Eye To Eye – Story From the Buddha – Myths and Legends



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The Buddha was visiting a small village in India. Several  people brought a blind man to him and said,


“This man is blind and we are his closest friends. Although we try in every way to convince him that there is light, he is not ready to accept such a fact. His arguments are such that we are at a loss. Even though we know that there is light, we have to admit defeat. The man tells us that he wants to touch the light. Now how do we make it possible for him to touch the light? Then the man says, ‘Ok, if it cannot be touched then I want to hear it. I have ears. Make the sound of light so that I can hear it. If this is also not possible then I want to taste it, or if the light has a fragrance I want to smell it.'”

There is no way to convince the man. Light can only be seen if one has eyes – and he has no eyes. He complained to the village people that they were unnecessarily talking about light just to prove that he was blind. He felt that they had invented the story of light just to prove him blind.

So the people asked Buddha if, as he was in the village for a while, perhaps he could make their blind man understand.

Buddha said, “I am not mad enough to try to convince him! Mankind’s problems have been created by people who have tried to explain things to those who cannot see. Preachers are a plague to humanity. They tell people things which they cannot understand.”

So he said, “I won’t make this mistake. I will not explain to this blind man that there is light. You have brought him to the wrong person. There was no need to bring him to me, take him instead to a physician who can treat his eyes. He does not need preaching, he needs treatment. This is not a question of explanations, or of him believing in things you tell him, it is a question of treatment for his eyes. If his eyes get cured then there will be no need for you to explain; he himself will be able to see, he himself will be able to know.”

Buddha was saying that he didn’t consider religion to be just a philosophical teaching – it should be a practical cure. So he recommended that the blind man be taken to a physician.

The villagers liked what Buddha said so they took the blind man to a physician for treatment and fortunately he was cured after a few months. By that time Buddha had gone to another village so the blind man followed him. He bowed to Buddha, touched his feet and said, “I was wrong. There is such a thing as light but I couldn’t see it.”

Buddha answered, “You were certainly wrong, but your eyes got cured because you refused to believe what others told you unless you experienced it for yourself. If you had accepted what your friends had told you then the matter would have ended there and no question of treatment for your eyes would have arisen.”

One should search for one’s own understanding because one cannot attain anything by worshipping the insights of another. In fact, the search for one’s own understanding can only begin when one drops the idea of the other. As long as there is any outer substitute, as long as something is being supplied from the outside, the search cannot begin.

Nobody can reach anywhere in somebody else’s boat. And nobody can see with another’s eye – nobody ever has and nobody ever will. One has to walk on one’s own feet, one has to see with one’s own eyes, one has to live by one’s own heart beat. One has to live by oneself and one has to die by oneself. Nobody can live in another’s place; nobody can die in another’s place. Nobody can take another’s place; neither can one take anybody else’s place. If there is anything totally impossible in this world, it is the fact that no one can take anyone else’s place.


4 thoughts on “Eye To Eye – Story From the Buddha – Myths and Legends

  1. Our Masters say we should talk Less, as every word
    affects us in in other lifetimes
    too !.
    Vows and Oaths we take carry on to future lifetimes.
    “I Vow I will never leave you, my Love, even after death” cries a Lover.
    This Vow becomes a contract !
    His/Her relationships will suffer in future life times.

    “Vows are set in Stone” is a famous Proverb
    Nuns and Monks take Certain Vows when joining a Monastery
    These too become negative Binding contracts in Future life times !

    LESSONS FROM GOD – Sai Baba, the Girl who Does not speak

    Our Customers Daughter from Lydd Airport,
    came to see us at our Aircraft workshop Falcon Flying Services.

    “Please ask God to help, My daughter is over 3 years old
    and she does not talk, the doctors don’t know what’s wrong”
    We have been to the top hospitals in London, they do not understand why she is not talking
    Let us pray I replied = We both opened our hearts and prayed,

    Sai Baba appeared and spoke, “Singh the girl is affected by the Vow she took in her previous life, let us visit her past life and see what happened !
    I was suddenly viewing this girl in her past life she was about 20 years old.

    Sai Baba showed us this girl joining a Church as a Nun and was taking a vow of Silence amongst other vows !
    The Scene ended and we were back in our present life.
    Baba said this little girl took a Vow of Silence and this has carried on into her future lives!
    “Oh, Baba please guide me”, I exclaimed!
    “Ask the girl to dissolve the Vow” replied Baba

    I spoke to the little girl, “Are you a NUN”

    The girl nodded her head, “YES”

    I replied “You don’t have to keep silent, You are no longer a Nun, this lifetime.
    You can break your Vow of silence !”

    She looked at me right in my eyes and shook her head “NO”.

    I replied, “You have been reborn and your Vows are holding you back
    Would you consider letting this Vow of silence go.

    The 3 year old girl looked at me again, right into my eyes and nodded her head “YES”
    Will you ask God to dissolve the vows you have taken, “Yes” she nodded her head.
    Then suddenly she carried on with what she was doing becoming a little child again,
    ignoring me.
    That amazing link we had between us was broken.

    A couple of Months later in January 2014, her mother rang and said her daughter had started talking normally and can you please thank God on her family behalf ! .




    Please pray for my son
    cried the grieving Mother
    My son is Dumb and does not talk We have had many Hospital tests
    they do not know why he can’t talk !
    All his vocal cords are Normal !
    Please can you ask Sai Baba for help

    LESSONS FROM GOD — The Child who does not speak

    I went into meditation and asked God for help for this
    young boy.

    Dear God please help this young boy to Talk !
    As I prayed
    I was teleported into his past life !

    Sai Baba showed me this boy was a Jailer in one of his past life’s,
    Torture was rife in this prison
    He cut out a prisoners tongue to torture him.
    He enjoyed hurting prisoners

    This Past life Karma had followed him in other lifetimes too,
    He had no idea why he was suffering, He was oblivious
    about Karma
    which gives us back 10 fold or more, what we dish out.
    In this later life he lost the ability to speak.

    ” Baba how can we help him ” I asked.
    Baba spoke,
    ” He has to undergo his Karmic journey. If he becomes involved in selfless service God will look at his bank balance of Good Deeds and pardon His Karma,
    Amarjit, we will help remind him, now and then through his conscience
    to achieve this,
    Unless he wins God’s grace he will be reborn again and again
    reaping the Karmic effect of his Deeds ! ”

    Definition: Karma is a universal law that dictates that everything we do and say will have a cause and effect. For every good deed done, a good deed with be received. The same rings true for poor choices and ill-fated actions. Karma is a system of check and balances. Karma is the belief that rewards and punishments are doled out based on our past behaviors. Each time we reincarnate it is an opportunity to balance any off-kilter karmic influences from our past. A biblical quote that supports karmic teachings is “As you sow so shall you reap.”

    Everything that we have ever thought, spoken, done or caused is karma, as is also that which we think, speak or do this very moment.[2] Hindu scriptures divide karma into three kinds:[2]

    Sanchita is the accumulated karma. It would be impossible to experience and endure all karmas in one lifetime. From this stock of sanchita karma, a handful is taken out to serve one lifetime and this handful of actions, which have begun to bear fruit and which will be exhausted only on their fruit being enjoyed and not otherwise, is known as prarabdha karma.
    Prarabdha Fruit-bearing karma is the portion of accumulated karma that has “ripened” and appears as a particular problem in the present life.
    Kriyamana is everything that we produce in the current life. All kriyamana karmas flow in to sanchita karma and consequently shape our future. Only in human life we can change our future destiny. After death we lose Kriya Shakti (ability to act) and do (kriyamana) karma until we are born again in another human body.

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