Sex, Rock and Roll And Those Other Messiahs – Book Review



Buddhist monk in orange robes sitting in Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Buddhist monk in orange robes sitting in Angkor Wat, Cambodia – David Bowie


So you are attracted to Tibetan Buddhism and David Bowie, have read some really good books and learned a few meditation techniques, now you want to delve deeper and spend real time with Buddhist Masters? How do you guard against being fooled by a charismatic charlatan? What criteria do you apply to your search for an authentic teacher? Lama Jampa Thaye’s advice reflects a commonsense approach:

“Although one may come across examples of authentic Buddhist masters who dress or speak unconventionally, there is no licence in Buddhism for unethical behaviour. Thus oriental or occidental masters who claim their selfish and abusive behaviour is a display of ‘skillful means’ or ‘crazy wisdom’ are to be given a wide berth – unless we want to jump over a cliff hand-in-hand with them.”

Sound advice, I have nothing to add to this except these few words.


I have been and still am a seeker. Older now and perhaps a bit battered by the experience but still a seeker. I have ceased to question stars, books and alchemy. I have begun to listen to the teaching my heart whispers to me in the dead of night, when all is still.  Eve


David Bowie:

 Mary Finnegan has a new book released about David Bowie called the Psychedelic Suburbia: David Bowie and the Beckenham Arts Lab.


You can read it in about two hours. It’s all about who was there, who was who and leaves one with the feeling of who cares.  Well, aficionados of David Bowie days will care and read it, particularly now that he is dead, and young people into bi-sexuality.  So will those curious about the  “sex, rock and roll” and  early drug scene in the sixties. A pretty large and  marketable crowd.

What is interesting is  that in Mary’s blog post  in 2013, in the archives at her website Flower Raj she writes about her motivation for writing,  which was to expose the”horror stories”  and the “dark side, the very dark side” of  Tibetan Buddhism that she sees has gone down a wrong path. This is because of corrupt Tibetan lamas, she says,  and the naiveté of old flower children, like Mary.

In this  post she also notes she became a “one-woman activist”  to expose her Lama Sogyal and his corruptions, as well as the shadow side of Tibetan Buddhism which she knew quite well. She  was a one woman activist and she did expose Sogyal the predator Tibetan  lama , relentlessly. For she knew a great deal about the dark side of Tibetan Buddhism,  having been in his inner circle. She was one of his older  female students who ‘pimped” for him to find young ,  naive women to join his Lama hareem.  Unknown to the public, pimping for their lamas is a common task of devoted Western Tibetan Buddhists inside their communities or sanghas.  Mary also writes explicitly about her  experience,  in her short memoir about Sogyal.

1)Rigpa:Behind The Thangkas” (link to the book on line.)

  1. This would have been the better book and more helpful to the younger generation who sadly now will  be fooled by this book about David Bowie. This of course is the one people will want to buy. It is a shame, all the same, because Mary was a feminist voice for the many women that had been abuse by this Tibetan lama and so many others like him. She was a feminist voice with experience of the sexual abuse inside these Tibetan Buddhists sanghas that  appears to have been silenced. I post this link for those who wish to read the entire details.



highly recommend this blog.

8 thoughts on “Sex, Rock and Roll And Those Other Messiahs – Book Review

  1. Oh dear, don’t temp me, or I will go on a rant, I am easily provoked.
    As you very likely know by know!
    If you don’t want me to plaster your blog with my comments don’t do it.
    Let me just say that subjectively we are all alone, even if you live with a big family, or are in the midst of people, it doesn’t matter, myself do the best I can, and sometimes even enjoy my loneliness. 🙂

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  2. Oh dear, don’t temp me, or I will go on a rant, I am easily provoked.
    As you very likely know by know!
    If you don’t want me to plaster your blog with my comments don’t do it.
    Let me just say that subjectively we are all alone, even if you live with a big family, or are in the midst of people, it doesn’t matter, myself do the best I can, and most of the time even enjoy my loneliness. 🙂


  3. Yes, it is unfortunate that along the light, comes a greater shadow, a problem that is very common in following a particular “Guru” or Spiritual teacher as a figurehead, specially here in the West, where our lack of familiarity with deep spirituality by the adoption of a secular mentality now for centuries, and our bankrupt religious Institutions, young people yearn for a live Spirituality that would connect directly to the source, ignoring that adopting a new belief, or religion blindly bring along a whole set of unforeseen problems, like predator teachers.

    A particular enthusiasm for Buddhism it’s very common here on our Western shores, because naively it fits our ideas of a religion without God, now days a charged word with negative connotations, and young people innocently believe it will fit their own ideas regarding spirituality, ignoring that at its place of origin it’s no different seen by many as we do our own bankrupt religious institutions.

    Great post Eve! 🙂

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      1. Yes, you are right Eve, in fact I wrote in December 2011 a post about Tibet and the Dalai Lama where I expose the myth surrounding Tibet, and particularly the Dalai Lama, rather a political figurehead than a Spiritual leader.

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        1. Hi, Did you read the “flowerraj” blog on that post. “Buddhism in Tibet.” It makes good reading. Still reading your blog. You have made it successful. Mine is rather ho hum – not many comments, rather puts me off. I don’t spend the time on it I used to, due to that. Too many “likes” – they appear almost automatic, as if planted. I grow suspicious of them. lol Eve

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          1. Yes I did, there was nothing there that I had not read before, similar abuse different abusers, like the infamous Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, years ago read a biography by the wife where she takes out all the dirty laundry. Abuse that it’s unfortunately now days common in “cult following” regardless of the teaching.
            I consider your blog very good Eve, as for my relative success, I could write a full long length post about writing a blog, how to do it, and what to expect…In brief, information saturation, that shorten everybody’s attention spam, and blogging a yesterday novelty, now ageing rapidly, replaces by so many new forms of social media, special those with brief formats, like FB, twitter, texting, etc..
            There can be many reasons why we like to write, but mainly I think it’s because we are readers, we enjoy reading, and we want to put our two cents out there, and of course we want to be read by someone else, yes I enjoy writing to other people, like I am doing to you now, but because the nature of the beast, popularity can be a double edge sword, in our day, there is so many hours we can dedicate to our passions, I am sometimes in pain to try to be fair to everybody, dividing my time, as best as I can reading their stuff, and answering.
            So don’t take it wrong, those little faces, we know many don’t read us, it’s just a way to tell us: “I am here, please read me, even if I don’t have the time to read you!”
            I don’t mind, still I want to put out there my two cents worth, for the few people who read us.
            Thank you for taking the trouble to read us, and for your kindness to write us. 🙂

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