I would protest for the protection of Mother Earth – as i do believe she has the most dangerous weapons, when we abuse her too much. We will see eh? – I am still working on my photos, just to ease my mind. OMG! what a world! I don’t want to come back here, do you? Eve

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          1. Actually as far as I am concerned the E.U. is finished anyway. I have lived here and don’t see any good in it. People are poor and most very worried about the future. oh well!

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          2. I always thought the E.U. was a project doomed to fail at some point. It’s an exercise in empire building, and they all go the same way in time. It now just seems a question of quite how and how soon it will disintegrate – social unrest may well get out of hand quickly I think. As to France itself, then sadly we may soon see that Le Pen is mightier than the sword of reason. Now where’s that Lemon cake, I need another slice.


    1. to tell you the truth i am hiding away from the je suis charlie ordeal. I just am so fed up with it all. So i returned to the garden. The time lapse here is very special – just amazing. i hope you can find some time for it, it does much to life the spirits. thanks for dropping by, so appreciate it. best eve xx

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        1. hi sarah, i have been looking at your website with the colourful images. Looks like you are a very busy person. I cannot find you blog though, can you send me the link and post it here. thanks so much.


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