A Flicker Of Faith, Ram Dass – Early Sai Baba Devotees



How I remember Swami
How I remember Swami


Touching report from Ram Dass on his meeting Sai Baba back in those early days of the 1960’s. He tells us here how Baba created a ring for him. He tells us the ring was obviously man-made and come from the Sai Stores. We all remember the Sai Stores and the bits and bobs Baba would gather from there and give to devotees, just to encourage faith. Of course many say, he was wrong to do this, but he never made any secret that this was all “tinsel and trash” compared to what he really wanted to give, that was his love to change our hearts around.





Flicker of Faith

Posted January 15, 2016

In India there was a very beautiful saint, Sathya Sai Baba, where you could go twice a day everyday and stand in his courtyard. He was a very high spiritual being. He would come out beautifully, just flowing and he would look at someone and say, “You have very bad dysentery.” Then he put out his hand, someone else holding out a piece of paper, and about a foot above his hand dust comes out of the air, verbouti or sacred ash. It comes right out of the air and falls onto the piece of paper. He folds it up and gives it to the person saying, “Here, put a little of this in your mouth everyday, and you will get rid of your dysentery.”

When I was there, as I was sitting at his feet and he was sitting on a chair, he said to me, ‘“Here Ram Dass, I’ll give you something.” and I said, ‘No Babaji, I don’t want anything.’ “No, no, let me give you something.” He held out his hand, and I knew he did things like this, manifest small things like bracelets, watches, small things like that. As a social scientist, responsible to the West, my eyes were going to watch his hand closely, I wasn’t going to blink. As I watched, a bluish light formed on the top of his hand, a flickering light, and it became more and more solid, and then it became a little medallion. It was a little circle a star on it with a little gold image of himself, Sathya Sai Baba. He gave it to me, it was definitely man-made, it did not have an astral quality to it at all. Later I asked a Swami there, “How does he do that?” And he said, “Well, he doesn’t make those; he just moves them from his warehouse with his mind.” And you can just imagine his warehouse, full of these little medallions, and if you were in the warehouse, they’d be disappearing from the shelves, literally.”

Here is a being who is far beyond all of this physical stuff, and it is very interesting what miracles do for most people who are ready to see them. They give a flicker of faith in the possibility that things aren’t the way that you thought they were.

This makes you open to the Spirit. For those who are not ready, it just makes them worship the person performing the miracle, because miracles are not the thing itself. Miracles have the power to give you faith through your rational mind and senses because your rational mind and senses can’t do the miracle, so it gives you faith that there’s some other reality. It opens you to it.

-Ram Dass


4 thoughts on “A Flicker Of Faith, Ram Dass – Early Sai Baba Devotees

  1. LESSONS FROM GOD – Sai Baba, Paul & the Flying School ..

    “Genesis 1:27 God created Man in his own Image, in the image of God, He created him Male and female “.

    Have we created with our own actions a separation from God ?
    Are You God ?
    Am I God ?.

    LESSONS FROM GOD – Sai Baba, Paul & the Flying School ..

    One summer’s day I was on my way to Shoreham Airport, South England,
    Birds were singing, “AUM, AUM, AUM”
    The sun rays were darting here and there.
    However I was oblivious to all God’s Creation.

    .I was angry..
    We were owed £30,000 rent for hiring our aircraft to a Flying School.
    I angrily stormed up to Paul, the Flying School owner, and demanded our money.

    As I started shouting,
    Sai Baba suddenly materialized and walked into Paul.

    I looked at Paul and Sai Baba was standing inside him.!.
    “Baba, why are you standing inside Paul? Have you come to pay us our £30,000 ?
    Is this why you are standing inside him?”, I shouted.

    Baba spoke,
    “Amarjit I have not merged with him, I have always been part of Paul and everyone you deal with.
    I have awakened you, to allow you to see me in him.

    God is everywhere why do you not realise this.
    Open your heart, Amarjit, and see God in
    all Creation, for God is everywhere !

    You must in all your dealings perceive/see God in everything you do and
    every one you deal with”

    Saying this Sai Baba de-materialized and left me once again in Deep thought.

    PS. We never were paid the money and The company closed down shortly after.
    Another Lesson the path to God is not easy

    singhbam@aol.com http://www.falconflyingservices.com

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