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Long time Face Book friend, Eva rider, wrote this piece yesterday. I found it deeply moving so feel a need to share. The world today is to my mind, a reflection of Dante’s Inferno. Although not in the sense of after-life atonement, but in the physical realm of every day life that’s being played out before our eyes.


“Trump is indeed a hot air balloon. He is a spokesperson for the deep racial shadow heretofore hidden in the American psyche. Dante’s Inferno would describe him as The Phlegethon in waiting – a  deep  dark river of blood that may well spill over and from which we have very little power to halt. However, I cannot perceive this rise of evil and violence here and around the globe as a force for the positive any more than what we have already experienced in the rise of Hitler or Mussolini. I perceive that we are seeing is the slow collapse of the Patriarchy in its ugliest and most brutal form. The utter disregard for life in any form, propagated by the lust for greed and power can have no positive outcome. I am haunted by Jung’s words toward the end of his life when he spoke all too clearly to the threat of the devastation to come were consciousness not attained in balancing the tension between the polarities. This transformation would posit humanity into the transcendent third. “The world hangs by a thin thread and that thread is theconsciousness. What happens if something goes wrong with the Psyche?” and “Where there is will to power there is no love, where there is love, there is no will to power”.. (excuse my loose quoting)

We are moving into a realm of insanity. Trump is mad. The world seems to have lost its center. This is one of, if not the most dangerous times in the history of life on the planet.
It is time to wake up from our complacency and realize that the time to create conscious community is now. Our children’s lives, the live of all species and the planet as we have known it in her glorious, fecund wonder will not tolerate our abuses. We are on the brink of  hunger, poverty and war are upon us. Children and all innocent life is being exiled and slaughtered. I see nothing redeeming about the rise of Trump and the other demagogues now rising to power. Narcissism is an apt, but very incomplete diagnosis but Impulse control disorder and rampant Sociopathy is even more terrifying and rarely mentioned.”

10 thoughts on “Trumpmania –

  1. Unfortunately we live in an age were the powers that rule us give you the choices they present as the less of two evils, which it’s not a choice at all!
    Time for every citizen to use real power, vote if you wish, but better yet, vote with your wallet, by looking carefully every dollar you spend, making sure it does not go to them. 🙂


  2. Yes…there had been and continues to be a rise in “evil and violence” due to the policies of Obama and Hillary Clinton when she was Sect of State

    Hillary’s policies and decisions in the Middle East calling for and succeeding at the assignation of Middle Eastern leaders has caused this refugees crisis which in turn harbors within it terrorists that have killed and slaughter 1000s of innocent people through out this world

    Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have their blood on their hands

    …and do we need to begin the conversation about Crooked Hillary’s email scandal…

    Or perhaps…we will just wait for the next release from Wikileaks!😉

    Trump’s rise to the top is because the Country he loves is in deep trouble something most Americans recognize

    Trump wants to give back to the country that has given him so much

    He doesn’t have to do this for America and the American people he chooses to do it

    If we America continues on the path we are currently on with $20 trillion in debt…and yes Obama doubled the US debt in the 8 years he has been in the White House…there will be nothing left of our freedoms and our country for our children and grandchildren 󾓦


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