The Stange Case of Madhusudan of Muddenahalli – Faith – Video


looking out over the darshan area, from the Mandir
looking out over the darshan area.


Recent video of the Muddenahalli group enjoying holidays. Interesting footage.




Madhusudan taking letters from people gathered in Muddenahalli 

exactly in the manner of the original Sai Baba



“Oh, what a tangled web we weave When first we practise to deceive!”

A follow up on the Muddenahalli Team – two years on.

Curiouser and curiouser is the case study of Madhusudan Rao Naidu, the former student of Sathya Sai Baba and later colleague and friend to Mr. N. Murthy. Several years ago I wrote about the beginnings of the “Light-Body” phenomena, when it first became known to the public at large. I have never been able to quite understand how, at first, we were told stories that Mr. N. Murthy,  through dreams, was able to communicate with Sai Baba and to carry on the mission of Sathya Sai in a way most extraordinaire and beyond our ken! The whole idea that Sai Baba would be interested in carrying on a worldly sojourn from the astral planes just did not make sense to me. However, Mr. N. Murthy, decided he was the chosen one to take the Sai Baba mission forward and he explained why in detail, through a Souljourns video talk posted on line.  He spoke at length to Ted Henry about his amazing mission – for those of you  interested,  I have reposted it here.

Later the former student, Madhusudan came on the scene and proclaimed he was actually the one and only person to hear and see the “Light-body.”  (The astral Sai Baba)   and proclaimed himself to be the medium or “instrument” for the deceased Avatar! This caused many devotees to gather round him and pay homage at his feet,  or rather to the unseen Sai Baba who was readily available to Madhu – at least in his own mind!   The chosen venue for the darshans being Muddenahalli, the fourth branch of the Sri Sathya Sai University way up in the Nandi Hills.  I am not sure that  Madhusudan can actually cope with so many former devotees of the living Sai Baba now gathering  at his  feet, or to grant copious blessings and give Godly advice together with the odd trinket or two that he can now manifest – just like magic!

After the group’s Kodaikanal visit during May 2014, the show and Madhu, the impish raconteur,  was up and going and in full swing. The senior group with  Madhu, were off on travels to far flung places, while picking up handsome donations from some of the richest followers of the original Sai Baba. I have to think how must life  be for this youngish man upon whom, everything depends?  He is responsible for a host of grief-stricken Sai Baba “hangers on” and is also responsible for the building/s of a new Sai Ashram in Muddenahalli as well as  grandiose building projects for the future – among them,  no less, a casino and a hospital in Miss. USA!  Can he still be sane with so much depending on his dubious connection to the “unseen and unheard deceased Sai Baba?” Or has he, in his own mind, morphed into a self-styled God man while using the original Sai Baba name also mimicking his mannerisms? I cannot say. I only know that Madhu is carrying the world on his shoulders and I wonder if he can stay the course without some mishap or two.

Probably by now, he has convinced himself that he is indeed a very special personage, the chosen one to carry on Sai Baba’s mission here on earth. I am beginning to feel “sad” for Madhusudan, the  “Sukshema Baba”  who has so much depending on his continuing performances to convince people that he is indeed in deep communication with Sai Baba, who has afterall, now been gone five years. Notwithstanding that the Sai world at large is scrutinising his every move and just waiting to jump on his case, when the vibuthi runs low and the luck turns thin.

Just recently Madhu and his group visited Nigeria as guests of a wealthy follower of their cult.  By all accounts posted on the internet, they were detained and questioned  by the police about their activities and were then promptly deported. I am not sure they actually were deported, although that is the story one reads from the Sai Org. letter posted on line and the newspaper article that appeared shortly after. ( Both can be found on line.)  I am not going into the full details of the offical letter or the constant flow of claims and counter-claims on both sides of the Sai movement, whether this is true or not. I  would rather not be part of that. I actually don’t want to be part of anything or any movement other than be by myself nowadays.  Still, I do have to wonder how long Sadu Madhu will be able to stand the pressure of being a self-styled Godman  – to be the  provider of solace, substance and miraculous boons  to all who need a surrogate guru  for the now dead Sathya Sai Baba.

My original post from May 2014 – “Speaking of Sathya Sai Baba’s Light Body”





Speaking of the  Astral World –

The  Rudolf Steiner link I meant to provide is very hard to understand and long to read. I have instead, re-written the one paragraph that stands out.

The  astral being or the  soul of the deceased – on reaching the higher realms does not interfere or mingle with souls on Earth, unless in the case of possession or are earth bound.  There are cases where a medium might contact a spirit, often one not on the highest levels, to give messages to their relations of survival of death. However, these links are not ever strong and can only be sustained for a very short time. The energy of the medium  or instrument and that of the astral soul, would not vibrate for long on the same frequency. That is just not possible. There are laws that govern the universe and for those who are complicit to using them for occult reasons, they are unable to do so at will. The boundaries between the Earthly  realm and other higher realms are overseen by the universal laws. (The angels of Light.) Thus, the many types of  energies, (the earthly souls and the astral souls,)  cannot co-exist for long, due to the energy and vibrations of those on the light realms being very different from ours on Earth. thank you.




“I call those ready to see me; of course, there are different levels of readiness!!” ~ Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi







Remembering Sathya Sai – More Sathya Sai Memories


Sathya Sai Baba with Dear Sai Geeta – now passed on.



I do hope Sai devotees and others will enjoy this sweet letter from Ted Henry. (with thanks.) 


Love as Thought is Truth.
Love as Action is Right Conduct.
Love as Understanding is Peace.
Love as Feeling is Non-violence.

Duty without love is deplorable.
Duty with love is desirable.
Love without duty is Divine. -Baba







All is well here. Sai Baba is everywhere and his hand hand can be seen here in everyone’s lives. From dawn to dusk people talk of amazing first person experiences, from dawn to dusk my head spins from what I hear, see, learn and understand. Enough said.


Somewhere from deep within the Deccan Plateau comes an evening breeze that regularly cools off the still tiny town of Puttaparthi. Following the evening bhajans and darshan, the walkway back to Round House 1 is a good place to catch the breeze that always seems to bring the day’s best relief from the hot winter sun. Yes, it is winter here, but who would know? Daily the temp climbs to the high 80s with seldom a cloud in sight.

I do tend to go on about the ambiance of Sai Baba’s beautiful ashram. Actually I can’t help it. The late day’s devotional singing in the open air prayer hall clearly sets the stage for the brief program that remains at the end of each day here, a good dinner and a long read of one of the hundreds of Baba books available in the ashram. Jody is the chief reader in our apartment, but I manage to get in some good reading as well. And to my credit, as of heading into our sixth week here, I have yet to read a single word in any of the novels I brought to India with me.

The evenings are anything but lively here. You’ve got the sound of the crickets outside, the occasional howling dog off in the distant, and the ever present whirring of the two ceiling fans in our flat.



We spent time with Jay Jethna yesterday. Jay is from Austrailia and works for the United Nations. On video he told us three amazing stories, not the least of which occurred back in 1968.

Jay was 13 at the time living in Uganda, where he was born. A friend told him that he had heard that God was coming to town in two days. Jay couldn’t wait and was extremely excited even though he had no idea if  “The Blessed One”  had a name or what he looked like. Jay and his family showed up to wait for Baba at the 6 pm appointed hour. It wasn’t until 1 o’clock in the morning that the country’s important guest finally arrived. Several people got out of the car but there was no sign of Him. When Jay asked someone about this he was told that the man in the orange clothes with fuzzy hair was who everyone was waiting for and that his name was Sai Baba. Jay had seen this man get out of the car earlier but thought he was one of the security guards.

The next day Jay sneaked into the backyard of the people hosting Sai Baba trying to get another view of the important visitor. Baba was blessing people in the yard when he spotted Jay in the back. When he went up to Jay, Baba told Jay that he was not well, which was true since Jay had suffered from a serious life long asthma condition.

And then Baba said, “Go”, but Jay thought this meant Baba wanted him to leave, to go back to school. But Baba wanted to see Jay for an interview, of course and later, once inside the host’s home Baba produced a fluid from the palm of his hand and applied it to Jay and said, “Go, no more sickness”.

Jay left and from that day forward he has never suffered from asthma again in his life. Twenty two years passed before Jay gave much thought to Baba again. At the age  of 33,  he was visiting a shopping mall with his wife in Hong Kong. On the sign board were the words,  “Sai Baba and this made him think.”  This prompted Jay and his wife to visit the tenth floor offices of the local Sai Baba center. As they entered, bhajans were underway, something Jay and his wife, Julie had never been exposed to, but they stayed anyway and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Needless to say, Jay reconnected with Sai Baba in his life and has become an ardent devotee coming to Prasanthi countless times since turning 33. Jay has two additional stories to share on Souljourns, both of which are blockbusters. Look for them soon at and/or

Also look for the many other Souljourns interviews we’re recording in India. So far we have about 30 of them recorded, and in their own way they’re all powerful. Many of them include useful guidance for additional spiritual growth.




1994 Group Interview – More Sathya Sai Memories


An American Interview on Ganesha’s Birthday

Saturday, September 10, 1994

“The Ceremonies”

Ganesha’s birthday was the previous day and I had just loved the entire event. The crowd was huge and we sat for a very long time in the mandir courtyard through all the ceremonies of Swami breaking the coconut in front of Ganesha’s new statue, placed on a pedestal inside the central arch of the mandir. Parade after parade of students passed in front of Swami as He sat in his swivel chair on the ladies’ side by the verandah. Each group proudly displayed its float of Ganesha. There was nearly an hour and a half of the most beautiful bhajans ( many of them Ganesha, I think ) with each voice sweeter than the last. The sound system was fantastic and so were the musicians.

The tablas (small drums ) were fabulous and all the lead singers had beautiful voices.


By the end of the day, I was feeling a tremendous satisfaction and a deep peace settled over me. I was so carried away, I even faxed a girlfriend in California about the wonderfulness of the day’s events so that they would remember Ganesha’s birthday at our Marin County Friday night bhajans.

Upon awakening on Saturday, I was still feeling the sense of peace and satisfaction. When leaving my room for morning Darshan, I looked at my two U.S.A. group scarves, one red and the other white with U.S.A. embroidered on it and the other one, white with blue and red U.S.A. embroidered on it. I just couldn’t get interested in wearing a scarf. I figured there would be huge crowds still and no interviews. Usually I took both scarves with me, but this day I deliberately left the white scarf behind and wore only the red scarf because it could be seen so easily through the crowds and none of us had as yet found each other to regroup. I was even late for Darshan because I just had no energy.

I got in the late line and ended up by sitting on the side of the mandir sort of near Swami’s old room, where the chair ladies sit. I realized I wouldn’t get very near him, but I observed that I was very close to the place outside his old bedroom window where I had prayed and prayed and wept to Him in the dark morning hours in August of 1990 and I felt very contented to be in this sacred spot.


My Panic Sets In

Suddenly I was aware of some men way in front of me and off to the left, wearing green scarves from Spain. They were getting up and I was absolutely electrified. I sat bolt upright and the word INTERVIEW exploded in my mind. My head snapped around to the left and I saw Lila and Nalini standing up talking to a Seva Dal. Oh, Vip’s I thought. Then I saw Glenn standing behind them and they were beginning to walk toward me and the verandah and I knew it was us.

I grabbed my things and got up and started climbing over people, stepping in their laps, tripping on their feet. People were saying Sit down and I just kept saying over and over,’My group, my group’.

There was no aisle near me and about 20 rows of women in front of me, but I managed to arrive at the aisle just as Nalini, Lila and Glenn were passing and so walked with them to the verandah. Then the Seva Dal said White scarves only. I was stunned. I had left my white scarf in my room!

The Seva Dal hissed at me Hide your red scarf. I turned my head over my left shoulder while frantically trying to tuck it into my punjabi and saw about forty women with red scarves being turned back by the Seva Dal!

Lila sat cross-legged next to the building, to her left sat Nalini, and Glenn sat on the outside. I crouched down behind Nalini and Lila and tried to shrink into myself and look invisible so I wouldn’t be noticed and turned back. A couple of other women sat down behind me. I whispered urgently to Nalini and Lila to put on their red scarves too, and Nalini spoke quickly over her shoulder Don’t say anything more! I shut up.

Swami came over to us and looked down at Glenn wearing both scarves, ‘You wear two scarves, not good. If the white group is called you come, and if the red scarves are called you also come. That is cheating! You speak with forked tongue.’ His glance passed over Nalini who was wearing a white scarf and rested on Lila who had no scarf on. ‘Where is your scarf?’ He asked. In my bag, Swami, she replied. ‘Put it on’, He said. He gave me a dark look and turned toward the men. He reached out to Michael, wearing a white scarf, and gestured for him to go back and then patted Michael on the head and shoulder. Another young man wearing a red scarf was there, too, but Swami just indicated he should go into the room. We arose and went in.


Inside At Last

I was the last of our group inside the door. Swami stood inside the door as each of us passed by Him. I was still terrified He would turn me back. We sat on the floor near His chair and He closed the door and immediately waved His hand in a circle making vibhuti. I was closest to Him and put my hand out and was the first to receive vibhuti. In my head, I thought this was a good sign and maybe I wouldn’t be sent away.

Swami went to sit on His chair and then leaned forward and made three jerks with His hand and a beautiful gold chain link bracelet appeared. He indicated to a man in the back to come forward.

The man leaned forward ( somewhat supported by the other Spaniards) and, urged on by Swami, put his hand across Swami’s knees and Swami started to put the bracelet on. Then He stopped and held the bracelet up in both hands and gave two little jerks to it to make it bigger than before. Looking satisfied, He placed it around the man’s wrist.

Next, He asked another man, ‘Where is your wife?’ I’m single, the man replied. ‘You have friend’, Swami said. The man tentatively replied ‘Yes’. ‘Good friend’, Swami said. Sort of embarrassed, the man said ‘yes’ again. ‘Get married’, Swami said. ‘Marriage is good. Friend not good. Get married.’ Then Swami made three swift jerks with His right hand and materialised a gold ring almost like a wedding band for the man who leaned forward and Swami placed it on his hand and said ‘Perfect fit’.

Swami motioned for those men to go into the small interview room and looking back as He followed them in, He said to Lila, ‘Where is bender?’ She said, ‘What?’ He repeated ‘Where is bender?’ She continued to look puzzled ( I was too ) and then He said louder ‘Husband. Where is husband?’ Lila said something like ‘He is gone’ and Swami came back with something like ‘He left’ to which Lila replied, ‘No, I left him!’ Swami and the rest of us laughed and He disappeared behind the curtain of the small room.

Lila then remarked that it was hot and asked one of the men to turn on the overhead fan. He did, but another man thought the rotors were making too much noise and told the man to turn it off, which he did. The people from the private interview room came back into the room followed by Swami who sat down in His chair. He then looked up at the ceiling at the fan, got up from His chair and slowly made His way through the men to the wall and personally turned the ceiling fan on and then returned to His chair. ( I thought this was very sweet. He could have asked someone to do it for Him. ) Then it was our turn to go into the private room.


The Small Room

This time Lila was sitting next to the arm of the chair with Nalini and Glenn to her left and me behind them between Lila and Nalini. During most of this time, Lila held hands with Swami rubbing her thumb up and down His thumb.

Occasionally, He would disengage to make gestures and then He would reach back for her hand. Nalini mostly kept her hands on His feet after first kissing them.

At some point I squeezed in between them and Nalini lifted her hands off His feet and I put my hands on both His feet. It would have been too awkward from where I was sitting to try to kiss them or put my forehead on them.

First, Swami spoke to Lila Youngs about her family and told her He would get her a good job. Next, He spoke to Nalini about her family and also told her He would get her a good job.

Then I got up on my knees and, putting my hands together in prayer toward Swami, I said, ‘Please heal my arms.’ He reached out and took my elbows in both His hands and rubbed both my arms up and down and around my wrists and hands and fingers and thumbs and said ‘No peace in mind. Worry too much. I will heal.’

I immediately worried that He was going to heal my mind rather than my arms and said quickly. ‘It’s from typing on computers! I want to be able to keep working!’ He said, ‘Oh, typing, typing (and made typing motions in the air with His hands). You worry about making mistakes’ (He hit me on the head). ‘That is past, now is present! Even in Bangalore you worry, telling everyone Swami does not pay attention to me; Swami is ignoring me; Swami is not talking to me!’ (He hit me on the head again.) I said, ‘Swami, other people suffer from this, maybe you will help them also?’ He said, ‘Yes, I will help everybody.’‘Yes, yes, and I love you too.’ I love you Swami,’ I replied. To which He said, “I love everyone.”

Then He turned to Glenn and talked to her. Lila spoke up once more and asked Him something about how she could always know He was near her and He replied, ‘I am in you, around you, beside you. I am omnipresent.’ Then He stood up abruptly and patted Lila on the head and said, ‘You are mine’ and then turned to me and said ‘You are mine’ and Nalini, ‘You are mine.’ Glen quickly asked, ‘Swami, am I yours, too?’ He replied dragging out the word ‘Yeeese,’ and we got up and went to join the others.  He kept the man with the red scarf inside for a few minutes more alone.

When Swami returned to us, He handed out small packets of vibhuti to everyone. Nalini asked for more packets for her Sai Centre, and He gave her more, and said something about keeping some for herself. I also wanted more, but I could not quite manage to ask, the words would not come. Perhaps they did, but Swami ignored them.


The Healing Is Within

Anyway, I’ve read where He has said that He can heal the mind and when the mind is healed, everything else ( the body ) is also healed. Now I am rather thrilled at the idea He will heal my mind. He has said that healing occurs when there is reciprocity of devotion from the devotee. This I must learn to do. I have enjoyed many interviews with Sai Baba and Lila and Nalini even more. Now we must all learn to appreciate our good fortune and put more trust in ‘the innerview.’ I know many of you have not enjoyed the interview experience, but perhaps for you, there is no need. Many times during my life I have been alone and down, and am now a recovering alcoholic. I am beginning to appreciate life again. But it has been a hard uphill battle. Lastly, I had given Swami a letter the week before at Brindavan. I had asked Him to heal my arms, but to do it however He felt best. He could do it instantaneously or use slower methods such as physical therapy or desk and chair adjustments or new types of keyboards, and so on. So, I feel all my prayers are now answered. Everything I asked for in that letter I have now received. For me, He has fulfilled my wishes.

Ganesha’s Birthday afterall

While it was Saturday, September 10, 1994 in India, it was Friday, September 9, 1994, Ganesha’s birthday, in the U.S.A. My Sai Centre meets on Friday nights, so while I was in the interview room with Swami, my centre was singing bhajans and celebrating Ganesha’s birthday. Therefore, by U.S.A. time in my own Centre, I had an interview on Ganesha’s birthday! What a present for me, Ganesha represents the removal of obstacles.

Another Realm, You Tube – More Sathya Sai Memories

Just finished and polished a new you tube with many beautiful Sri  Sai Baba photos edited in painterly style.. I do hope you will take 5 minutes of your time to view this nostalgic you tube,  created with all of my heartfelt feeling…  just saying. 🙂  The quotations on the you tube are:


When you realise the Self, then there is no separate individual. You can think of individuals as different light bulbs. There will be differences in wattage. There will be differences in age, in colour, in form, in name. One is a tube light and another is a bulb light. There will be differences in shape, but everywhere the current that powers them is the same. That current is you. You are not a bulb which appears different from any other bulb. You are the current, the one current that is found in all the bulbs. That is who you are. – Sai Baba


“Do not be misled by what you see around you, or be influenced by what you see. You live in a world which is a playground of illusion, full of false paths, false values and false ideals. But you are not part of that world.”

  ~ Sathya Sai Baba


When a person asserts that he is low and mean and that he knows but little, he becomes low and mean and his knowledge shrinks.We become what we believe we are. We are children of Almighty God, endowed with Supreme, Power, Glory and Wisdom.We are children of Immortality.When we dwell in this thought, how can we ever be low and ignorant?

– Sathya Sai Baba

“All Is Within Me” – More Sathya Sai Memories

Namasteji♥ ॐ♥Pranamji♥ ॐ♥Namaskarji
Swami once told the following Wonderful Story : ” Lord Krishna always wanted to be left alone for an hour after the war was over for the day, Nobody knew what Sri Krishna was doing at that time. Once Dharmaja by mistake went into Sri krishna’s tent during that time and to his Horror saw huge amount of blood pouring from Sri Krishna’s palm, Yudhistira was stunned, he was shocked beyond Belief, he asked in  a shocked tone  to what had happened. Sri Krishna smiled and said “Oh;Dharmaja, every arrow which is Fired at my chariot at my Horses and at Arjuna are absorbed by me”
story source: Anantha Vijaya

“I Am Not Going Anywhere” Swami said – More Sathya Sai Memories





Here is a short note from Venkata Muralidhar Chivukula who tells us that Swami gave us many hints of his imminent departure from this world. It became quite obvious to many of us that the chances of Swami living on until 96  years, simply was not possible.  He suffered from, what I was told, two strokes, then from 2009 onward his health deteriorated rapidly…    Sairam to all.


Swami gave clear indications to many devotees either directly or through dreams that He was leaving this body and assuming the COSMIC form like all Avatars have done. However many of us chose to deliberately block this knowledge from our minds or could not understand what He actually meant till after the event.

No Avatar leaves till the spiritual tasks they have undertaken are completed. Swami had often indicated that raising the consciousness of humanity is what He has come for. The work was started by Shirdi Sai and will be completed by Prema Sai. Our own Sathya Sai stands in the middle. Our exposure to Swami in different ways surely has transformed us; perhaps we lack the self-confidence to assert it because we are so used to having Him around and we are numbed by our grief. However nurturing the seeds of Consciousness that He sowed within us and watered them into saplings with His Love, is our foremost duty now Swami is not absent, in fact He is now PRESENCE, OMNIPRESENCE. We do miss his physical presence, but His Omnipresence has become more real in many ways. Grief can block this awareness and stop us from experiencing Him.He is also somehow more PRESENT within each one of us now, otherwise how is it that we have all not gone mad ?

The body that He assumed suffered in many ways due to taking on the mass karma of humanity. Do you really want Him to come back in the same body and suffer again for our sakes because we do not choose to truly follow Him? For, that is what all Avatars do. They endlessly sacrifice and humanity carelessly laps it all up. Wanting Him to come back in the same body is selfish in one sense. When we truly love, we do not want the Beloved to suffer. So let us reflect on this. Were He to ‘come back’ now we will resume what we were mostly doing – disregard Him again.

Let us not postpone our spiritual homework just because we have got so used to Swami doing all our assignments for us and giving us Grace marks. His mission continues and HE will not ‘come back’ because He has not gone anywhere.

When Diana Baskin, a longtime devotee from USA visited Him in 2010, Swami told her the day she was leaving, “I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE” He repeated this to her twice from the car and she did not know then what He meant. The relevance of His words flashed on her when she was grieving for Swami a year later.

Guru Purnima Meaning – More Sathya Sai Memories

Photo  sent to me by Trina SN who took the photo from her Prashanti Nilayam flat window on the evening of Guru Purnima,  2011

Guru’s mission:

The Guru’s mission appears to be two-fold. The first and most important concern of the Guru is to awaken, elevate and transform the seeker. The second and final purpose of the Guru is paradoxically to help the disciple seeker to transcend this state of complete dependence on the Master, which dependence the Guru himself had taken such pains to foster. The final spurt of realizing his true identity with God is exclusively the Seeker’s job.


Guru Mantra: Its Significance

“Today (28 July 1999) is Guru Purnima. What its significance?

Gurur-Brahma Gurur-Vishnu

Gurur-Devo Maheshwara

Guru Saakshaat Param Brahma

Tasmui Shri Guruve Namah.



The Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara are within us. That is why I often say you are not one, but three. This is the meaning of the three words Bhur, Bhuvah, Svaha in the Gayatri Mantra. Bhur means Bhu-loka (earth). The earth is made up of matter. Therefore human body, which is also made up of matter, is called Bhu-loka. This can be referred to as materilization. Bhuvah means life force (Prana). It is this life force that makes the body move. This is vibration. Svaha means wisdom. This is radiation. The Vedas declare, ‘Prajnanam Brahma’. This Prajnana is nothing but radiation. Human being is a combination of materialization, vibration and radiation. You do not need to search God outside. Turn your vision inward, there you find God.” Sai Baba, SS, 8/99, p. 201

Trinity: Brahma, Vishnu And Maheswara As Guru

Meaning Of The Trinity

“The Gita declares,’ Eeshwara dwells, 0 Arjuna, in the heart region of all beings (Eeshwaras-sarva-bhootaanaam Hrid-deshe Aq’uana Tishthati). Eeshwara therefore means the Lord of the heart. He illumines the heart of every being. This means the Divine Power of Eeshwara is present in every heart. The other name given to Eeshwara is the Lord of the Heart, Atma.

It is from the heart that the mind has emerged. The mind corresponds to the Vishnu Principle. Vishnu means all-pervasive. The mind is equally all-pervasive. ‘Mano-moolam Idam Jagat’ (The mind is the basis of the cosmos). The mind pervades the entire universe. Hence, it signifies the Vishnu Principle.

Brahma is traditionally described as arising from the navel of Vishnu. It is from the mind the speech has come. ‘Vaak’ is the embodiment of Brahma. Hence, Brahma has, among other names ‘Shabda Brahmamayee’ sound (Shabda) as Brahma.

Thus, Eeshwara, Vishnu and Brahma symbolize the heart, mind and faculty of speech. The combination of all the three represents the Atma. Hence, each of the three should be revered as the One Supreme Guru in three forms. In ‘Guru Brahma’, the Brahma referred to here is not the creator. It refers to ‘Vaak’. Guru Vishnu refers to the all-pervasive mind, which is present in all beings. This is the Vishnu Principle. ‘Guru-Devo Maheshwarah’ refers to the seat of the heart. ‘Guru Saakshaat Para-Brahma Tasmaii Shri Gurve Namah.’ This means that unity of speech, mind and heart represents the Supreme Atma, which should be revered as the Guru.” Sai Baba, SS, 8/88, p. 199

Trinity Represented By Three Gunas (Qualities)

“The Sanskrit stanza which hails the Guru as Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara and as Parabrahman is misinterpreted. The right approach is to consider Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara as the Guru. These three are symbolized by the three Gunas: Brahma is

Rajas, Vishnu is Satva and Shiva is Tamas. The whole cosmos is constituted by the three Gunas. The three Gunas are present in man. The Trinity is present in the form of three Gunas in every human heart.” Sai Baba, SS, 8/96, p. 201

“Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara are not entities with forms. The Trinity represents the deified expression of three qualities. The Puranas have misrepresented Brahma as a four-headed deity engaged in cosmic creation. This is not correct. In fact the Trinity represents the three Gunas (Satva, Rajas and Tamas). There are five elemental powers in nature – earth (Bhumi), water (Aapa), fire (Agni), air (Vaayu) and space (Akaasha). If you want to understand the process of creation, the order of describing the elements has to be reversed. Starting from Akaasha (space), we have in succession air, fire, water, and earth. Nature has to be understood in two ways; one, in relation to the process of creation; the other, in relation to everyday experience. Likewise, when the order of Brahma, Vishnu and Eeshwara is viewed in relation to creation, it has to be reversed. We have Eeshwara, Vishnu and Brahma in that order.” Sai Baba, SS, 8/88, p. 199

Trinity Represented By Colours

“Three colours have been ascribed to the three Gunas. It is commonly believed that Vishnu represents the Satva Guna. It is not so. The Satva Guna is really the attribute of Eeshwara (Shiva). It is not subject to Maya (delusion). In the state of Yogic sleep (Yoga Nidra), it acquires the Chit- Shakti (the power of awareness) and appears as Shuddha Atma (the Pure Absolute). Hence, Satva represents Eeshwara Principle. Its colour is white.

Rajo-guna manifests itself in likes and dislike. But this is wrong. It is a quality associated with Vishnu. Vishnu has been depicted as a deity bearing the conch, the discus, mace and lotus. Vishnu has also been described as “Alankaara-swarupa’ (one who is embellished by decorations). Vishnu also bears the name ‘Vishwambhara’ (one who protects and rules over the universe). As a ruler, he has the Rajo-guna. The colour of the Rajo-guna is red.

Then there is Brahma. The Rajo-guna has been attributed to Brahma. This is incorrect. Brahma represents Tamo-guna. Tamo-guna is associated with (Andhakaara). It is filled with ‘Mamakaara’ (the sense of possessiveness, attachment, ego) and ‘Abhimaana’ (pride). These two impulses account for creation. If there were no sense of ‘I’ and ‘Mine’, the creative process would not go on. These two are the insignia of Tamo-guna, represented by the black colour.

White, red and black are the most important colours. All colours are merging in these three. Likewise, there are people in the world, people with Satva-guna, Rajo-guna and Tamo-guna, distinguished by one or other of three colours.” Sai Baba. SS, 8/88, p. 200


Trinity Represents Pranava (AUM)

“The verse which speaks of the Guru as Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara (Shiva) is quoted often. But, the One has not broken into three, one part in charge of creation, another who fosters and maintains and the third dissolves and destroys. The Pranava Mantra OM is the symbol of the One. It is composed of three sounds- A (as in far), U (as in push) and M (as in hum). Brahma is ‘A’, Vishnu ‘U’ and Shiva is ‘M’ and all three are indivisibly united in AUM. The problem this verse poses is whether Guru is God or God is Guru, the ever-present, the ever-compassionate, the witness who resides in the heart.” Sai Baba, SS, 7/85. p. 174

Residence Of Trinity

“Regard the body as a temple in which the Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwara- reside. There are no separate places where Brahma, Vishnu and Eeshwara dwell like Vaikunta or Kailasha. These are delusions born of ignorance. God is inside you, outside you, around you. You have to recognise this truth and live according to it. In the name of Guru-Purnima, you perform some Pujas for some persons and waste your lives. There is only one Guru. He is God. That Guru is within you. You are seeking all over the world. Your qualities are in you in the form of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara, and can protect you, elevate you or ruin you. When you act righteously and pursue the right path, they will protect you by their divine potencies.” Sai Baba, SS, 8/88, p. 202

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photo taken 1949 – Source: Sai Communities
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Beloved Baba, we remember your words on this your day.

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Swami Speaks About Animals – More Sathya Sai Memories



I remember way back in 1994 when Baba called us all into the small hall in Brindavan, Whitefield,  for a talk. Among the topics discussed that afternoon was the importance of animals. He told us not to eat meat because by eating meat we do the same harm as the butcher who wields the knife to kill. He also talked that afternoon about marriage. “Don’t become a centipede” he said.  “Remember you have two legs, when you marry you gain another two legs, now you have  four legs. Every time you have a child, another two legs are added to you. Then before you know it, you have become a centipede.” –  Now this sweet story. ~ Enjoy:



“Once in Trayee Brindavan after Morning Darshan had got over and Swami had called a group of devotees for an interview. As Swami was walking towards the interview room, He noticed that a large group of ants had formed a long line and were in the process of picking up the remains of a dead moth. What Swami did after that was absolutely stunning ! He lifted His robe and jumped over the long line of ants! Then beckoning the devotees to come, He stood near the line of ants and was requesting all the devotees to jump over too! Once the devotees had gone in, He beckoned the students and said, “Papam let these ants finish their work, don’t disturb them!”.

For the creator of the universe, the entire universe is His own. He taught us that day that one should expand to encompass each and every sentient and insentient thing into one’s orbit. Others’ pain becomes my own. Others’ joy becomes my own. Therefore how can I hurt anyone? …..Expansion is My life!”

Sai Ram

Story from A. Anantha Vijaya

The squirrell appears to be praying but he is probably eating. This photo was taken last week in a U.K. garden centre…