Hundred Rupees – Sathya Sai Baba Quotations


Sri Sathya Sai Baba Stories and Parables
Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Swami often asked young boys, “How many brothers do you have?” Boys invariably replied along expected lines by saying two, or three, etc., as is the case. Swami then smiled and softly whispered, “All are your brothers!” After this He asked of another boy, “How many friends do you have?” Taking the cue from the earlier conversation, this second boy would say, “Swami, all are my friends.” Swami would again smile, and gently say, “No, all are not your friends; God alone is your friend!”


For Bhagavan Baba, quality is always more important than quantity; and to stress it, He often says: “One ounce of cow’s milk is much better
than a barrel of donkey’s milk!” There is an incident that graphically illustrates the point:

During the period the Super Speciality Hospital in Puttaparthi was under construction, Bhagavan was quite busy and could not spend as much time with His students as He normally did. In the afternoons, after Darshan and a few Interviews, He would be closeted with doctors.

One day, after giving Darshan and receiving letters from the public as well as students, He adjourned as usual to the Interview room. Suddenly He came out holding a letter in His hand. Waving the letter He went towards the students and asked, “Which of you wrote this?” Hesitantly, one boy got up. Swami asked, “You wrote this?” Meekly the boy nodded his head, fearing the worst. Swami then turned towards the elders in the veranda and said, “This boy is a student here. He is very keen to contribute to the Hospital Project. In this letter, he says that he is not a doctor and therefore cannot contribute service.
He is not a rich man and therefore cannot make a donation. He is only a mere student. Yet, he is keen to do his bit. So, what does he do? He saves his pocket money, collects hundred rupees and gives it Swami.” So saying, Baba pulled out a hundred rupee currency note from the envelope in His hand and displayed it to the devotees there. Bhagavan then slowly added. “For Swami, these hundred rupees represent pure Love emanating from the heart. They are therefore far more valuable than a big donation made perfunctorily.” God always cares only for quality and not quantity.


Once in Brindavan, as Bhagavan Baba was coming out for Darshan, He saw four boys standing. Swami stopped and asked one of the boys, “What is your name?” The boy told Baba his name. Swami then asked the same question to the other three boys. Two of them gave their names but the
third one said, “I am Swami.” Baba then told that boy, “In that case,  go and give Darshan!” and moved away.

Man certainly is an aspect of God. In fact, as Swami says, man is God. But this fact must be realised in the heart and not merely understood in the head. And having realised this basic truth, man must always have that Godly feeling. Merely declaring, “I am God!” will not do.


Swami loves children and can be frequently seen talking to them [especially the Birthday boys] in the veranda in Sai Kulwant Hall in Prasanthinilayam. A favourite question of His is: “Boy, how old are you?” When the boy concerned replies, Swami’s next question would be: “How do you know?” Invariably the answer would be, “My mother told me.” Swami would then smile and remark, “Yes, it is always the mother who is the first teacher.” Changing the subject, Baba would then ask: “Where do you come from?” Quick would come the reply: “Swami, I have come from You!” Swami would laugh and then say, “I just want to know where you were born.” After a bit of light banter like this, Swami would then ask, “Who am I?” Without any hesitation, the boy answers, “Swami, You are God!” Swami would smile, pat the boy and slowly say, “You also are God!”

Life Is A Pilgrimage – Sathya Sai Baba Quotations

Namaste♥ ॐ♥Pranam♥ ॐ♥Namaskar”

Life is a pilgrimage, where man drags his feet along the rough and thorny road. With the name of God on his lips, he will have no thirst; with the form of God in his heart, he will feel no exhaustion. The company of the holy will inspire him to travel in hope and faith. The assurance that God is within call, that he is ever near, nor is he long in coming, will lend strength to his limbs and courage to his eye.

Remember that with every step, you are nearing God; and God too, takes ten steps toward you when you take one step towards him. There is no stopping place in this pilgrimage; it is one continuous journey, through day and night, through valley and desert; through tears and smiles; through death and birth; through tomb and womb.

When the road ends and the goal is gained, the pilgrim finds that he has traveled only from himself to himself, that the way was long and lonesome, but the God that led him unto it was all the while in him, around him, with him, and beside him! He Himself was always Divine. His yearning to merge in God was but the sea calling to the Ocean! Man loves, because he is Love! He craves for melody and harmony, because He is melody and harmony. He seeks joy, for he is joy. He thirsts for God, for he is composed of God, and he cannot exist without him.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. V111. pp 38-39


Today being the first anniversary of the passing of Sathya Sai Baba, I would just like to share with you my last darshan experience. 


Toward the end of a visit during 2010, I was seated across and at some distance from a lady I knew only by sight. Yet, for some reason, she turned round to me and looked me straight in the eye in a sort of loving way.  After darshan, she stopped to speak to me, saying, “Are you leaving?” – I said “yes.” She said, “Oh so soon! Come back for the birthday, there’s always good energy here at the birthday time.” I smiled and walked away. I had never visited for a birthday. I don’t like big crowds…

Of course, the birthday of 2010 was to be His last. I didn’t give it much thought at the time. While sitting in my living room on the 24th November, 2010  engrossed in something or another, I suddenly felt a sweet sensation that can only be described as “very close darshan.” The feeling was so intense, that I had to go lay down for twenty minutes of so… 

It was to be my last darshan and far, far, away from Prashanthi Nilayam.

Silence – A Story – Sathya Sai Baba Quotations




~~Beautiful Reflections~~

Silence is the only language of the realized. Practice moderation in speech. That will help you in many ways. It will develop Prema, for most misunderstandings and factions arise out of carelessly spoken words. When the foot slips, the wound can be healed; but when the tongue slips, the wound it causes in the heart of another will fester for life. The tongue is liable to four big errors: uttering falsehood, scandalizing, finding fault with others, and excessive speech. All these have to be avoided if there is to be santhi for the individual as well as for society.

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The Rise Of Muddenhalli – A Brief History


During the summer months, there have been several accounts posted on FaceBook about the main characters involved in the Muddenhalli Group. I don’t want to bore you with endless details about the history of those involved. After some research, I’ve decided to post the following notes for your interest. It’s a brief history but may help to understand how the Muddenhalli group has evolved.

From an email posted on FaceBook months ago and remains posted to this day, here is a short excerpt:

“Mr Murthy, a bachelor, has been part of the Sai world for a long time. His involvement with Sai Baba goes back, at least, to the early 1980’s. Swami gave him a position as warden for the Prashanthi Nilayam campus, where he expressed a deep desire to follow Swami’s ideals. He played cricket but he gave it up to concentrate on the job Swami had assigned him. Later, he was part of the Brindavan Campus. There he began to have ideas of his own. He told his friends that Sai Baba had directed him to start a high school in every district of Karnataka. Whether that is true or not, no one can say.”

Madhusudhan is a former Sai student who attended Brindavan college. He had a knack for impersonating people. He often would mimic Sai Baba and often, we understand, took money from other students. For these acts, he was given a warning. Madhusudhan was not the only student to mimic Sai Baba, there were at least 3 others during that time.

From what I have learned from the articles that have been posted on the Saibliss Page, Facebook, it seems the entire scheme was hatched long before the demise of Sai Baba with the help of other key players.

Recently, other ex-VIP’s from America and elsewhere have also joined the group. The Muddenahalli Seniors, over the past year, have made great strides in their endeavour to do their “own thing,” regardless of the sensitivities of others in the Sai World. Whether they will continue to attract new people and/or attract other people away from the Ashram in Puttaparthi, we don’t know. Only time will tell.

There is a video posted on Saibliss just this week, with a damning statement from Sathyajit, the former student who used to look after Sai Baba. He claims that Madhu approached him some eleven days after the demise of Sai Baba, saying that Sai Baba speaks through he, Madhu. For more on that video, please visit Saibliss on Face Book.  Why Sathyajit has waited so long to make this declaration, remains unclear. I do not wish to speculate more on that.

I don’t see this Muddenahalli adventure as anything Sai Baba would have wanted, yet alone encourage via the astral realms. This sad episode is certainly something that has been crafted by those in a senior position in Muddenahalli to, allegedly, gain power and position for themselves.

I don’t think these people care much about the ordinary thousands of people who followed Sai Baba and now wish to maintain a treasure of his memory. Of course, there’s little hope those leading figures in the muddenahalli group, could bury their personal desires for the sake of all involved. Human nature and the very nature of human desires, do not allow for such a generous outcome sadly.

photoMahdu Sudan without his usual leather jacket and expensive shades!


From “Suk sham Baba” report from Sept. 29th 2015:

” Dressed in a white robe, Swami was beaming with joy when He saw His commanders and soldiers! After a brief talk by Sri BN Narisimha Murthy and Sri C Sreenivas, Swami expressed His gratitude and said that” if Swami had a body now, many will rush to serve Him just as they did earlier, but only a few chosen ones are blessed to feel Him through their hearts, and will be remembered forever for being a part of this uniques mission. Eventually the whole world will know and rush to Swami, but blessed are they who have believed in Swami first, and served Him when no one else would”..Singapore 29 Sept 2015

Hah! love this:

“Dressed in a white robe, Swami was beaming with joy when He…….

He expressed his gratitude and said that “if Swami had a body now, – 

What’s this? – He is dressed in a White robe and beaming with joy, then saying if Swami had a body now..










Dear Ones – Sathya Sai Baba Quotations

Beautiful Reflections

In 1976, a number of deer from the adjoining forests of Mudumalai strayed into Brindavan.  A nice place opposite to the Thrayee was provided for them.  Swami fed them with apples and looked after them with love.  One day, as Swami emerged out of the Thrayee to give darshan, students ran to him.  At the same moment, in the garden opposite, deer too wanted to be close to Swami and moved up to Him near the wire mesh that stood around the garden.

Baba drew the attention of a devotee standing by to the enchanting scene comprised of the loving children and the equally loving deer.  He said, “These are two-legged dear (deer); and those are four-legged deer (dear).  Both are dear to me.”

Love is My form, Truth is My breath
Bliss is My food, My life is My message
Expansion is My life, No reason to love
No season for love, No birth, no death
~ Baba ~


Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba devotees three-fourths of His time to the  students.  He feels that the future of society rests solely on the children.  He gives them much attention.  He tells them, “Look at Me within your own selves.  I look at Myself in you.  You are My life, My breath and My soul.  You are all, every one of you, My form.  When I love you, I love My own Self.  When you love yourselves, you are loving only Me!”

Unity Is Divinity – Sathya Sai Baba Quotations


Your Birthday and Mine

Man struggles through life in isolation, lost and unaware of his identity. The day that man becomes awakened, that will be his birthday and that will be My birthday.

These occasions when you meet together for My birthday give you the opportunity to think about the reality of life, a chance to establish your own identity and your relationship with all around you.

That is the background to the words “UNITY IS DIVINITY” because all is God and there is only God. That is the fundamental truth, and when you reach a full understanding of that concept, you will start to become awakened, reborn into a completely new way of life. Only then will you find it easy to put into practice the teachings of the Lord.

It will become a way of life, the only possible way, and it will bring with it such great joy and happiness, contentment and peace. It is the only way to find peace of mind, something which is so elusive while you continue chasing after false gods, the false values and ideals which haunt man while he struggles along the wrong path of darkness.

Man must awaken and see light, then he will be able to see through the illusion of much that he treasures and seeks.

Turn to God and look for God in your own heart. Realize that this is the real you, the spark of divinity that is everything.

All is divine, all is God, and UNITY IS DIVINITY.

Love – Sathya Sai Baba Quotations

“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night.To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.”

-Kahlil Gibran on love

“Scatter the seeds of love in dreary desert hearts; then sprouts of love will make the wastes green with joy, blossoms of love will make the air fragrant, rivers of love will murmur along the valleys, and every bird will beat its wings, every child will sing  the song of love…..this is what I want you to do.  Come close to me in the heart, and I will be there to receive you. Then you will acquire a fraction of that supreme love.”

-Sai Baba

“Devotion does not consist of wearing ochre robes of being inward alone, the organisation of religious festivals, the performance of yajnas, the shaving or matting of hair, carrying kamandala (bowl) or danda, (stick), or the giving up of secular life.  People cannot close their eyes and go inward without having developed love towards all.

A pure heart, uninterrupted contemplation of God, feeling that everything is of  Divine creation and therefore, One, unattachment to sense objects, embracing all in equal love, dedication to truth and true speech – these are, indeed, the characteristics of devotion.”

-Sai Baba

The Spiritual Path – Sathya Sai Baba Quotations

Man learns through experience, and the spiritual path is full of

different kinds of experiences.

He will encounter many difficulties and

obstacles, and they are the very experiences he needs to encourage and to complete.

They are  the very core of the cleansing process. And when the cleansing is finally

complete, the evolved soul ceases to react to anything.

All emotions are

perfectly balanced.

He lives in a state of permanent happiness,

regardless of prevailing circumstances.

-Sai Baba