Seeking And Finding, The “Get Real” Factor

If you dream of finding a great Teacher, a Master, the operative advice is, “get real.” Great teachers may appear once in a hundred years. Masters require great sacrifice of those willing to follow them … and as we are not prepared to pay the price, it’s best to start exactly where we find ourselves with the help that is within reach. More likely I can find a guide, someone who knows the way but is still in the process of becoming. A useful guide is one who will help me to connect to my authentic self, that self that is connected to God. No shame, no blame, no fear, marks this journey, where every inner movement needs to be seen without judgment.  – His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama

inevitably, sooner or later the teacher dies.

We will hear his voice no more.
It is the end of an era.
You, you mourn.
With the spiritual parent gone, you are no longer the child.
What is a pupil to do?
To find another teacher seems necessary, but wait— What did he or she teach you?  The source of  “I Am” is within.

Richard Gere inspired by the Dalai Lama

George Harrison and Ravi Shankar inspired

by The Hari Krishnas and Sathya Sai Baba

Deva Premal and Miten Inspired by Osho


The wise say I can learn from everyone I meet.  But exactly what is it that is being learned? What can I glean from some rough lout, some timid or repressed soul, some crazy?  Surely they have nothing to teach an educated person like me. But there is no better teacher than the mirror, and every person can be my mirror, reflecting back to me some aspect of myself, particularly when it is something I dislike. I contain multitudes, as Walt Whitman put it. There is nothing I can see in another that I do not also contain to some degree—cheat, murderer, martyr, hero, and much more. Looking closely I discover that fundamentally we are all alike—all subject to the same passions and hopes, and this touches a feeling of compassion in me that does not otherwise appear.

My deepest guilty secret is gradually revealed to me: I believe that at least in some respect, I am better than everyone else. Only a penetrating view of my inner world dispels this pernicious illusion.
Books are helpful—reading prepares the mind and books are available where a living guide is not to be found. But eventually we need the human connection. A book cannot look back at me and hear my tone of voice. It cannot remind me to release the tension in my shoulders. It does not know when I am ready for the next step.

8 thoughts on “Seeking And Finding, The “Get Real” Factor

  1. You need a lot of courage to “let go” the materiality… Sometime I think that hinayana is a lot easier, since we’re trapped inside our bodies following our karmas ripening… trying hard to be always on the right Path and at the same time enduring our life with other people so much different than you.
    I come back after two week in Rishikesh during IYF and it was very difficult to endure the usual life with people who doesn’t care about their Mind… But discussing with my husband, I realised that Mahayana is the hard way, is the a privilege to have it which show us each day the importance of going forward… being an example and discussing with those you show interest on it.
    Serenity :-)c

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    1. True the harshness of life rather makes up want to escape to a higher realm. To get away from it all. However, unless we make a firm commitment to do so, within, it will not happen. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Eve with fond wishes.

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  2. Yes! It has been quite a journey! For a while my guru was Rawclyde! But when he turned into a rabbit all he did was make me laugh. Which got me no where. Finally after much searching I finally caught up to Sophia, the goddess of wisdom. Thank God!!! Love you, Eve!

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  3. It is a long journey, but in hindsight, a very beautiful one as we find that inner love that had been walled up for many years Eve. Without the walls to tear down, how would we appreciate the journey to discover that self love. And as each step is climbed, we break through the clouds in our lives to see a little more light, until eventually we break through…and glorious sunshine is ours for evermore 😀

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    1. so true. The full article on the link provided on the blog post is excellent. I found it deeply moving, seeing myself in every sentence. Having to let go of my teacher who had been the centre of my life for so long was difficult. It was always a hard journey anyway, due to him being such a contentious guru with many people despising him utterly. I found him on a inner level, never was I part of his inner circle or even close to him on the physical, yet having dreams and guidance from far away in abundance. My last darshan being at home here in France, many thousands of miles away from India. Thus, i now move to the invisible God – the in-dweller with greater ease. He once told me – oh many many years ago. “one day you will be an international writer.” That wwas years before the Internet was ever born. thanks for your comment. eve

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