An Island Called Independence –

Rose of Shanon
Rose of Shanon

So tired of hearing the press call the U.K. and France uncaring in light of the migrant crisis. Finger pointing at the European continent is not going to help solve this crisis. Finger pointing will only build more resentment and more unrest as if there is not enough in Europe already. There are plenty of very rich people who can help with this crisis without any need of govn. funds being used. Here’s a great solution put forward by the billionaire Naguib Sawiris – let’s hope he keeps to his word.  I might just add,  given a little sharing by the billionaire class, we could provide for the poor on every continent. In Europe we could cancel Greek’s debt and cancel out austerity. We could make the unthinkable come true -a world worth living in. Let’s hope other billionaires dig deep into their pockets to  give back just some of the wealth that has been given to them.

Egypt’s third richest man, Telecoms billionaire Naguib Sawiris, has disclosed that he plans to purchase an island off Italy or Greece and develop it to house hundreds of thousands of refuges fleeing from the conflict in Syria.

“Greece or Italy sell me an island, I’ll call it independence and host the migrants and provide jobs for them building their new country,” Sawiris said in a tweet on Tuesday that has since gone viral.

Naguib, who spoke to Agence France Press (AFP) after publishing his tweet, believes his idea is feasible and insists that he is serious about his proposition.

“You have dozens of islands which are deserted and could accommodate hundreds of thousands of refugees,” Sawiris said in an interview to AFP on Thursday.

Acquiring an island off Greece or Italy could easily cost Sawiris anywhere between $10-$100million but the Egyptian billionaire believes he could build a new country from scratch by investing heavily in infrastructure.

Outlining his blueprint, Sawiris stated on Twitter that he could build temporary shelters to house the refugees, and then employ the people to build housing, schools, universities and hospitals.

“And if things improve, whoever wants to go back (to their homeland) goes back,” he added. Sawiris promised that if his plan works, the refugees who take refuge in his new country would be treated as “human beings”.

6 thoughts on “An Island Called Independence –

  1. At last, I hear some sanity. Letting them into another country in those numbers will only collapse an already fragile monetary and emotional system. I appreciate they are fleeing for their lives but the direction should be their safety first THEN fix the problem from where they come from, not ignore it and hope it will go away.
    Maybe there is hope yet.


    1. I so agree. There is not the money nor resources to meet the needs of so many. Must say i am sick and tired of the finger pointing media and their out-landish hype, blaming the European people, who afterall are at their wits end with austerity measures. Why not finger point if that is what they want to do, at the rich who do have the money and power to help. Thanks for your interest. Eve


  2. Certainly an interesting concept. ‘Why not?’ my rational mind asks but it’s like allowing a trickle of water run into a pool of safety beside a gushing waterfall – in the end you need to go back to the source to find a solution. I think the key words in the above are ‘treated as human beings.’ It is not a lot to ask of a civilised world is it?


    1. Yes only a drop to be sure Diana, but really we do need the rich to pay their taxes and help share the burden. It is time for them to share with the world their vast fortunes, instead of hoarding vast sums in Tax havens. Europeans are already suffering from austerity, we cannot meet the needs of so many. It is utter rubbish asking countries all ready under strain to open up and take in more people and expect the ordinary tax payers to foot the bill. Eve

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      1. Yes and no – wealth is relative – a man who has a home and basic food is rich compared to someone who has lost everything but i agree, there are so many very rich people in the world who could solve some of the immediate crisis. Tough one.


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