“Radiant Baba” – More Sathya Sai Baba Memories

Namaste♥ ॐ♥Pranam♥ ॐ♥Namaskar

Baba’s face was radiant and his smile so beautiful. He was walking towards me. I could hear my heart pounding loudly in my chest as he came closer. Baba now stood close to me. My attention was focused on his lotus feet. As soon as the border of his orange robe exposed his feet, I stretched out and rested my head on them in a state of total surrender. My head lay on his feet  for a while. Baba then gently moved back and walked away.

Baba walked around the hall slowly, raising his hand in blessing now and then. After some time had passed, to my astonishment, I realized he was walking towards me again. He searched in the crowd, and when his eyes sought mine he stopped and stared. I noticed  his large penetrating pupils, they seemed to be the color of amber, I was  completely taken aback, stunned and dazed. I sat there dumbfounded, in a trance. When I regained my awareness, Baba had already left.  All the devotees were getting up and leaving.

On the journey back home, I was silent, I felt strange and tranquil.

Something had seemed obvious. I knew that His grace had entered me. I felt that I had been showered with a new energy, as if my body was pulsating and vibrating lightly. It was a divine feeling and I felt blessed.

Om Sai Ram.

The Magnetic Power In the Temple – More Sathya Sai Memories

Photo of Swami holding two roses, taken a few months before he passed.
˜”*ƸӜƷ˜°•.beautiful reflectionsƸӜƷ*”˜

“Today scientists are trying to understand this power of attraction in
Nature. Take, for instance, a temple. Thousands of people go to the
temple for worship. The magnetic power in the earth extends to the
idol in the sanctum. The thoughts of the worshippers are also
attracted by the idol. Thereby the power of attraction in the idol
gets intensified. The rituals performed for the idol also enhance its
power of attraction. This process can be noticed if a couple of nails
are kept near a magnet. After two days it will be found that the nails
also have been magnetised. In the same manner when worshippers go to a
temple the power goes forth from thousands of worshippers, the power
or action in the idol gets immensely intensified. The idol surcharged
with this power is able to energize the worshippers.

Thus, in the world there is no object without this power. Atomic
energy is present everywhere. It is only when the true character of
this atomic power is understood that the power of the Divine can also
be understood.”

– Sathya Sai Baba

Flowers Can Speak – More Sathya Sai Memories

beautiful photo of Swami when he was young


“When words escape, flowers speak.” – Bruce W. Currie.

Sai Story from 1980′s

“On one occasion, when I’d not yet grasped the entire meaning of Swami’s divinity, I imagined that he had committed a serious blunder in the guidance he was providing for me. I felt I’d had enough of the ashram life and  perhaps the time had come for me to leave India.

I returned to my roundhouse room at the back of the ashram in quite a confused state of mind. To my surprise, when I arrived at my room, I found a garland of flowers, about twenty-five inches long, hanging on the door handle. The sweet and pretty flowers  looked like  jasmine, and had  been freshly picked. The snowy white flowers dew-fresh, were of a very rare variety that is not usually found in the village of Puttparthi. I thought, “Who could be so crazy as to hang  such a beautiful garland on my door?” Naturally I took the garland inside and hung it over one of Swami’s  pictures, from where it spread its heavenly fragrance throughout my room. When, in time, the garland withered, I threw it out without thinking any more about it. A short time later, however there was another jasmine garland hanging on my door, although this time a different variety of the pretty flower, and not quite as fresh and beautiful as the first. My Indian name is Gita, and it was as if the garland was saying, ‘Silly Gita, don’t you know who sent you these flowers?” At last I understood and immediately wrote a letter to Swami to thank him. At darshan he took my letter with a smile.”
– Birgitte Rodriguez
– Glimpses of the Divine.


Jasmine, a common flower found all over India. In fact, Sri Aurobindo described it as a psychic or soul flower.

Sai Darshan – Sathya Sai Memories

A rare find you tube with beautiful clips of darshan in Prashanthi Nilayam during 1980’s.


I have learned generosity from the Greedy, Good manners from the Ill-Mannered, Humbleness from the Haughty, Tolerance from the Intolerant, Kindness from the Hard-Hearted, and Friendliness from the Arrogant, Acceptance from those who live in Snobbery, strange, I don’t feel thankful to any of those teachers.


A few words from Lightstorm

Johnima:  Swami once said to us “The big problem with Humanity is that it suffers from wrong identification. That’s all. People identify themselves with their bodies.” Remember that you are not your bodies, you are not your minds, your thoughts and your feelings, you are not your memories, you are not your likes and your dislikes.  You are not any identification that you have ever made. You are the awareness of that false identification or, as David said this morning “I was aware that I was aware.” It’s that simple. This awareness is always with you, has been forever and will be forever. It’s the ego that’s complicated. As Swami says, “It’s the ego that makes everything complicated, even spirituality!”  What is the worst ego that you have ever encountered?  Isn’t it a spiritual ego, because they are so righteous! So Swami is showing us a short cut – Love all, Serve all, because God is Love. It is our birthright to be God and we can do it. What is service but love expressed through action. When we do something and we think that we are the doer, even though it may be helpful, it’s not true service.  True service is spontaneous love from my photo from 2009, the heart expressing itself in a physical form.


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Aum Mail, My Sai Journey – More Sathya Sai Memories

❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿sweet♡sweet✿♥•.,,.•*¨*•.


This is not my story but that of a friend. I never got as far as the PN verandah in all my 20 years. It doesn’t matter now, although for years it hurt tremendously. I was given all sorts of reasons why no interview. I was too good. (smile) Swami’s energy might be too powerful for my nervous system. (Ah hah!!!) I had the inner voice thus one with him.  (A another “ha ha moment.”) – Then again, I was told it was not my time. (My timings are obviously awful.) All sorts of reasons were given to me. Actually, I did have an audience with Swami, by way of him calling all the Overseas people into the  original small hall in Whitefield.

On that wonderful day, I’d been seated in row number one, adjacent to the hall, when Swami told us all to go. There must have been about five hundred of us, all scrambling for a place inside. I managed to be seated on the edge of the 5th row back. The audience lasted all of two hours. There was another time during 2006, I think, when Swami was conducting a fire ceremony in the, then, brand new hall in Whitefield. He called us all again. I could have been in the very front but never rushed for a place inside. I actually walked away to rest somewhere else. Then all of a sudden there was such a push from within, this had me walking fast along the lines of ladies standing in groups, outside of the hall. I managed to “get pushed” to a place high on a ledge, where I had a full view of Him from the front door of the hall. The ceremony was an enormous thrill. The fire, the burning of objects and the mantras, all gave me wonderful insights to how mystical the Vedic tradition is. 


The Sweetest Interview, Almost A Valentine


Pure Joy – Aum Mail

During the summer of 2001, I was in Puttaparthi….always went to lines and always ended up disappointed when Swami always took the same group for interview.

The Iranians, this time, in their white punjabis and green scarves became my nightmare!! I stopped counting how many interviews they had. Apart from them the USA group also got a few interviews…specially remember the New York group.


On the 10th September, the same thing happened. IRANIANS again!

As soon as darshan was over, I went to the nearest internet cafe and emailed my daughter who was then in the States .
‘ I am SOOooo annoyed with Swami. I am NEVER going to darshan again!! Swami just cares about the Iranians. But then again, if I don’t go, I am sure He will take our Russian group’.

Yes, at this point I was in another Russian group. Had just joined recently. There was only one person I knew from the group but I did have the group scarf.

Gradually, my anger at Swami changed. I suddenly realised that it was not anger that I was feeling but extreme JEALOUSY. So, I had my inner conversation with Him.’ Beloved Swami, I am SOooo jealous that you always take the same people for interview and never my group. Jealousy is a BAD human trait, as You have so often said. Please, help me to overcome my jealousy.

The next morning, 11th SEPTEMBER 2001, I went for lines and sat in a good place , in the center, opposite the verandah. When Swami walked by, He stopped in front of a woman I did not know. She pleaded for an interview and I heard Swami asking her ‘How many?’ ” Six or seven” she answered – don’t quite remember. Swami continued walking down the line and when He was in front of where I was sitting( a few lines back). He turned back and said to her ‘ ONLY 7, NOT MORE’ . The way it was done was as if He wanted me to hear this.

Now, I faced a BIG problem. This woman wore the same scarf as me and so did her children, but, I knew that our group was 17!!! What to do? The security girls were telling me to get up also as my scarf was the same. Only when I saw the one male devotee I knew, on the verandah, did I dare to get up and walk towards the verandah. I was almost sure that I would be sent back but thought, doesn’t matter. At least I will get a close look at Him. So, there we all sat on the verandah waiting for Swami to do His round. When He eventually came up to us , He put on an angry face and said to the woman ‘ You said 7 and now you are 20!!’With this He walked into the interview. I thought that was it , but, when He came out again, He called us all into the interview room. With us was one more Indian couple.

Because the happenings during this interview were so overwhelming for me, I cannot say for sure that the sequence of events were in the order that I write them. But, they did happen!!

Swami walked into an adjacent small room which He must use for storage and He came out with one of His robes. He came towards me , half offered the robe to me, then gave it to the young girl next to me.

And with a smile, He asked me‘JEALOUS????’

Knowing my previous day thoughts, how could I not smile back at Him. I have often said that I am lucky to have had an interview with SWAMI because it is in interviews that one is a witness of his humour and sweet mischief.

He sat in His chair spoke for a few minutes to the others then said ‘ I AM SORRY BUT SHE IS SO JEALOUS, I BETTER GIVE HER A ROBE! ‘ and with that , HE stood up, walked to His little room, got another robe and sent it flying over the others onto my lap!

At some later point, He told me that I had health problems, which I did at the time – an infection that kept coming back. And these were Swami’s exact words. Showing me on His body the area of pain, He said ‘ Health problem. You keep taking medicine, it goes away but then when you stop medicine it comes back ( the exact scenario!!!). Stop taking tablets. TAKE ONLY VIBHUTI IN WATER!!. DON’T WORRY. I WILL GIVE.’

Aum Mail from Brindavan

He wanted to speak privately to the Indian couple. What He did was not what one would expect. Instead of taking them into the small , private interview room, He left them in the big room and took us – 17 – into the small room. We all sat squashed together. Next to Swami was a red sofa.Of  course, no one dared to sit there. He looked at me and told me to sit. I still debated whether I should or not but when He said it again, I sat on the sofa.

I don’t remember why or how, but I had 4 carved stone Ganeshas in my palm…little ones. Swami saw them , looked at them and as I said ‘Ganeshas’, he put His finger amongst them and played with them, a smile on His face.

As I write these happy memoirs, I cannot believe that such things actually happened…and I even wonder if they really did. Luckily, I have always kept a diary, from the 1st day I arrived, so when in doubt , I CAN READ AND CONFIRM THAT MY MEMORY IS NOT PLAYING TRICKS WITH ME.

Once back in the big room, it was almost time to go.

Swami looked at me and started to circle His hand. Something was being created for me, but what? THEN I SAW GOLD BALLS ON A CHAIN COMING SLOWLY FROM HIS PALM.

My first thought was ‘Swami remembers that I asked him for a japamala and He is making one for me’.

But then I realized it was a necklace. ON MY KNEES I RAN TOWARDS HIM. The Indian lady told me to lift my hair up, which I did, and then Swami placed the necklace around my neck.

I didn’t see then, but, it truly is one of the most beautiful gold necklaces I have ever seen. A masterpiece!!

I am forever grateful to beloved Swami for His blessings and love.

For over 9 years, the necklace adorns my neck, a reminder of that day and of Swami’s love and protection.

The most amazing thing about it is, IT IS ALIVE!! I thought of it as a radar but a friend recently said ‘it’s a mirror’. When I feel good , when the energy around me is good, it hangs soft like butter. When I am not happy or well, when I am surrounded by negative energy, it goes crooked and there is nothing that can make it soft again. Only a change in my energy or the energy around me.

These are the wonders of our Beloved SWAMI.


Dreams Of Sai – More Sathya Sai Memories


Several weeks ago I had a dream where Swami appeared relaxed and sitting on ‘a’ verandah. In this dream the location was not India, but some place that looked a bit like ancient Greece. I can remember he was speaking to people who sat on the floor around his feet. He appeared to be  laughing and talking to this small group with a sense of real joy. The next scene in the dream was of Sai being helped into a vehicle, not a car, not anything I can really name. I knew whatever the vehicle was, he was leaving in it. On each corner of this vehicle, there were seated four ladies dressed in ancient robes, again much like those worn in ancient Greece. The dream came as a surprise, because it has been a long time since I’ve dreamt of Sai Baba. Here, posted again, are several other dreams I’ve shared on this blog before. I have included another from A. Anandtha Vijaya

I will be visiting Bangalore and Mysore on my next visit to India, where I am hoping to spend time browsing in bookshops. I know from other visits, there’s a wealth of material available in India on dreams.  I am hoping to buy books on Buddhist and Hindu philosophy to read while travelling from place to place.

Toffee Chocolate Prasad Dream ~2009

In this dream, I was with an old friend beside the meditation tree. We were discussing how difficult it was to see swami now, having a little moan about how things had changed. Suddenly, there was swami! He took my hand and began shaking it in a ‘how-do-you-do’ fashion. He said “Oh! You’re here” – and other words I did not catch. He continued to shake my hand, then he ended with “Now, must go – ‘Chez Moi’. “  He let go of my hand and when I looked at it, it was full of melted chocolate or toffee. He had held my hand and, I suppose, had placed a toffee there which had squashed with the hand shaking. I was happy with the ‘prasad’ even though I had to peel it off my hand! I gave some to my friend and others, but told them all, I could not give it all away as my husband deserved some.


LEARN¸.•´* ♥ become aware of soul lessons*`•.¸(¯`•.•´¯)¸.•´* ♥ LET



A  Dream About My Pet Cat Buster from long ago.

Swami’s love for animals is well-known. He speaks about them with real affection and tenderness. He also cares for devotees pets. I have experienced his care for animals many times. One incident of his love for animals  I remember well. I’d  like to share it.

One night many years ago, I lay awake worrying about my Siamese cat Buster, who suffered chronic tummy problems. We had two Siamese cats at the time, but Buster was often quite sick.  I was afraid of losing him.

My visit to Swami had been booked months before  and I did not want to cancel it. But I did NOT  want to leave Buster. I was afraid I might not see him again.  Exhausted, by these thoughts, I fell eventually fell asleep.

During the night I had a beautiful dream of Swami. He was sitting  on a chair in  a friend’s bhajan hall,  I was sitting toward the back. Swami beckoned to me to come forward. I moved to the front to sit beside him.  On looking down, I found to my surprise, Buster  sitting on my lap! Swami smiled and stroked him on the head and Buster, typical of Siamese cats, meowed most loudly. Then the dream faded.

Buster, with the help of a brand new diet, overcame his stomach problems. He is still with us today. Now in his fourteenth year and in sound health. Sadly, our other cat Orchid, died last year. My grief over her loss was so severe, I wrote a long letter to Swami, telling him all about her. He lovingly took the letter earlier this year.

This is a very old story. Buster died in 2002. He now comes to me through dreams from time to time….and I can still feel the love that formed a strong bond  between us during his lifetime.


LEARN¸.•´* ♥ become aware of soul lessons*`•.¸(¯`•.•´¯)¸.•´* ♥ LET

Another Dream Story 

An aged man was sitting for darshan some years ago.He got up as soon as Baba came towards him and said, “Baba, my daughter-in-law is not well. She is pregnant. The doctor told her that only one of them will survive. Please, save her and the child. ” Baba said — “ Ek nahi–Do hain (not one child, two are there). Don’t worry, Baba will save all.” The man left leaving all his worries at Baba’s feet.

The very next day Baba came in a dream to both the man’s son and his daughter-in-law. He said, “Worry not. Baba has taken up your case. Your operation will be done but don’t go to any hospital.” Both the wife and the husband thanked Baba for His grace and the next day after bhajans, they placed a letter at Baba’s photograph agreeing to follow his orders.

Again, next day the “mother to be” had a dream. Baba appeared in a doctor’s coat and materialised all the surgical instruments (required for operations.) He proceeded to operate on her. In between He spoke to her: “Abhi operation karne wala Hai” — Now I will start the operation. “Abhi baccha nikalne wala Hai” — Now the child is going to be delivered and so on and so forth.

Once the operation was completed, Baba showed her both the children in the dream. He snapped his figures and said “ Delivery over. Now get up.” The woman then woke up from her dream to find two twins (looking exactly the same as those in her dream). They were by her side.

~A. Anandtha Vijaya

Sri Ramakrishna And The Divine Mother with More Sathya Sai Memories

Very hard to imagine a soft and pretty song such as this, can be dedicated to the Goddess Durga. This song or chant is a mix of both the traditional styles of chanting and modern day music. I like it and added here for you to enjoy. Tomorrow, hopefully, I will upload one of my special pictures of Goddess Durga from an old print, bought years ago.  (The photo here is not mine. It came from the internet.)


Here’s a short excerpt from a discourse given by Swami during 1997. Might add I will be away for two months from middle Feb. I hope you, during that time, will explore the back posts on this blog. I am sure there is something here for everyone..



Devi’ Compassion And Grace

Among the many lessons driven home to the students in Brindavan by Bhagavan Baba in His evening discourses in April, 1997, in Trayee Brindavan’, one was concerned with the need for firm determination on the part of a devotee to earn the grace of the Lord. Bhagavan related an episode from the life of Adi Shankara as a young lad.

“The great Acharya was barely four years old at the time. His father, a devout scholar, used to offer daily worship to Goddess Raajeshwari every morning. Meditating before the Goddess with closed eyes, he would offer a bowl of cow’s milk to her. When he opened his eyes after meditation, he would find that bowl was only half-full, the other half having been accepted as an offering by the Goddess. One day, he had to go to a neighbouring village for three days. He told his wife to arrange worship of the Goddess in the customary manner with the offering of milk, with the young Shankara deputizing him in the worship. In accordance with his father’s instructions, the young lad sat in front of the Goddess in the sanctum and performed the prescribed ritual. After meditation, when he opened his eyes, he was astonished to see that the bowl of milk offered to the Goddess remained full. He felt sad and cried out: ‘Divine Mother! What wrong have I done? I cannot bear this punishment. Please show your grace on me as you did for my father.’ He prayed intensely for some time with closed eyes. When he opened his eyes he saw that the bowl was now totally empty. All the milk had gone. He was in distress again and cried out: “Devi! You have consumed all the milk. Where is our share of the Prasadam? If we are denied this, what mother will say and what will others think? I will not leave this place till the bowl is refilled.’ In response to fervent prayers, the Goddess spoke: “Dear child! When the river has joined the river, how can it be redirected? Shankara said: ‘Nobody will believe me when I say that no milk was left in the bowl after my worship. They may think that I drank all of it. I cannot face them. Devi! Without your Prasad, I will not leave this place. I will lay down my life at your Feet.” Swami concluded this moving account of the episode with the following finale: “Devi Raajeshwari’s heart melted on hearing the young boy’s appeal. She took the bowl and poured her Divine breast-milk into it and gave it to the young devotee.’ The compassion of the Divine, Swami said, has no limits.” Sai Baba. SS. 6/97. p. 153

A Short Story:

Sri Ramakrishna and the Divine Mother

Shri Ramakrishna worshipped the Divine Mother in the form of Holy Mother.  Sarada Devi was the presiding Deity or Sangha-Janani of the Ramakrishna Order.  During 1901, in a mysterious way, the Divine Mother was worshipped at Belur Math with all festivity and éclat.  Swami Brahmananda saw a vision of Mother Durga coming from Dakshineswar on the Ganges.  At that very time Swamiji was also coming from Calcutta.  After reaching Belur Math, Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) felt a deep desire to worship Mother Durga.  Holy Mother was  invited on that sacred occasion and Sankalpa of the Durga puja took place in her name.  From that time, Durga-puja is worshipped  in the Belur Math and other branch centers in the same manner.

To accept God as Mother is, according to Shri Ramakrishna, the final word in spiritual striving.  It is indeed, to some at least, the smoothest and surest way of having God-vision.  Shri Ramakrishna never condemned any form of approach to God but insisted that the one of a child to its mother was the purest, safest and best.  Let us accept any attitude towards God according to our mental predilections, and develop the helplessness, restlessness, intense longing, faith and surrendering attitude of a child for its mother’s arms.  Sincere prayer never goes in vain.  Through genuine prayer we may get spiritual illumination.

– Ramakrishna used to worship Goddess Kali so I am somewhat surprised to learn of his devotion to Goddess Durga puja also. 
The Goddess Kali, Calcutta, 19th century. watercolour on paper.


A Reason And A Season – More Sathya Sai Memories

this you tube is best seen full screen. The photos have been retouched and are now in painterly style and very pretty. enjoy 



Once in Brindavan, as Bhagavan Baba was coming out for Darshan, He saw
four boys standing. Swami stopped and asked one of the boys, “What is
your name?” The boy told Baba his name. Swami then asked the same
question to the other three boys. Two of them gave their names but the
third one said, “I am Swami.” Baba then told that boy, “In that case,
go and give Darshan!” and moved away.

Man certainly is an aspect of God. In fact, as Swami says, man is God.
But this fact must be realised in the heart and not merely understood
in the head. And having realised this basic truth, man must always
have that Godly feeling. Merely declaring, “I am God!” will not do.

Swami in painterly style..