Well Done Bernie Sanders – Video

Bernie Sanders  was in Arizona this week and raised the roof! 🙂


We need a breath of fresh air politically and Bernie Sanders is just that! I have been following his campaign since the beginning of this year. Bernie has managed to put over his viewpoints with vigor and enthusiasm that all the other candidates lack. The press say he is too old, too progressive but to my way of thinking, Bernie is “right on” for the ordinary working class people of America. They must think so too, because they are turning out in thousands to hear him speak.


At a time when calling Barack Obama liberal is becoming more and more akin to confusing cheap linoleum with granite tile, it’s pretty easy to feel as if the circle of true, left-leaning leadership is wearing thin. If Republicans are the “Party of No,” Dems for some time have been the party of “I Don’t Know”. Enter Bernie Sanders, the Independent statesman from Vermont. All fire and brimstone, Sanders speaks for the people–not his pocket. And sadly, that’s an anomaly these days. Here’s  a big-hearted and bellicose senator at his best.

Hope to hear from you!

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