Sai Darshan – Sathya Sai Memories

A rare find you tube with beautiful clips of darshan in Prashanthi Nilayam during 1980’s.


I have learned generosity from the Greedy, Good manners from the Ill-Mannered, Humbleness from the Haughty, Tolerance from the Intolerant, Kindness from the Hard-Hearted, and Friendliness from the Arrogant, Acceptance from those who live in Snobbery, strange, I don’t feel thankful to any of those teachers.


A few words from Lightstorm

Johnima:  Swami once said to us “The big problem with Humanity is that it suffers from wrong identification. That’s all. People identify themselves with their bodies.” Remember that you are not your bodies, you are not your minds, your thoughts and your feelings, you are not your memories, you are not your likes and your dislikes.  You are not any identification that you have ever made. You are the awareness of that false identification or, as David said this morning “I was aware that I was aware.” It’s that simple. This awareness is always with you, has been forever and will be forever. It’s the ego that’s complicated. As Swami says, “It’s the ego that makes everything complicated, even spirituality!”  What is the worst ego that you have ever encountered?  Isn’t it a spiritual ego, because they are so righteous! So Swami is showing us a short cut – Love all, Serve all, because God is Love. It is our birthright to be God and we can do it. What is service but love expressed through action. When we do something and we think that we are the doer, even though it may be helpful, it’s not true service.  True service is spontaneous love from my photo from 2009, the heart expressing itself in a physical form.


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