Lets Fall In Love With Our Maker

Krishna with Radha

image: Krishna with Radha

“The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me;

my eye and God’s eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.”

Meister Eckhart, Sermons of Meister Eckhart

Radha Krishna - thanks to FB page on same
Radha Krishna

We need to fully understand love if we wish to fall in love with the supreme love, known as  “Divine Love.” Nevertheless, such an understanding  is not something  that happens outside this world or beyond our space-time continuum. This is because each object in this world manifests the divine and thus, we as individuals  can encounter the divine in anything, anywhere and at any time.

But once this understanding  happens, and it is crucial that it does happen at some point, we come to realise that the divine permeates everything. Thus, one way of defining divine love would be by falling in love with everything, as distinguished from the love of one particular object. But this definition does not sufficiently distinguish divine love from human love and the question still remains: is the nature of divine love (i.e., the love of everything) the same as human love?

Once we acquire the realisation that the divine permeates everything, then the nature or mode of our love of the divine changes dramatically. As the object of our love becomes “everything,” the manner of our loving evolves from human to Divine. This is known as enlightenment.

Divine love may begin with our loving another person, but gradually our love grows to embrace everything in the world, and as our love encompasses everything, we transcend the norms associated with human love and the manner of loving changes.

2 thoughts on “Lets Fall In Love With Our Maker

  1. “Genesis 1:27 God created Man in his own Image, in the image of God, He created him Male and female “.

    Have we created with our own actions a separation from God ?
    Are You God ?
    Am I God ?

    LESSONS FROM GOD – Sai Baba, Paul & the Flying School

    One summer’s day I was on my way to Shoreham Airport, South England,
    Birds were singing, “AUM, AUM, AUM”
    The sun rays were darting here and there.
    However I was oblivious to all God’s Creation.

    .I was angry..
    We were owed £30,000 rent for hiring our aircraft to the Flying School.
    I angrily stormed up to Paul, the Flying School owner, and demanded our money.

    As I started shouting,
    Sai Baba suddenly materialized and walked into Paul.

    I looked at Paul and Sai Baba was standing inside him.!.
    “Baba, why are you standing inside Paul? Have you come to pay us our £30,000 ?
    Is this why you are standing inside him?”, I shouted.

    Baba spoke,
    “Amarjit I have not merged with him, I have always been part of Paul and everyone you deal with. I have awakened you, to allow you to see me in him.

    God is everywhere why do you not realise this.
    Open your heart, Amarjit, and see God in all Creation, for God is everywhere !

    You must in all your dealings perceive/see God in everything you do and
    every one you deal with”

    Saying this Sai Baba de materialized and left me once again in Deep thought.

    PS. We never were paid the money. The company closed down shortly after.

    Another Lesson from my Father. Another Learning Why is life not straight forward!

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