The Goddess Pachamama

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from the lovely sagegoddess

Pachamama is the Andean goddess of the Earth, fertility, agriculture, planting, and harvesting. She is the female embodiment of the Earth in ancient Incan mythology; she and her father were two important deities in Incan custom. She was said to be a dragon who lived at the base of a mountain, and she could cause earthquakes and facilitate change. She was also sometimes depicted as a woman made of corn.

With the European conquest, colonization, and forced conversion of South America,  Pachamama became to be heavily associated with The Virgin Mary, but recently, Pachamama is re-emerging in South American culture and modern lifestyles as her own entity. There are many shrines to her in South America located near rocky areas, and also near tree trunks. She is depicted in reverence as a woman bearing harvested crops. You may see her carrying corn, potatoes, or cocoa leaves…

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