Are We Listening? Sathya Sai Baba

Swami in his 40’s

A sage once said, we are just walking each other home. Yet, walking home is no easy task, given the vagaries of the world. We need a helping hand along the way. Those helping hands often come by way of a sage or guru. Here I have put together a few nuances, tips and teachings from past masters who have lived among us in recent years. Let’s take a minute to reflect on their words once more. Bottom page. Video from Rowdies, those early devotees to have visited Sathya Sai Baba’s ashrams in South India.


“One thing: you have to walk, and create the way by your walking; you will not find a ready-made path. It is not so cheap to reach to the ultimate realization of truth. You will have to create the path by walking it yourself; the path is not ready-made, lying there and waiting for you. It is just like the sky: the birds fly, but they don’t leave any footprints. You cannot follow them; there are no footprints left behind.”  ~Osho


Words of the masters

“Just as the gross material body consists of many cells, organized into a

working whole, so our personality consists of a network of interdependent psycho-noetical images. The cells of our personality, as we might call them, are precisely, one by one, the thought-forms which we create and project as a result of our desires and weaknesses, strengths and virtues.” ~ Daskalos


“With every thought, each glance, idea, distraction or feeling we create thought forms. Even as we sleep, we are emitting thought forms that will affect us and those around us.” ~ Daskalos


Sri Yukeswar who wrote the Holy Science



Sai Baba with a student –
Prashanthi Nilayam


“The thought forms are emitted with an intensity corresponding to the strength of the desires which gave birth to them. When they have reached their goal and served their purpose, they return to their creator to be projected once again with ever increasing power. This procedure is repeated many times, creating within our personality, either a terrible environ­ment of darkness if the thought forms are of low degree, or a strong atmosphere of love if they are good thought-desires.” ~ Daskalos



Rowdies – video from 1990s – a wealth of experiences from their time with Sathya Sai – A video well worth watching.

Perhaps one of the best videos from the first Westerners to visit Sathya Sai Baba, with vivid details of their experiences. Their special good chances would not be experienced again by a second wave of Europeans/Americans that came afterwards.


Absolute Beingness (Relative Reality) – Daskalos

Here is one of my favourite lessons from Daskalos. He reveals in this lesson, the meaning of relative reality and how it works in human nature. We are all messengers of light, yet our desires bring us back here to this plane of existence time and time again, where the vibrations are dense and thick. We cover our light with our fears, which dims our ability to reach our highest potential. It takes many life-times to discover our immense power and light and what Daskalos calls our “Eternal Beingness”. This lesson is particularly well explained by Daskalos, on how the principles of the Divine work in nature and mankind.

The following lesson is somewhat difficult to follow in places but stick with it as it is truly amazing in its detail.   

Now in these worlds of Relative Reality anything created, anything that exists has to have a start; it must have a beginning and thus must surely come to an end sooner or later.   So our existence is in the worlds of relative reality and can not last forever. What happens when we stop existing?  What happens when we complete the human cycle of Existence (not just one incarnation) but the entire circle of Possibility for our human nature?  We Are. We are Individuality an eternal “I-ness”.  We are no longer a limited personality in time-space-place but a god within Beingness.  We do not become a god, we do not become perfect, and we do not become eternal. Rather we realize what we truly have been all along – a perfect god, an eternal Spirit-Being at one with the Creator.

Eventually we will come to realise our Divine Nature, our Individuality, and the magnificent state of Super-Light within Beingness. This state is virtually un-expressible by human intelligence and the limited languages of earth. So until we experience and know Beingness directly, we can only use limited words to point to this unlimited Absolute Reality.  And yet, we are also able to deduce something of the nature of Absolute Reality by studying its manifestation in Existence.

Hermes Trismegistus (Thrice great Hermes), the reputed author of the Hermetica, stated it: “As above so below”.  Beingness is our true home, our origin and final destination. The material plane, the psychical planes and noetical planes of Existence are only reflections.  They are our temporary homes to be used during our travels during incarnating.  But after too many aimless incarnations, after too many lifetimes of loitering about in the Worlds of Existence, we eventually grow weary. We tire of being blown here and there by the winds of our own Karma, seemingly without any control.  We become fatigued by all the mindless chasing after endless desires objects and experiences we want. Similarly we also become exhausted by struggling to avoid or prevent all the things we do not want to happen. At this point in our dualistic existence, we may start to raise our head above the clamoring complexity of our lives and seek real answers to the more meaningful questions of life such as: “Why do we suffer and what can be done to reduce suffering?”  “Who am I” (as a personality)? “What am I (as Spirit-Soul)?”  “Where have I come from and where am I going?” The short answer to the last question is ultimately: Absolute Beingness – that Absolute Realty we call God.

Daskalos coined the term Absolute Beingness to give more meaning to our understanding of God. The word “God” has been so overused, misused and abused throughout history that today it is not giving us an adequate conception about the characteristics of the Divine. One of the known characteristics of Absolute Beingness, God, is Total Self-Sufficiency – nothing is lacking and nothing is needed. Absolute Beingness as the Trinity has as It’s nature and expression the Total Wisdom, Total Love and Total Power. God is described as “Absolute Beingness” and “Absolute Infinite Beingness” because It contains an infinite number of Eternal, Spirit-Beings similar to God – True gods within The One True God. This is known as the Multiplicity of God. The Multiplicity of God does not mean that we have multiple Gods. There is but one God in His multiplicity. Multiplicity does not mean God is multiplying. Multiplicity means being in great numbers. These Eternal Spirit-Beings, these Holy Monadic Beings (meaning: The component parts of the Absolute) are the manifestation of the Multiplicity of God. A Holy Monad within Absolute Beingness is our Self in its truest Identity.  It may be helpful to think of all these Holy Monadic Beings as cells within the Multiplicity of God – composing the body of God so to speak. The Holy Monadic Beings have been called by other names in the past. At the time of Christ in Aramaic they were called: Benai Allaha, which means The Sons of God as well as Benai Or (Aur), which means the Sons of Light (of course at this level, the Spirit-Beings of Absolute Beingness are not expressing male or female characteristics).   

We can also identify another characteristic of the Divine, which we might understand as the Primal Cause. And that characteristic is known as the Will-Pleasure of God. It is God’s all-powerful Will and His in-exhaustible Pleasure to manifest Himself, within Himself as His entire creation.  The moment (which is eternal) God expresses (vibrates) His Will-Pleasure to manifest; it also resonates within all the Holy Monadic Beings as their own Will-Pleasure to manifest.  At which point, God and all the Holy Monadic Beings emanate the Mind as a formless Super-Substance to be used in building all the created worlds. So we have the Mind, which is to be used for creation. And we have those Beings who use the Mind according to the Divine Plan in building up all the worlds of creation (material, psychical, noetical and ethereal). Those glorious beings that use the Mind Self-Super-consciously in building up all the created worlds are known as the Archangels of the Elements. They are the Michaels, the Gabriels, the Raphaels, the Uriels and others. 

Following the blueprint of the Divine Plan with all its Archetypal Laws, Causes, Principles and Ideas, these creative Archangels commence their great works. They create all the Worlds of Existence (noetical, psychical, physical and their etheric counterparts) as well as everything existing in these worlds. In their supreme work, these Archangels lower the vibrations of the formless Mind Super-Substance to the frequency of Noetical Substance to build the planes and sub-planes of the fifth dimensional Noetical Worlds. It is here in the Noetical Worlds that we first see the appearance of forms – All kinds of forms. There are life-forms like the ones known on earth and other unfamiliar life-forms. Again, these are the worlds of Relative Realities and not the Absolute Reality, which is God. In these worlds we as researches will slowly and steadily ascend the ladder of relative truth towards the Absolute Truth – the Absolute Reality.

Lowering the vibrations of the Mind to a slower frequency, these builder Archangels use the Mind now as Psychical-Substance in the creation of all the 49 planes and sub-planes of the Psychical Worlds and all the forms living in these planes. Lowering the Mind to an even denser vibration the Lords of the Elements in a blaze of light (“Let There Be Light” as it is stated in the Bible or the “Hot Big Bang” as it is called by Science), literally materialize the Mind into Matter-Substance use in the creation of the entire physical universe.The creation of the physical universe and its onward evolution is governed by the Noetic Laws, Causes, Principles and Ideas, which now are apparent as the scientific laws discovered by physicists. These laws govern and control the long, long evolution of our physical universe in its progression as it is coalescing into all the galaxies, suns, planets, and moons. 

Our physical universe is as dense as the Mind vibrations get. In America the brightest star in the autumn sky is Sirius, which is really a double star (two suns). The suns of Sirius are made up of gases and the atoms of gas composing one of these suns are so densely compacted that science believes it weights around 6,000 pounds per cubic inch. That is the equivalent of the weight of a large SUV truck in the size of a small cube of chocolate.  And yet all this weight is not solid or liquid but a highly compressed gas. Can you imagine Mind vibrations lowered to such a dense state?

It is here in the densest of all the Worlds of Existence that we find ourselves as personalities seeking to unfold spiritually. Our personalities have been built up with the good and not so good Elementals (thoughts, emotions, desires and behaviors) over time. Just as a building is built brick by brick our personality has been constructed by the various elementals we continue to harbor and express. So our own unique way of thinking, feeling and acting is shaping the way we view the world, the people around us, as well as the way people view us. This process creates a shell of phsyco-noetic emotional/thought forms… forms with purpose, power and life, which exert their good or bad influence on us. Our perceptions and ways of understanding the conditions and people around us is greatly affected and distorted by the quality and quantity of the elementals composing our shell which has become our Personal Reality. The Personal Reality of each of us is quite unique. Although there are common elements and themes in people’s Personal Reality, there are no two that are identical. Even in the case of “identical twins” their personal reality differs. Thus the “reality’ we see around is tinted by our own unique psycho-noetic shell as if we were looking through colored classes. This highly conditional Personal Reality is summed up by the old adage: “If a pickpocket meets a saint, all he sees are the saint’s pockets”. 

When the shell of our Personal Reality becomes dark and dense through the accumulation of negative thoughts, feelings, compulsions and fixed ideas we are in real danger. A case in point:

There was a famous murder case in America a few decades ago. A successful business man was living in a beautiful old mansion with his wife, children and mother. One day he killed them all and disappeared. Recently he was caught and brought to justice. He told the authorities that the reason he killed his family was that his business had failed and he was no longer able to support his family as he had spent all the available money and was in debt for over 100,000 US dollars.  Furthermore his parents had instilled in him a very rigid idea about a man’s duty and responsibility to support his family and to never bring shame on them. This idea had become so fixed in his mind that when he started to go bankrupt a great guilt came over him. He was so influenced by this fixed idea not to bring shame on his family that he decided it was better to kill them all and bear the guilt himself. He reasoned to himself that his family was good and they would go to heaven when they died. So rather than telling them about the $100,000 debt, he thought it better to kill them as mercifully as possible and spare them the public shame of bankruptcy. This is a chilling example of the power that fixed ideas and unnatural guilt can have on us. Even more regrettable, was that his fixed ideas did not allow him to look up see a better way out of his problem. As it turned he walked passed the solution to his financial problem each and every day.   After the murders, relatives in the family went to sell the house. In the process they discovered that the large leaded glass artwork in the ceiling of the entrance hall of his home was created by the famous designer.  It alone was worth a quarter of a million dollars. His salvation was starring him in the face all along but he just could not see it because of the dark veils of his fixed ideas.

So beware of fixed ideas, inflexible opinions and unsubstantiated notions.  

As researchers of truth, we begin our research of our own personal reality. We begin by introspecting on our own actions and especially our re-actions to the people and conditions around us right now. We research by using the our latent power of observation to expose incorrect thoughts, negative emotions, enslaving desires, and unhealthy life patterns; that seal us off from truth, love and real life.

What will this research produce? We will discover that our thoughts, emotions, and desires (good or bad) are ours; we are responsible for them and their effects on us and those around us. They are ours but they are not us because we can change them, reshape them or abandon them completely. So if we are not our body, not our emotions, not out thoughts, then what are we? This is the aim of a researcher of truth – to discover who and what he or she really is. In doing so, we learn who we are as a personality with all our conflicting strengths and weaknesses. We will discover something of our psychical body. This is the body that we will find our self in after the death of our material body.  And we will come to know about our noetical body. (one of three bodies that make up our present self-conscious).

This is the body we will find ourself in after the event known as the second death. But this is not the end of our research, those who persevere will continue on to discover and experience what they all are beyond their three bodies and what they are as Self Awareness beyond the Human Form. The glorious experiences that await sincere researchers that do not faint in the face of challenges, trials and tribulations are beyond our current comprehension or even our best imagination.

From the moment of our projection from Beingness into the three Worlds of Existence, and back again, we have traveled and will continue to travel with one of the sweetest gifts from God – Our Guardian Angel. Our Guardian Angel expresses his steadfast love and Super-Conscious care to us always. His voice sounds inside us, gently directing and flawlessly guiding us through life. His voice gives us courage to face the challenges presented in our long cycles of incarnations in the Worlds of Existence and to complete the Circle of Possibility of our human existence. The Guardian Angel of each one of us is always speaking to us in the language of real love…but how many are listening? And when most people first start to become aware of this inner dialogue with their Guardian, the person thinks they are talking to themselves. I wish that all of you develop a ever expanding conscious connection with your Guardian who will immediately teach you what real love is by his example. And his example is the way he loves and cares for you.  The conscious dialogue between you and your Guardian is true Communion – he is you personal emissary from the Holy Spirit and will never fail you or ever leave you.



from Researchers Of Truth website virtue lessons.

Our Thoughts Are Powerful – Daskalos

Powerful Thought Forms

“The average man is often the victim of his own thought forms. He constructs them, but is neither strong enough to send them out to do their work, nor wise enough to dissipate them when required. This has brought about the thick swirling fog of half-formed, semi-vitalized forms in which eighty five percent of the human race is surrounded.”

-Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

We are our thoughts made manifest. We, today,  are controlled by fear. Fear is the thought form that feeds today’s world. We are fed fear from the television news, newspapers, and from  corporations,  corrupt govs. and other governing bodies.  What is fear doing?  It  is taking  away our freedom and our will-power to reach the highest we can. We have largely closed our hearts to love in order to survive in a world where only material objects give us monumentality satisfaction. How long can this planet survive such manipulation? I don’t feel we can continue this senseless existence much longer.

We all  need to find again the benevolent  heart of our creation.  There is truth and it is our truth. The truth that each of us carry without our own power source, stored deep within our spiritual hearts.We only need to reconnect once more.

This part of the  universe was rendered fertile and capable of receiving and preserving exquisite  life forms. If we had been allowed to evolve as nature intended, we would have by now evolved  in to a highly advanced race on a blossoming planet.


All our desires, weaknesses, strengths, habitual ways of thinking and behaving create or re-energize elementals.  These come to form our personality and define our character.  It is this personality full of conflicting ideas, feelings and thoughts that we sadly mistake as our real Self.  This personality self is at best a weak shadow of our Real Self cast on the unequal ground of duality.  But to really know and experience this truth, we must shift our sense of identity from our shadow-self to our Real Spirit-Soul Self.  To do this means we must gain mastery over our thoughts and emotions – the elementals we create and re-energize.  Mastering our undesirable emotions and weaknesses does not mean fighting against them and suppressing them with force.  Mastering our emotions and desires means gaining control of them, becoming their master and not their slave.

An elemental has an existence, a life and purpose of its own.  For anything to exist it needs a form.  When we have a desire for an object, for example a type of car, we are creating an elemental, which is getting a form.  In this example, the form of the elemental takes the shape and color of the specific car we desire.  It first forms on our etheric double at the location of the so-called third eye.  At this point before it is projected it is very small in size – the size of the head of a pin.  Yet imprinted in it are all the details we know about the car we desire.  After we project it consciously or subconsciously it tends to take the full size of the object we desire.   All this is visible to a well developed clairvoyant.

These elementals are created through our etheric doubles.  They are composed of etheric substance in varying degrees of purity, accuracy and strength.  Once projected out from us they work to achieve their purpose – to bring about the conditions to manifest the desired object or effect we created them for.

When we harbor and express negative emotions such as despair, jealousy, fear or hatred we create elementals which also get a form.  What form are these destructive elementals getting?   They get the shapes of snakes, beasts and other distressing forms.  They get this form according to the quality of the desires and thought which created them.  Their forms and their colors reveal their natures.  It is really merciful that people can not see the forms of the destructive elementals as it would terrify them.  It may take a clairvoyant to see these forms but anyone can feel them.   If you approach a person you know well and they are having strong negative emotions and thoughts for you it is not difficult to feel this.   Likewise when we are around a loving friend or companion we truly can feel their love for us.

So our good or bad thoughts and emotions are continually creating, or more commonly, re-energizing pre-existing elementals.  It is our choice which ones we attend to and give expression. Thus we are responsible for our own unique set of elementals and their effect on ourselves and those around us.   When an elemental is created it forms on our etheric doubles and is projected out into the common environment.   We literally live in a sea of these etheric sub-spirits.


A Man Of Faith – Interview -Daskalos

The article below is part of The Common Boundary Interview with Daskalos shortly before his death. The full article can be found on Researcher’s Of Truth Website. A slight problem with the wordpress, the paragraphs are of different size…..

Daskalos has been reported to be instrumental in hundreds of public healings, such as the following incident described by an Italian journalist in the Markides biography: In front of several witnesses, Stylianos Atteshli healed a three-year-old English boy of polio. I stared with curiosity at the English-woman holding her child. Only when she placed the boy in Stylianos Atteshlis’ arms did I notice that [the boy’s] left leg was covered with a heavy plastic brace. It was atrophied and clearly shorter than the other leg…. Stylianos Atteshli sat on a chair with the child in his arms and began to speak to him with a very sweet tone in his voice. As he was doing that, he began to gently stroke the sickly leg. He pulled it a few times as if to make it longer. . . . Ten, twenty minutes must have passed; I don’t remember. I had my eyes glued sometimes on the child and sometimes on Stylianos Atteshli. Suddenly, the child made a pained grimace. At that point he raised the boy up, gave him a light slap on his buttocks, and said, “Now, run, my boy. “And the child began running around the room. Was it a miracle! Was it suggestion! One can make whatever conclusions one wishes. I just describe what I saw.

Despite these reputed powers, Daskalos rejects the mantle of miracle worker. “They are phenomena, nothing more,” he insists. “If we knew how nature works, we would not call them miracles.” Like most genuine mystics, Stylianos Atteshli has led an outwardly unremarkable life. He was born in 1910 in the Greek part of Cyprus, near the town of Strovolos, and spent his years as a civil servant, family man, and Christian. Behind the worldly facade, however, Daskalos was an altogether different being. Gathering a circle of students ( “Researchers of Truth”) around him in the Stoa  [school room] at the back of his modest home – Daskalos set about instructing the group in esoteric Christian wisdom, contemplation, exosomatosis, and the development of healing powers.

Although such a great soul would have been venerated in most cultures as a mahatma, shaman, or curandero, Daskalos was rejected by the orthodox clergy of Cyprus, who made efforts to have him excommunicated from the Church as a “magus of Mephistophelean proportions,” to quote Markides. In time, as Daskalos’s fame grew and the harmlessness of his work became apparent, these misguided charges were dropped by the Church. Harmless though the work may be, the Gnostic system that Daskalos teaches is nearly impenetrable for those who have not been initiated into its terminology and imagery, as thousands of us found out during two sold-out lectures by Daskalos at Town Hall in New York City. Stepping onto a stage littered with hundreds of letters and photographs from devotees requesting healing, Daskalos led us in the Lord’s Prayer and then spoke for an hour about the origins of the universe, the psycho Noetic planes, the “mind super-substance,” the holy archangels, the “infinite absolute Beingness” (God), and the mission of Joshua Emmanuel the Christ.

As the tall man in a gray suit ranged mysteriously from topic to topic, many of us–well versed in meta-physics-tried without much success to follow the sweep of his mind. I left both talks intrigued, confused, and convinced that Daskalos was operating at a level achieved by few. Interviewing such a mystic is far from simple, as I discovered the next day at a hotel in midtown Manhattan. Already apprehensive, I was further surprised when this extraordinary man took my hand and informed me, without ceremony, that he could read my thoughts and knew exactly what I wanted to ask. Having established this advantage, he ignored many of my questions and allowed his discourse to follow its own self-dictated rhythm.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshlis,  Daskalos - Magus of Strovolos Common Boundary:

I’m interested in what you said about picking up the thoughts of other people. Is this a constant experience for you!

Daskalos: It’s happened since childhood; for me it was something natural. I didn’t know the others were different.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshlis,  Daskalos - Magus of Strovolos CB: How did you first know you were a teacher!

D: Wait a moment. Let us settle this word “teacher.” The teacher is Joshua Emmanuel the Christ. No human being has the right to call himself a teacher. I have rejected the so-called titles [e.g. magus of Stovolos] given to me in various books. We call the members of our system “brother guides,” equal to all other brother and sister guides. Many Hindus call me swami, yogi, but it is unnecessary. And definitely not the word “magus,” for God’s sake.

CB: If not Daskalos or magus, what do you want to be called!
Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshlis,  Daskalos - Magus of Strovolos

D: Nothing. I have completely annihilated the so-called personality of a time and-place man. What matters is the teaching, which can help people come out of their confusion! reshape their lives, and alleviate their suffering. There is much pain and suffering in the world today due to the ignorance of not knowing the truth. Now, how did I know who I was! Who can say! I simply did, from the time I was very small. It was very difficult for me because even my parents could not understand me. My father said, “This son of mine, manifesting these things without learning them, talking in languages from previous incarnations.” He was wondering, Who is my son! This happened according to my nature and not through any pre-calculated intention to be a Daskalos. Maybe it was predestination.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshlis,  Daskalos - Magus of Strovolos CB: You have said you were a boy at the time Joshua!

D: Yes, I was taken to the Essene school at the age of 10, destined for the rabbinate. Joshua was in a period of teaching many disciples–he had many followers. Being an Essene novice, I was lucky enough to look after these rooms where he lived four days a month, and to be near him, adoring him, worshiping him. Can people understand each other through human language? No–it is the poorest kind of communication. In few hundred years, human beings will be able to communicate in a better way.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshli,  Daskalos or Magus of Strovolos ? CB: Until you were what age!

D: When I was 17, he was crucified. Those 7 years were the best incarnation I ever had. I have had past incarnations as an Egyptian hierophant three or four times, and I remember, as if it were my language, hieroglyphics and what they mean. I have given this information to Egyptologists. Yet, though I have had very serious incarnations, I was aware even as a boy of 10 years that I was near something very high in Joshua. I already had my powers of exosomatosis [out-of-body travel] at that time, and Joshua knew it. He was teaching these things, but the greatest thing he taught me was humility. [We aid interrupted by an aide, instructing me not to ask any more “personal” questions.]

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshli,  Daskalos - Magus of Strovolos CB: Let’s talk about suffering. We seem to live in a very dark age–the Hindus call it the Kali Yuga. There are rumors every day about apocalypse and Armageddon. Is it only our perception that we are in a dark age, or are we actually at the end of a cycle of history!

D: Disregarding this question] This is no excuse! God has given us everything in abundance-fresh air for everyone to breathe, the super-substance of mind so that we may reach God. Christ has taught us how to use it! What is prohibiting man from using reason and love to free himself from his current state of suffering! These habits of personality are being presented as an excuse.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshli,  Daskalos - Magus of Strovolos CB: I agree, but many find it easier to blame the state of the world on a divine plan.

D: You see [leaning forward and looking deep into my eyes], I get much from your thoughts [laughing. You came here to talk to me about psychology. But what is psychology! What are psychometry, psychotherapy, psychiatry! Persons use the word “soul”–psyche-and distorts its great meaning. By “soul” do you mean the behavior of the personality! This is not quite accurate. The relationship between soul and personality is complex. The personality may be sinful, but the soul is not sinful. It is God. The soul cannot be harmed. You don’t have a soul; you are a soul. In our system, we speak of something else that we call the permanent personality. This is the state between time-and-place incarnations, which has no name except the I-am-I. This permanent personality actually passes into the soul. That I-am-I passing away from the gross material body remembers everything.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshli,  Daskalos - Magus of Strovolos CB: Yet I don’t remember my past lives.

D: This is part of the mercy of God to give human beings the opportunity to advance without feeling remorse for the sins they have committed. People misunderstand the mercy of God.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshli,  Daskalos - Magus of Strovolos CB: Are you saying that ignorance is a form of mercy!

D: Yes. Of course, ignorance has many meanings. However, when you attune yourself to your permanent personality, you will remember. Then you’re out of Ignorance. Let us talk about healing. Psychotherapy and all forms of healing use the mind super-substance, the underlying principle of existence. The mind, as energy, moves through you and is given to the other fellow to be cured. But who is doing the work! Some so-called psychotherapists say they have successes. They definitely have. but unfortunately they have not healed their own ego personality and go on saying “I, I, I have done that,” meaning their personality They do nothing! It is He who is doing the healing, not Me. This is the great truth. You must make your conscience light so that this vitality I am passing to you will help you recover One cannot be healed unless he is worthy to be.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshlis,  Daskalos - Essenes - Kyriacos Markides CB: Worthy!

D: Yes. No psychotherapist has the right to call himself a healer, because the healer is God. Agent! Yes On many occasions, have known how to get that etheric vitality and pass it to the other. But these healings do not depend on my will as a personality but on the will of God There have been cases where this etheric vitality is sent through me and sent back When this happens three times. I stop. It is not the will of God that this healing occur.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshlis,  Daskalos - Essenes - Kyriacos Markides CB: So you cannot predict what will happen!

D: Before I meet a person, I do not know if it will happen, but when my aura touches his aura, I feel immediately whether he will be healed or not. Then I pass the etheric vitality Atrophied legs become longer-all kinds of things happen that you would call miracles But I repeat, they are not miracles. They are phenomena. This is the whole truth. Nothing is dependent on me; it is all God.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshlis,  Daskalos - Essenes - Kyriacos Markides CB: In other words, all of these phenomena are within the circle of possibilities of every human being

D: If they were not possible, how would it be done!

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshlis,  Daskalos - Essenes - Kyriacos Markides CB: For gifted people like you, this seems evident. But not everyone is aware of having these faculties

D: It’s true that I’ve had these things since childhood–my mother knew it, and everybody knew it. But I always thought it was something everybody could do. Perhaps in my case it is the work of many incarnations, the merging of my permanent and soul personalities. Who can say! What I do know is that they are not favors from God. You have to earn and win what you have.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshlis,  Daskalos - Essenes - Kyriacos Markides CB: Speaking of God, how can skeptics and atheists work with their doubts about the existence of the divine!

D: I do not believe there are atheists; there are only people deceiving themselves. Often they have a lot of God in them without knowing it. I was talking to the ambassador of Russia once. A very famous man and a good thinker Suddenly he said. “My God, my God” I said, “Oh, do you believe in God!” This question confused him, and he asked me to explain what God was. I said he could call it love, understanding, a feeling in the soul. I gave him the example of a rich man who calls himself a Christian but steals and is greedy, and on the other hand, a poor fellow who never speaks of God but who has a piece of bread and shares it with a hungry child. Though neither the man nor the child will satisfy his hunger, this man will have the feeling of satisfaction in his soul and have much of God in him The ambassador still didn’t seem to understand. I said, “If I ask you what electricity is, you may not know. But you know what it can do. He said, “I still don’t understand, though I want to!” I said, “By introspection, you will understand, Your Excellency.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshlis,  Daskalos - Essenes - Kyriacos Markides CB: In your system, you emphasize that the brain and the mind are not the same thing.

D: A battery is not electricity! When I have difficult things to meditate on, I come out of my body and use the mind directly, not the brain. One of my students was in America when a fight broke out in a coffee shop. Somebody took a rifle and shot, and the bullet destroyed a large part of his brain. They took out the bullet, and the doctors in America said that if he lived he would not be able to walk, talk, or go to the toilet. The boy was about 26. Two medical doctors brought him back to us in Cyprus. I began trying to invoke his soul to take control. I can’t say it was not very difficult; it was. You know what happened! This boy, who could not speak when he arrived, told the doctors, “I want to get up and walk.” They wouldn’t let him try, but I told them to leave him alone. Today this man is working now in Cyprus, and nobody knows that he had such an accident. Orthodox science today knows very little about life. You call such incidents miracles. No! They are phenomena occurring within the mercy of the absolute super-intelligence we call God.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshli,  Daskalos -Essenes CB: It is reported that you are able to move across time and space at will, with full consciousness.

D: Yes, I can do it, but not with my human brain [laughing]. You’ve just mentioned something that people do not understand–motion. What is motion! You said “moving in time,” implying that there is motion in time and space. But when you attune yourself to the cosmic memory, on the higher levels of the noetic plane, and you want to see something in what people call the Akashic Records, this does not apply. When I want to, I can know everything through the attunement of my mind in a few minutes. It is difficult to speak openly of these things, but there are the divine powers in human nature, when you know how it feels to be God. Through exosomatosis, you are able to access experiences from other places and periods of time. You are able to remember all of your previous incarnations and everything- in your incarnations. Before that, you cannot remember anything.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshlis,  Daskalos - Essenes - Kyriacos Markides CB: Does that increase your pain!

D: Yes. But it is also a divine blessing. I often attune myself to previous incarnations. Each one is like a book I have written. It is on my shelf.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshlis,  Daskalos - Essenes - Kyriacos MarkidesCB: How many have there been!

D: Hundreds. It doesn’t matter. I can get up and read them again, live them again nothing is lost. I enter a life and see things, Christianity is not founded on dogmas. Christianity is based on only two instructions: Love God with all your heart, soul, and intelligence; and love every other being as you love your own self: not as on a television screen but three dimensionally. You find yourself moving about in a three-dimensional world, but you can change nothing, just as a singer can change nothing on a record. However, the divine mercy is such that you can understand the lessons of what you are seeing.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshli,  Daskalos -Essenes CB: An incarnate Tibetan lama told me that it’s the wisdom mind, not the mundane, biographical mind, that continues from life to life.

D: He is speaking of the soul nature. Many powerful Tibetan lamas have come to me. Some years ago, I met the Panchin Lama, who was in Athens on his way to London. This was quite interesting. First, how did he know me! Definitely not from the gross material body. I “happened” to be at a friend’s house a kilometer from where the Panchin Lama was staying, without my knowing that he was in Athens. Someone called and said that he would be greatly pleased if I visited him. I went and found him in a great room with a yellow carpet. He was in an orange robe, sitting on a cushion. I took off my shoes according to their habit and sat next to him. He was holding his rosary in his hand and gave it to me. I took my rosary from my pocket and gave it to him. We sat looking at each other for five minutes. Not a word in any language of this world was spoken. He went to give me my rosary back, and I indicated that he should keep it because the beads were costly. I got up, put on my shoes. The man of the house said to me, “Why are you leaving without even hearing his voice”. I told him that we had said more than human beings can say in five years of daily contact. “I have given him so much love, and received so much love from him, that I am happy.” Now, what is this! Can people understand each other through human language! No–it is the poorest kind of communication. In a few hundred years, human beings will be able to communicate in a better way. For example, if you say to me “my house, I can know, through attunement with you, exactly what your house looks like. But the one who cannot attune himself will not know what you mean. He will think that your house is like his house. Therefore, saying the word “house” in spoken language means nothing. When people reach the level of our teaching, they will be able to communicate far more clearly. But at that level there are no secrets or hypocrisy, because you can know the other fellow’s thoughts.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshli,  Daskalos -Essenes CB: You can read people’s minds!

D: It is not reading. When you are able to attune yourself, you simply know everything. These teachings have been known to mystics of past centuries and will be known to the science to come.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshli,  Daskalos -Essenes CB: This brings us to the question of contemporary Christian mysticism. Many Westerners who are hungry for mystical training go to the Buddhists or to the Hindus or the Sufis for instruction and inspiration. Where are the enlightened Christian mystics today!

D: You have the New Testament. Read it. Study it. You don’t need anything else I had a student, a schoolteacher in Cyprus who was in our circles for five years. He was saving and saving to go to India. He finally got a year’s leave and came to me and said, “Daskale [the familiar form], I am going to India.” I never stop people from doing what they want to do. Anyway, he went to a guru and sat near him. The guru was very powerful and taught him many things. Toward the end of the stay, the guru asked him, “Why did you come here!” He said, “I’m wondering that, too. I haven’t learned anything my teacher didn’t teach me in Cyprus” The guru said, “Go to him and try to understand what he is saying, not what you want to understand.” This is the point: Do not focus on what you want the teaching to mean but on the teaching itself. Even if you have the greatest teacher, if you are not ready to understand what he is saying, there will be no benefit.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshli,  Daskalos -Essenes CB: Are you critical of the Christian Church today, in which women may not be ordained priests, homosexuals cannot marry, and so on!

D: Everything has been distorted nowadays. Christianity is not founded on dogmas – these are human weaknesses All dogmas contain within them the weaknesses of those who rule. True Christianity is based on only two instructions: Love God with all your heart, soul, and intelligence; and love every other being as your own self. What is not that is not Christianity for me.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshli,  Daskalos -Essenes CB: When you work with someone who is dying, are you able to help that person through the transition!

D: By death you mean change. St. Paul said, “I am dying every day.” You came to this life as spermatozoa. Where is that now! Dead. The sperm became pregnancy, a boy or a girl playing on the ground. Where are those children now! Dead. What does “dead” mean! No longer existent in the gross material world. What will you be in 30 years if you’re still alive on this level! Not a single cell of your body will still be “you.” You are constantly dying. Matter in, matter out. As orthodox science has found now, matter is not destroyed but transformed to something else and something else. As a personality, too, you are changing all the time. But your I-ness, your Atma, is the same. Over time, that I-ness is simply expressing itself at the various levels of consciousness. According to the law of duality, you have two personalities: your changing personality and your permanent personality, your I-ness. The aim of our system is to help people know the difference, to find the thing that is you and that is life. So death does not exist. There is a transition, passing from the gross material body to the psychical world.

Christian mystic Stylianos Atteshli,  Daskalos -Essenes CB: Are you able to know when you will leave this body!

D: Of course.

CB: One last question. Will Jesus come again!

D: Remember that Joshua said, “I am,” not “I was.” He is here today, and anybody can attune himself to the Christhood. Sooner or later all human beings will recognize that reality in themselves.

Written Material © Mark Matousek, Common Boundary
for Oprah Magazine.

The Awesome Power of Our Sub Conscious Mind – Daskalos

graphics by Sai Art

Here is a story from the Spiritual Teacher Daskalos. It is through Daskalos, I learned about the importance of thought forms. A wonderful teacher,  Daskalos, helped many to reach a deep understanding of  spiritual laws. He, himself, healed many people during his lifetime.  He lived quietly and humbly, taking on only a few disciples.  I highly recommend that you visit his website, which is a tribute to his teachings. The website offers online virtue lessons which are pretty amazing in all areas of spirituality.

Researchers Of Truth Website can be found online….

The Awesome Power of Our Sub Conscious Mind

A Story from the Spiritual Teacher Daskalos – much  thanks to Researchers of Truth Website.

Daskalos tells a story of a rural farmer on Cyprus that fell prey to a medical doctor and a psychiatrist playing tricks with his sub conscious mind.   This farmer was healthy and strong.  But to test their hypothesis that the sub conscious mind affects even the health of the material body, the doctor told his friend the farmer that he looked ill and specifically that he had a certain disease with this and that symptom.   The farmer rejected the suggestion of the doctor saying, “No you are wrong, I feel very healthy and strong”.   However, even though he consciously rejected the idea that he was ill, the farmer’s sub conscious mind stored the suggestion of the doctor.   Then later in the day, the psychiatrist came and also told the healthy farmer he looked ill.  Again the farmer rejected the idea that he was sick and went on working.   Then a little later the farmer started feeling sick.  By the time the doctor came back again he found the farmer was indeed sick and showed the symptoms suggested by the doctor.  This time the farmer also claimed to be sick with the illness that the doctor had suggested.

I have seen many cases where such suggestions and auto suggestions produce a physical manifestation – or what we might well call an out-picturing from the sub conscious mind.  And there are also many documented cases where someone is hypnotized and told their bare arm would be touched by a hot cigarette, then the hypnotized person’s arm was touched with a pencil and the skin produced a blister.  How could a physical blister be produced by an ordinary pencil?   It was the awesome power of the sub conscious mind!  The sub conscious mind is so powerful that it can cure so-called “incurable” diseases as well as send a person to an early grave.   The sub consciousness does not discriminate; it just stores whatever information it is exposed to.  And that information (good or bad, true or false) does have a powerful influence on our life.   So we must be very careful with the sub-conscious mind and make a regular effort to discover and remove any harmful suggestions planted by ourselves and others.  And likewise we must be careful what we say to others because this too can take root in their sub-conscious mind whether they want it to or not.   And even greater care must be shown to the little children around us, as their sub conscious mind is even more porous and vulnerable to such implantation.

Returning now to the last part of Joshua’s parable of the Sower where He tells us: But others [seeds] fell on good ground and yielded a crop: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.” This statement also informs us of the principle of a seed…any kind of seed whether it is a plant seed or a thought/emotion seed (thought forms).  When a plant seed is implanted in good soil and receives the proper water and light that seed will produce many, many  more of its kind.  We can easily see the demonstration of this principle in the wheat fields of Kansas, the apple orchards of Michigan and the cornfields of Indiana.  Plant one seed of corn in the proper conditions and you will reap one corn plant with up to 6 ears of corn on it.  And each ear of corn produces an average of 800 seeds (kernels) per ear of corn.  So we see from sowing a single seed of corn we get a bountiful harvest of 4800 or more seeds.  That is a 4800% return.  What a rich result for sowing just one seed.   God has provided this kind of abundance in the laws governing the worlds of existence, which are within the Divine Plan.

As Above, So Below

This is how it works on Earth and this is how it works in the heavens, which we will enter when we leave this world.  But when we enter those heavens we will already find a ripe harvest waiting for us.  That harvest will be the result of certain emotional, desire, thought and idea seeds we have been holding to and attending to during our life on earth.  “I tell you the truth, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Matt 18:18

And if we find that our earthly or heavenly harvest is less that good; we can always stop, uproot the undesirable things in our life and make a step forward by planting better seed in straighter rows.    So it is very important that we make the effort to consciously choose good seed to plant in our field (our life, our personality) and avoid the bitter hundred-fold harvest of poor seed planted sub-consciously.   (Sub consciously planting means expressing thoughts, emotions, words and actions in habitual ways.)

The wise understand this law of manifestation and work with it consciously by intelligently choosing the seed thought forms they create and re-vitalize.  These elementals are the emotion/thought forms and thought/emotion forms.  I say emotion/thought forms and the thought/emotion forms because our (thought forms) – elementals are a mixture of both thought and emotion.   The life they have and the power they exert on our personality depends on the quantity and quality of the energy (ethers vitality) we give them.  We charge our elementals with power by virtue of the attention we give to them and the number of times we re-vitalize them by repetition.   If we stop giving attention to an elemental; it becomes dis-enerized and dormant.   If we water our elemental-seeds with little attention and only a few repetitions; we get weak and ineffective elementals.   If we water our seed thoughts/emotions with great regularity and intensity we create very, very powerful elementals.  And if we overdo it and the elementals get too much energy, we can lose control of them and they can take a kind of temporary possession of our personality.   In these kinds of cases, the personality will become plagued by: uncontrollable bouts of mental and emotional instability, fixed ideas, and OCDs (obsessive compulsive disorders) and in serious cases lead to insanity.

Angels – Holy Spiritual Beings – Daskalos

Photo by Nowie

The angels are so enamored of the language that is spoken in heaven that they will not distort their lips with the hissing and unmusical dialects of men, but speak their own, whether their be any who understand it or not.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

We say Love is God or God is Love, and we have to love each other and so on, but it is a mental concept, is it not so? Do we really know that God is Love and Love is God, and do we really love each other? One needs only to look around to see how little understanding there is and that we are far from loving each other. Here’s a little bit on the subject of  love and angels.

“Angels transcend every religion, every philosophy, every creed. In fact angels have no religion as we know it… their existence precedes every religious system that has ever existed on earth.”

Saint Thomas Aquinas

“Arch” is from the Greek word meaning principal or chief, so the word Archangels means chief angels. In Christianity and Judaism, the four most commonly known are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel.

Interestingly, man did not name the Archangels. Their names are the very sound that their vibrations make. This is the voice of the Archangel. Although these vibrations are inaudible to the human ear, clairaudients can hear them. These vibrations are emanations of Light, which we experience as color, sound and meaning. The letters of the ancient languages are but symbols for these sounds. Each of the Archangels’ names end in EL, which in the ancient languages such has Hebrew and Egyptian, meant God. The Archangel Raphael in ancient Egypt was pronounced Ra-Fa-El. In their language, RA meant the Sun and FA meant vibration. Therefore, Ra-Fa-El literally means the Sun-Vibration-God. Raphael is that Archangel whose vibrations give us energy and power – Etheric Vitality.

The Archangels are Holy Spiritual Beings who project themselves into the universes they build and govern without loosing their At-One-Ment with God.

That which means they are of the Eternal Now. Conversely, we as Spirit, extend ourself from the realms of Beingness into Existence to incarnate. We become humanized, enter the world, and experience time. As human beings, we have a temporary sense of separation from God whereas the Archangels do not. Upon the completion of our human incarnations, we return to the Realms of Beingness enriched in understanding by our incarnations in a way Archangels cannot comprehend. Coming from an Archangelic order makes humankind a real brother with the other Archangels.

-Researchers Of Truth

Thought Forms Cont. – Daskalos

All action results from thought, so it is thoughts that matter.

-Sai Baba

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.


To find yourself, think for yourself.
– Socrates

WATCH Your: words – action – thoughts – character – heart
-Sai Baba

Taken from the book  ‘The Magus Of Strovolos’ which  I keep on my desk – and to which I turn to read, whenever urged to do so.

The subject of Daskalos’ talk was (thought forms.)  At first he summarized many of the ideas he had discussed during previous meetings. It was his pedagogic method to repeat old material on a routine basis until his students had fully digested it.

Thought Forms  , he said, have a life of their own just like any other living form and can have an existence independent of the one who projected them. Any thought and any feeling that an individual projects is an elemental. He then proceeded to explain that there are two kinds of elementals: those that are produced subconsciously, which he called elementals of desires-thoughts,’ and those consciously constructed and called elementals of ‘thoughts-desires.’ An individual, he went on, can vibrate through thoughts and sentiments. The way a person vibrates determines the type and quality of the elementals he creates. When he vibrates primarily through sentiments, he is under the impact of emotions and desires, thought playing a subservient role. These are the elementals of desires-thoughts. When an individual is under the influence of thought, he builds elementals made of noetic substance and becomes a master of the power of visual imagery. A Researcher of Truth should train himself to build powerful but benign elementals made up of strong thoughts within which desire and sentiment play a supportive role. Such elementals of thoughts-desires last longer, are more powerful and tend to carry out the task for which they were constructed much faster.

Thoughtforms (elementals) of desires-thoughts are characteristic of ordinary people who lack an understanding of the nature of thought and desire. Consequently they often fall prey to the very elementals they themselves create. It is the law of Nature that once elementals are projected outwards they eventually return to the subconscious of the person who created them. Then they surface from the pool of his memory to the conscious level in order to acquire new energy and withdraw again. The same cycle is repeated until such elementals succeed in staying within the subconscious of the person on a more permanent basis.

They then absorb energy from the etheric-double of the individual and in this manner they extend their life. This is how habits and obsessions such as smoking, gambling and drinking are being formed.

The tendency of elementals to return to their source is what makes the law of Karma possible. An individual sooner or later will be confronted with the elementals that he consciously or subconsciously creates. In a conversation I once had with Daskalos he maintained that elementals of strong desires may return to the person that gave them birth at a time when he least desires them. Daskalos then claimed that in a previous incarnation as an Italian during the Renaissance, he was obsessed with the idea of inventing a printing machine. The end result of that obsession was to spend his present life working as a linotypist in the government printing office.

Our present personalities, Daskalos went on, and the circumstances within which we live, are the sum total of the elementals we have constructed ever since our descent into the three-dimensional world and the beginning of our cycles of incarnation. Elementals are built with the very substance with which personality and the universes in general are built, that is, with etheric matter of the noetic, psychic, and gross material worlds.

‘Let us examine,’ Daskalos continued as the audience of about thirty persons listened attentively, ‘the process by which an elemental is being formed. You will notice that it is not possible for a human being to desire something before he becomes aware of its existence. For example, when I see an object it means that etheric vibrations of light hit its surface and transfer images and forms to my eyes. They cause an irritation on the optic nerve and then on the brain which is imprinted as “seeing.” Suppose now that I see an object which men consider precious, say a diamond necklace. I become aware of the existence of this object through my sight. Suppose that I am a person who has a strong desire for diamond necklaces. What happens then? Psychic matter is gathered around the image of the necklace. Desire is formed. It is precisely psychic matter that makes possible the birth of a desire which is followed by thoughts on how to satisfy it, in this case how to acquire the necklace. Around that object a series of elementals is being formed having as their ultimate goal the acquisition of that object by the person who projected them. An awareness of its existence and desire to know or possess it are not, alone, sufficient. Thoughts about it must follow in order for such an elemental to be created. The individual subconsciously begins the process of visual imagery.

‘Suppose we take this person to a place away from the desired necklace and ask him to bring it to his mind. Most likely he will recreate it in the greatest detail. Someone else who saw the same object but who was not impressed by it will not be able to reconstruct it in his mind so accurately. Therefore, concentration and desire lead us to the construction of images made of noetic matter. This is what thought is all about, the condensation of noetic matter. We begin to see that object through noetic light. Now pay attention. What are real possessions? Are they those objects which ordinary people consider real? Or are they the elementals that we have constructed inside us? Suppose we take a precious object that we own and lock it up in a safe. The elemental of that object is inside us, is part of us. It exists in the pool of our memory and we can bring it to consciousness any time we wish. It is ours. It seems to you, however, that it is not real. And yet if you cannot bring it to your memory, how ean you have knowledge of the material object in the safe? Think about it. Let me put it differendy. Suppose that a very wealthy individual who knows that in a secret safe he has some very valuable objects, then suffers from amnesia. Everything within his memory collapses and is dissolved. What value do you think the objects outside his mind will have? None. Therefore, where is the real source af value af things? Pay attention to these points which you need to study.

Otherwise you will not be able to penetrate and understand the nature of Life. What is Life in reality other than receiving impressions and interpreting them. Just think af the world around you. Can you perceive it outside af these elementals?

‘You must realize by now that whether we perceive the world as good or as evil will depend on the kinds of elementals we construct inside us and project outward. Nothing, absolutely nothing, has any value in the world af the three dimensions if it does not also have value within us. It is what has value inside us which bestows value to whatever is outside of us. What, such as, does the phrase “lack of interest” mean? When an object outside af us does not have its counterpart inside us it has no value. So where has this condition come from? From the object or from within us? Everything is inside us.’ Daskalos stopped his talk for a few seconds and then proceeded to elaborate on the physical appearance of elementals, or more precisely on how elementals are perceived by a clairvoyant like himself.

‘When an elemental is created, its image will appear at the base af the nose right on the chakra that lies between the two eyes. A clairvoyant will notice that it appears first in the shape of a needle’s head. The moment it is thrust out of the etheric double of the individual, it begins to acquire its natural size and shape. It will then move into the psychic worlds and will make a cyclical movement the size of which will depend on the strength of the desire. Then it will return to the person. At this moment it will enter into his psychic body but not in the same place from which it exited. It will make an entrance through a different center, that which is at the back af the skull.

‘The shape of an elemental will depend on its type. It may be a desired house, a bicycle, or a car, and so on. These are examples of concrete images of desires-thoughts that remain within the subconscious for a relatively short time. They do so because such elementals, as I have said, seek a new lease on life in the same manner that an embryo seeks food. It will surface again at the disc between the two eyes and will seek an exit.

The analogous vibrations in the psychic body of the person will begin again. He will remember it and the desire will become stronger. The elemental will detach itself once more and move on its cyclical trajectory. An ordinary individual does not realize what is happening. The elemental will tend to dominate him. It may become so powerful that he may not be able to control it. In such a case the individual is a slave to his desire which sometimes may be so intense that it could lead him to the asylum. It is possible that such an elemental may absorb so much etheric substance from the individual that it may even enable it to literally materialize itself. Let us not talk about this unfortunate development for the time being.

‘What about morbid conditions that emerge directly as a result of our egotism such as anger, ostentation, hatred, feelings of being hurt, of showing off and the like? These elementals are constructed in the same way as all other elementals. Note that egotism is itself an elemental which is already formed within the self-conscious personality. It is the product of the repetition of many elementals. It is so sensitive that the slightest provocation sets it in motion. Egotism can create a variety of elementals. For example we have noticed from experience that when an individual has evil and malicious thoughts against someone, the elementals he creates have the shape of snakes with various dark colors, usually putrid green. They come out either from the heart or from the base of the nose. They move towards the person against whom we consciously or subconsciously direct them and they tend to stick to the aura of that person. Eventually they return to us. Sometimes such elementals acquire the size of an anaconda and when they return to us we feel our heart tighten.

‘Have you ever considered how many such elementals people create daily? Had they been able to see the form of the elementals they project, they would have been filled with terror.”

source: The Magus Of Strovolos – K.C.Markides

A Study In Thought Forms – Daskalos


“The angel answer’d, “Nay, said soul; go higher! To be deceived in your true heart’s desire was bitterer than a thousand years of fire!” – from “A woman’s mind”

Angels and Demons – Thought both ‘Good and Bad’

Thought forms what are they?  What happens when we think good? What happens when we think bad? ‘Thought forms’ and how they affect our minds, bodies, The  Earth, and indeed The Universe, is often a subject that is ignored.  I offer you a study in thought forms from my late teacher Daskalos, a master of healing and a profound spiritual teacher. Below is just a sample lesson, one of many, given on this subject of thought forms. My eternal thanks goes to Daskalo’s spirit for being there just when I needed him. Many thanks goes to Researchers Of Truth Website. I might also mention that the Researchers of Truth do not like their teachings/or works to be broadcast, so as such, I have not posted too many details.

The emotions and desires we express dress our psychical body and thus color, and shape our personality. Yet, at the very core of our bodies and personality the luminosity of our Spirit-Soul radiates untainted. The type, quantity, intensity and purity of our emotions covering the psychical body affect the transmission of our Spirit’s Light within our personality.  The more loving and kind emotions we express, the more that Light shines through the personality. Consequently the happier and more connected to our Spirit-Soul Self we feel. The more fearful, angry or negative emotions we harbor, the less our Spirit Life-Light is able to penetrate our personality and touch the people around us. The same is true with our thoughts and our noetical body. We choose (consciously or sub-consciously) which emotions, desires and thoughts we allow expression. Thus, we are very much responsible for them.

We are dressing and re-dressing, our psychical and noetical bodies in the clothing of our feelings and thoughts constantly. The quality of these emotions and thoughts does not diminish the Light of our Spirit within, but only its ability to be perceived. This Light has been called many names by different cultures across time. Today in western systems, we call it the Christ Light and it is perfectly described by Yohannan (Saint John, the Divine) as the Light of the Logos, which is the light of everyone coming into the world. The use of the word ‘Light’ is a reference to the Self-Awareness within every human being.  It does not matter how revealed or obscured it may be within the personality, it is perfect Life-Light. It is this Light that Mother Theresa referred to when she visited the drug addicts, alcoholics and homeless in the Bowery of New York City (and elsewhere).  Looking upon the derelict personalities, she said: All I see in each of you is Christ in a distressing disguise.

We, as personalities, are able to cover this light or unfold it within our personality.  We do that by the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors we choose to express.  It is possible to clean the personality of negative feelings, thoughts, behaviors and unhealthy attitudes; replacing them with real love, noble intentions and selfless service thus creating a saintly personality. Alternatively, the personality can be so contaminated by hatred, impure desires, negative thoughts, and deviant behaviors, that a truly devilish personality is developed. More commonly, a personality, in between these two extremes, is created. In his parables, Christ often metaphorically referred to the human personality as a house.  A builder constructs a house brick by brick, stone by stone, board by board. We, too, construct our personality piece by piece with the emotions, desires, thoughts and behaviors we repeatedly express.  By these individual expressions, our character is formed and our destiny is sown.

“It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.”


But, what, exactly, is an emotion and what is thought?  What are they made of and where do they come from? Why do some emotions and thoughts have such a powerful influence on us and others do not?  Why is it so difficult to free ourselves from the influences of the undesirable, harmful ones?  These are the questions for a Researcher of Truth.  These questions bring us to one of the most important branches of study within the System for the Research of Truth – ‘the Elementals’.   Every thought, every feeling, and every intention creates and transmits what we call an ‘Elemental’.  Elementals are far more than static units of thought and emotion.  They are living; they have a life of their own and their expression has strength and purpose. Other spiritual teachings call Elementals, thought-forms.  In the ancient Sanskrit language of India, they were known as “Vasanas”. The Buddhists call some types of Elementals “habit energies” and mental formations from our store consciousness (our sub-consciousness).  Certain biologists, psychologists and cognitive scientists have also hit upon the existence of these invisible but powerful forces within the personality of man and the society. They are calling some types of Elementals the “Memes”. These scientists focus on Group Elementals shaping the psychology of our culture. They call their twenty-six year study of these units of cultural transmission ‘Memetics’.   Their description of how Memes work corresponds to Daskalos’ seventy year teachings on how Elementals work.  Elementals range in quality from angelic to devilish.

Christ was calling certain Elementals: “spirits, mute and meaningless”, “unclean spirits”, and still others “evil spirits”.  “Spirits, mute and meaningless” are the pointless distracting feelings and thoughts that clamor for our attention and clutter the shallows of our mind.  “Unclean Spirits” are the negative emotions and thoughts that degrade the personality.  “Evil Spirits” are the devilish Elementals that are destructive to both the host personality and those around it.  Make no mistake about it; these are real devils in every sense of the word.  But they are not true demons.  Humans create them, so we identify them as human in nature devils. If allowed expression within the personality, negative group elementals can grow in power and number to the point of dominating the host personality.  They can even gain a kind of temporary possession over the personality.  They can influence that personality into horrible behaviors, crimes, and in some cases, drive them insane. Christ taught his disciple-healers how to remove the harmful ones from the afflicted personalities they were torturing.  Daskalos and the teachings of the Researchers of Truth also teach how to free the personality from the unwanted elementals as well as how to create Angelic Shield Elementals for our loved ones and our self.

Source: Researchers Of Truth (to whom I offer deep gratitude for their guidance through the years.)