The Day Love All – Serve All Died!


sai-tigrett       Isaac Tigrett talking with Sai Baba at darshan in 2009.


I have come to light the lamp of Love in your hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added luster. I have not come on behalf of any exclusive religion. I have not come on a mission of publicity for a sect or creed or cause, nor have I come to collect followers for a doctrine. I have no plan to attract disciples or devotees into my fold or any fold. I have come to tell you of this unitary faith, this spiritual principle, this path of Love, this virtue of Love, this duty of Love, this obligation of Love. ~ Sai Baba


Madhu with Sai Baba

                                             Madhu with Sai Baba during his student days



Easter Sunday 2011 is the saddest day in the memory of millions of Sai Baba devotees world-wide. It was the day He passed away. The day we never thought would come, but come it did and earlier than we had expected. It was the day “Love All – Serve All” died too. I use the term Love All – Serve All, because it is a well known quotation associated with Swami and is the one loved the most and its meaning is associated with everything Sai Baba taught over the years.

So what did Love All – Serve All really stand for during Sai’s life? Well, ‘what didn’t it stand for’ might be the better question to ask. Swami had for decades, come rain and shine, come pain or illness, gave two daily darshans to the huge crowds gathered at one or the other of his ashrams. I only remember Him ever missing darshan one month, that was during his recovery from His hip replacement surgery in June 2003. I was there in Whitefield at the time, on looking back, I keenly remember how miserable and utterly soul-destroyed we all were due to not seeing our Baba, the “One Light” that so filled us with joy and energy.

When the month was finally over, He gave a glorious come-back darshan sitting on a gulf buggy. I swear it was the longest darshan I’d ever had. He also gave a detailed talk about His hip operation on that day, July, 5th, 2003. He said, “I am not this body. Body consciousness leads to untold suffering. One has to get rid of body attachment in order to enjoy peace and happiness. What is this body composed of?

This body is a den of dirt and prone to diseases; it is subject to change from time to time;
it cannot cross the ocean of Samsara. It is nothing but a structure of bones.
O mind, do not be under the delusion that body is permanent. Instead, take refuge at the Divine Lotus Feet. (Telugu Poem)”

He also gave other hints during that talk, that his time with us would not be long. And although we thought the buggy was temporary, it wasn’t. Swami no longer walked among us after the operation, he used a variety of vehicles such as the famous golf buggy that, I believe, he first used in the Whitefield Ashram and later on he used a small car, then during the last years a wheelchair.

He would move among us for another six years, although the last year He appeared extremely ill and with the additional handicap of two strokes. His strength began to fail. Still, even then he came to darshan often, never giving in to the horrible suffering of that little impermanent body, that he told us he had no attachment to.

His message remained the same: My Life is my message. My life is one of giving and sharing with others. I give you what you want, so you will want what I have come to give. Love all, Serve all. Love ever, Hurt never. The message he gave was always the same message, only made different by the quotations and words He chose to use to pass on this all-important lesson, that we are born to live, love, share, and adhere to the highest values of human life.

Heart-felt grief hit all of us on the day He left his little body. Life would never be the same again. We had lost our “Sai Light” – our “Radiant Sai,” the giver of joyful bliss, often coupled with hard life-lessons too.  We were forced to face the future that would not include a physical Sai Baba. That beautiful form. He would not move among us in the flesh again. We had to do as He’d done, move on. Move on to a higher practise, one that required us to mature and seek the God within.

Isaac Tigrett had made the quotation, “Love All – Serve All” famous by using the slogan in his numerous Hard Rock Cafés, dotted all over the world. He’d been instrumental in the building of the now famous hospital in Puttaparthi. Isaac Tigrett had given a cheque for a princely sum towards the building of that beautiful building.

Oddly enough, he’d been living in the ashram at the time of Swami’s passing. He had predicted that Swami would die early in his 2009 Dallas talk, and he told us afterwards, that Sai’s passing had been no surprise to him.

In the whirl-wind of change taking place in that empty space left by the physical Sai Baba, things were changing fast. We had the drama where Mr. Tigrett claimed Baba had instructed him to build a retreat and a school somewhere in Coorg.  He’d called it the 7th Ray. He was given the name, the “Living Will” by the press, however, things did not go to plan.

Meanwhile, in the small  hill-top hamlet of Muddenahalli something else was unfolding, something none of us could have or would have ever imagined! Mr. Murthy, a long time devotee and senior officer there, claimed the spirit of Sai Baba contacted him, whereby instructing him to build schools and hospitals. He also claimed he’d had vivid dreams of Sai Baba.

Even more strange, an unknown student of Sai Baba, Madhusudan, emerged on the scene. This young man had a knack for mimicking Sai Baba. He had actually made quite an art of this during his student days. (How a student could mimic Sai Baba is a puzzle to me and shocking.)

A few years later during 2014, Mr. Murthy and friends, Madhusudan and Isaac Tigrett attended a gathering of  former VIP and studnets in Kodaikanal. It was during that rather impassioned meeting that the “Muddenahalli Baba” aka as “The Light Body” or “Sukshma Baba,” became the invisible source for everything Sai Baba. Apparently, we learned, Sai Baba’s  “subtle body” was using the former student to talk through! This affair had all the hallmarks of being delusional, because Sai Baba had often given speeches during his life-time, condemning those people who claimed he spoke to them. He said, time and again, he needed no one’s help to communicate messages. He had entire control over the universe and on all levels of life both living and dead, astral and causal.

Video of celebrations on 24th FEb. 2017 – at 2.08 – the former student coughs up a lingam. Camera cuts away just before he spits out the marble.


False Baba aka MMM


Another, the former student

Below video on how regurgitator does the trick, this time with a ball

Link To Mr.Tigrett’s Muddenahalli Talk of several years ago :

Yet, all written statements and video clip from Sai Baba, declaring  He was beyond normal needs of communication and, whether in the body or not, He could contact anyone at any-time, or anywhere. Space and time were no barrier. This all fell on deaf ears. People flocked to Muddenhalli! There, they could relive their old darshan days once more, by following Madhusudan who mimicked Sai Baba’s every action.

Now, three years later, we see a bold Madusudan who not only mimics Sai Baba, but also can “produce” rings, create vibuthi and now, on Maha Shivaratri, cough up a lingam!– just like his mentor and teacher, Sai Baba had done all those years ago.

So what do we have today? – We do not have a physical Swami. We do not have unity. We have division and dissent in the Sai world. We have Sai followers who are confused and perplexed, with some even leaving the fold. We have the old ashram in PP, with its beautiful Samadhi, now condemned by Mr. Murthy as a waste of time. We are to be felt- sorry-for. He claims that Madhusudan is now the real source of Sai Baba, there is no other. (Odd that Sai Baba would condemn his own samadhi and abode of the highest peace where he, himself, lived some 85 years.)

Perhaps, too, we still have many grieving and lost former Sai followers who cannot make the transition from dual to non-dual; the very fabric of Sai’s teaching; The core value of his teaching; The highest of his teachings!

Whatever has happened, we now have a sad situation of a “wannabe” Baba, soon-to-be a fully-fledged Baba, all-be-it utterly contentious, acting out on behalf of many gullible people, who cannot bring themselves to accept that the old order has passed away. Not only that but the former Student now has a fly-by-night following world over. There’s to be a new ashram in Ca. USA, probably in the form of a retreat, come ashram, 7th Ray style perhaps? for Madhu devotees to revel in.

Whatever joy and monies may be made out of this new cult, remains to be seen, or even if it can stand the test of time. Our Sai Baba stood the test of time, his presence permeates every stone of the ashram, every tree, every flower, every brick, every cat and dog, every monkey, every insect and every heart and soul there.


There is a group of MDH followers who live and hang out in Parthi because they can’t afford the living expenses at their high end fantasy land. The cheapsters have no shame in living off the generosity of PN because here they enjoy a good comfortable and clean lifestyle at very low prices. But their loyalty is to the dark side. They too sit outside the Sai Kulwant Hall or hang out by our coffee kiosks in the ashram trying to recruit more gullible and innocent people. If they have an iota of self respect they should not set foot in the sacred ashram which they denounce and criticise so vehemently. I guess their downward spiral will land them where these ungratefuls belong. And they even display an attitude of arrogance. Why can’t they follow their faith in the fraud all the way without defiling our slice of heaven with their stinking presence. Disgusting bunch of shameless Judases. ~ Comment on facebook by Kuruna Munchi

Until such time we listen to  our Wisdom teachers, all of whom tell us God is within, we will always have the three GMMM – God Mullah-Making- Machines – only too willing to part the gullible from their money and commonsense.


The Stange Case of Madhusudan of Muddenahalli – Faith


looking out over the darshan area, from the Mandir
looking out over the darshan area,


Sai Baba giving darshan - here he is blessing gifts.
Sai Baba giving darshan – here he is blessing gifts.



Madhusudan taking letters from people gathered in Muddenahalli 

exactly in the manner of the original Sai Baba



“Oh, what a tangled web we weave When first we practise to deceive!”

A follow up on the Muddenahalli Team – two years on.

Curiouser and curiouser is the case study of Madhusudan Rao Naidu, the former student of Sathya Sai Baba and later colleague and friend to Mr. N. Murthy. Several years ago I wrote about the beginnings of the “Light-Body” phenomena, when it first became known to the public at large. I have never been able to quite understand how, at first, we were told stories that Mr. N. Murthy,  through dreams, was able to communicate with Sai Baba and to carry on the mission of Sathya Sai in a way most extraordinaire and beyond our ken! The whole idea that Sai Baba would be interested in carrying on a worldly sojourn from the astral planes just did not make sense to me. However, Mr. N. Murthy, decided he was the chosen one to take the Sai Baba mission forward and he explained why in detail, through a Souljourns video talk posted on line.  He spoke at length to Ted Henry about his amazing mission – for those of you  interested,  I have reposted it here.

Later the former student, Madhusudan came on the scene and proclaimed he was actually the one and only person to hear and see the “Light-body.”  (The astral Sai Baba)   and proclaimed himself to be the medium or “instrument” for the deceased Avatar! This caused many devotees to gather round him and pay homage at his feet,  or rather to the unseen Sai Baba who was readily available to Madhu – at least in his own mind!   The chosen venue for the darshans being Muddenahalli, the fourth branch of the Sri Sathya Sai University way up in the Nandi Hills.  I am not sure that  Madhusudan can actually cope with so many former devotees of the living Sai Baba now gathering  at his  feet, or to grant copious blessings and give Godly advice together with the odd trinket or two that he can now manifest – just like magic!

After the group’s Kodaikanal visit during May 2014, the show and Madhu, the impish raconteur,  was up and going and in full swing. The senior group with  Madhu, were off on travels to far flung places, while picking up handsome donations from some of the richest followers of the original Sai Baba. I have to think how must life  be for this youngish man upon whom, everything depends?  He is responsible for a host of grief-stricken Sai Baba “hangers on” and is also responsible for the building/s of a new Sai Ashram in Muddenahalli as well as  grandiose building projects for the future – among them,  no less, a casino and a hospital in Miss. USA!  Can he still be sane with so much depending on his dubious connection to the “unseen and unheard deceased Sai Baba?” Or has he, in his own mind, morphed into a self-styled God man while using the original Sai Baba name also mimicking his mannerisms? I cannot say. I only know that Madhu is carrying the world on his shoulders and I wonder if he can stay the course without some mishap or two.

Probably by now, he has convinced himself that he is indeed a very special personage, the chosen one to carry on Sai Baba’s mission here on earth. I am beginning to feel “sad” for Madhusudan, the  “Sukshema Baba”  who has so much depending on his continuing performances to convince people that he is indeed in deep communication with Sai Baba, who has afterall, now been gone five years. Notwithstanding that the Sai world at large is scrutinising his every move and just waiting to jump on his case, when the vibuthi runs low and the luck turns thin.

Just recently Madhu and his group visited Nigeria as guests of a wealthy follower of their cult.  By all accounts posted on the internet, they were detained and questioned  by the police about their activities and were then promptly deported. I am not sure they actually were deported, although that is the story one reads from the Sai Org. letter posted on line and the newspaper article that appeared shortly after. ( Both can be found on line.)  I am not going into the full details of the offical letter or the constant flow of claims and counter-claims on both sides of the Sai movement, whether this is true or not. I  would rather not be part of that. I actually don’t want to be part of anything or any movement other than be by myself nowadays.  Still, I do have to wonder how long Sadu Madhu will be able to stand the pressure of being a self-styled Godman  – to be the  provider of solace, substance and miraculous boons  to all who need a surrogate guru  for the now dead Sathya Sai Baba.

My original post from May 2014 – “Speaking of Sathya Sai Baba’s Light Body”





Speaking of the  Astral World –

The  Rudolf Steiner link I meant to provide is very hard to understand and long to read. I have instead, re-written the one paragraph that stands out.

The  astral being or the  soul of the deceased – on reaching the higher realms does not interfere or mingle with souls on Earth, unless in the case of possession or are earth bound.  There are cases where a medium might contact a spirit, often one not on the highest levels, to give messages to their relations of survival of death. However, these links are not ever strong and can only be sustained for a very short time. The energy of the medium  or instrument and that of the astral soul, would not vibrate for long on the same frequency. That is just not possible. There are laws that govern the universe and for those who are complicit to using them for occult reasons, they are unable to do so at will. The boundaries between the Earthly  realm and other higher realms are overseen by the universal laws. (The angels of Light.) Thus, the many types of  energies, (the earthly souls and the astral souls,)  cannot co-exist for long, due to the energy and vibrations of those on the light realms being very different from ours on Earth. thank you.




“I call those ready to see me; of course, there are different levels of readiness!!” ~ Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi







Comments – Saying Nothing At All – Poetry

Just saying:   yellowstarshiningbright

My thoughts for today were about weeding the garden but instead, and after a thorough search on my blogs followers, I am beginning to question the authenticity of my followers. I wish I could WEED some of them from  my blog. I have well over a thousand, yet I only hear from a handful of those! Now something is dreadfully wrong here! My blog is over four years old, thus, I suspect, most of the original followers have long since left blogging. ( Makes sense due to the fast pace of today’s lifestyles. )  Then why can’t I delete them? A question I should be asking  “The  Happiness Word Press Team”, I suppose. Then there are those that follow and “like”, but never comment. How can anyone like a post, almost each and every one, and not comment? Beats me! I would like to suggest that there are fake “likers”, and “speedy likers”, who are hoping you will “like” them back. This is not really blogging is it? I had hoped blogging was about sharing like-minded interests and building a blogging community. Am I wrong?

The idiots Guide To blogging says:

Blogging Rules and Etiquette yellowstarshiningbright

Your blog is your own space on the web, and depending on your goals, you can publish the type of content you want and not publish the type of content you don’t want. That’s where blog policies come into the picture. Policies are intended to protect you and your audience as well as set expectations about the type of content that will or will not be published on your blog.

Comment Policy

As your blog grows and your posts receive more and more comments, you’ll undoubtedly receive comments you don’t want to publish on your blog or that require minor editing before you’ll publish them. For example, hateful comments that attack individuals usually aren’t welcome on blogs, and comments that include obscenities could be offensive. Similarly, comments that might be spam can hurt the user experience on your blog and should be deleted.

A comment policy allows you to define what types of comments you will delete or edit using the comment moderation tools in your account. Your comment policy also protects you, so you can refer visitors whose comments are edited or deleted to your established policy to understand why their comments were revised or not published at all.


After reading Maureen McCabe’s post,  “ActiveRain – Saying Nothing At all”, I became aware of the discussion revolving around leaving GPTFS (Great Post, Thanks For Sharing) comments on a post. Is there value for anyone in doing it? Personally, I believe there is value, but that is because I think compliments are gifts. However, it did make me think — how can I write better comments myself ? I came across some good, basic advice from Meredith Farkas — 31 Day Comment Challenge.  She is “Head of Instructional Initiatives” at Norwich University (VT) and teaches a class on blogging.



Comments should be  as below listed.  The point is most people do not receive comments or if they do, they are few and far between.


1) Relevant to the post 2) Thoughtful and insightful 3) Use your unique voice 4) Keep it civil 5) Make it short and readable, but also meaningful.

Her own personal, reflective thoughts and commitment to commenting

1) Commenting is a critical component of community-building in the blogosphere.

2) I feel more connected to others when I comment.  ~ (My thoughts exactly)

3) I take commenting very seriously and that’s ok.

4) Never comment when you’re angry or frustrated. (errrr well, my mistake sometimes)

5) I need to be better about responding to comments. (Yes indeed, we all should)  yellowstarshiningbright


Good thoughts to remember. In the future, I will try to keep her points in mind, but if I should ever slip up and just pay you a simple compliment — don’t deduct points from me.  🙂



Humour is always a great way to end on, so here’s a song and a poem. 🙂  ( I wish you all a happy blogging Sunday. 🙂 )

 Music When You Say Nothing At All – for all the silent ones. 



Could Be A Bloggers Lament? Smile. 🙂

Sometime when you’re feeling important;
Sometime when your ego’s in bloom
Sometime when you take it for granted
You’re the best qualified in the room,

Sometime when you feel that your going
Would leave an unfillable hole,
Just follow these simple instructions
And see how they humble your soul;

Take a bucket and fill it with water,
Put your hand in it up to the wrist,
Pull it out and the hole that’s remaining
Is a measure of how you will be missed.

You can splash all you wish when you enter,
You may stir up the water galore,
But stop and you’ll find that in no time
It looks quite the same as before.

The moral of this quaint example
Is do just the best that you can,
Be proud of yourself but remember,
There’s no indispensable man. –

—  Saxon N. White Kessinger, Copyright 1959


Any thoughts on this topic? Merci   –

The post is sticky for now.  By making the post sticky, I feel, it gives an opportunity to new bloggers to get acquainted with the ups and downs of the blogoshere.  There are also a number of very interesting comments posted by others on this topic. Do read. thank you.



The Story of “Love All Serve All” – Hard Rock Cafe



Until 2008, I knew precious little about the Hard Rock Cafe other than Isaac Tigrett, a Sai Baba devotee, had given a huge donation from the sale of the HRC, for a hospital to be built on the outskirts of Puttaparthi, way back in 1989. I remember the hospital in Puttaparthi being built and everyone showed keen interest. They talked about it endlessly.  But, for me, I saw this beautiful hospital as an end of the old and charming ashram.  I remember in 1991, when the foundations were laid,  my taxi driver pulled over to point out the site area, and I shuddered. I don’t know why. This was a good project, one that would help so many people. But for some odd reason, I could never visit the building site, nor the finished hospital. Did I know, on some level, one day Sai Baba would die there? I don’t know. Maybe my reasons were selfish. I knew the hospital would bring huge changes to Puttaparthi.  The old ashram that everyone adored, was about to change. It stood to reason, where there is such wealth,  change is bound to come. It did. When Isaac gave his huge donation he did so, I am sure, with an absolutely good heart to help those in need. In that he succeeded.

About the hospital. I have only visited the SS Hospital once, but briefly, during a visit in 2012. It is an awesome structure, more like a Sultan’s palace than a hospital. It’s very hard to drive along the road to Puttaparthi, and to see hundreds of small villages with shacks, huts and hovels in which the local people live, then to suddenly chance upon the SS. Hospital. It is totally bizarre. This is the story behind that hospital.  The Hard Rock Cafe was sold, I believe in 1989, to British Rank Organisation PLC.  They sold the Hard Rock Cafe restaurants, Hotels, Casinos, world-wide “rights” and Casino “rights” EAST of the Mississippi River, USA and the HRC Entertainment Group in 2007 to the Native American Seminole Indian Tribe of Florida, for US $965 million.

Isaac Tigrett first visited India in 1974, about two and half years after the Hard Rock Cafe had been established. The HRC was doing well at that time and was soon to be the most famous cafe in the world. Isaac though, felt he had another interest that was closer to his heart. That was to find the guru he felt was calling him.  He spent a long time searching for one but none of them met his needs. After a gruelling search he spent his last day in a hotel in Aurangabad.

In the hotel breakfast room in Aurangabad, a photo of Sai Baba was there on the wall.  Isaac had no idea who the person in the photos was. But all of a sudden the photo  called to him:

“I am waiting for you.”

He was stunned. How can a photo talk? He asked at the hotel reception whose picture was  on the wall. The staff told him that it was a photo of  the hotel owner’s guru and that guru lived in Bangalore. Isaac immediately flew to Bangalore, and went to Whitefield Ashram to visit the guru who had called him from the photo. He stood at the back of the tiny ashram against a wall, dressed in black and wearing shades. Then Sai Baba, who he describes as “this amazing creature floated down a tree-filled ramp across the courtyard to him and said, “You’ve come at last! I’ve been waiting for you. We are old friends. Wait here. We have much work to do together!”

Isaac waited 15 years before Sai Baba Spoke to him again. He visited Puttaparthi over the years regularly, often staying for long periods of time.


Love All – Serve All – The Sai Baba Quotation used in all Hard Rock Cafes

Isaac’s Story: Excerpted from The Singapore 2007 talk.

Let me tell you about the Hospital. It was a wonderful and amazing thing for me. I always, from the very beginning, knew Sai was there. Of course, “Love All – Serve All,” Sai’s greatest message, I stole out of the South Indian canteen (written on the wall) in 1974, and emblazoned it in each Hard Rock Cafe all over the world. More importantly, I ran these businesses  not only on this message of love but entirely on his teachings of the five human values: Peace. Love, Truth, righteousness and nonviolence. I was, without a doubt, devoted to trying to put into practice all that I had learned. After twenty years of working eighteen hours a day from the age of 22, three Public Offerings and seeing move dawns than I have had hot dinners, my penance was completed through the world famous Hard Rock Cafe, and it was sold. Those winnings (by his Grace) were how the Sri Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital was built, or as I like to proudly say, on beers, burgers and broken glass. Swami once told me, “It makes no difference what you do. You can be a butcher or a hangman, as long as you rule your life on the five Vedic Human Values.”

Giving The cheque

I was in my room in the ashram when trying to see Baba. I wanted to give him my cheque but something seemed to stop me. I walked over there to the mandir but then started to sweat. I couldn’t move. I didn’t know what was going on with me. It was as if I was being physically manipulated. I walked back to my room and I thought. Why Why? What’s wrong? What am I doing wrong? In giving the cheque for the hospital, is it giving me some sort of an ego trip? Is this like, “I” am doing a good thing? A generous guy? Then if finally dawned on me,  “Don’t do this for you. There is no you. Only us.” And I realized what I wanted to say, believe, and how and why, I had to offer this gift of money as service.

As soon as I got the message straight in my head. Sai Baba let me walk right into that interview room and I said, “Swami, this is a gift for you to do whatever you wish with. And it is from all of us. It is especially from all the ones who would like to give it, but don’t have it to give, they just have their love. We love you. We adore you. We want to help you. This is from all of us.” – He took the cheque. (The cheque I have been told was for many million of dollars.)

I said Swami, “I want you to please, please, please, please, don’t let anyone know that I’ve done this. I want to do it anonymously.”

He looked at me, went out on to the verandah and said to everyone there, “Tigrett gave me this cash!” Tigrett gave me cash! Tigrett gave me cash!”

So we built the Hospital. It was an extraordinary experience. He told me, Tigrett, you are not just going to give the cash, you are going to be in charge of the building the hospital, getting all the medical panning done, doing the architectural. You are going to be in charge of the whole thing! You know, I had been given the tools; the tools meaning the Hard Rock Cafe, yes, that’s what it was for to teach me how to get things done, to get organized. That was a prerequisite to building the Hospital.

I said, “Swami, what about all these gentlemen that you have go around you? Sitting outside the door? (VIPS). All those chaps who are the heads of your Organization? They will do anything to get close to you. Anything!” He said.

“You run them over. You are my Tiger. You run them over.” I said, “Okay if you’ll protect me, I’ll run them over.” And I did.

Just a note:

Sorry to say that Isaac Tigrett has left his flat in the ashram to join with the Muddenahalli Group and  former student Madhusudan the new Swami. (Madhu Baba)   I cannot think why he would do that! It seems like a complete U turn on his part. However, his personal story is still of interest to people. I will leave it here. Perhaps one day Isaac Tigrett will return to Puttaparthi and to the significant Samadhi and vibes of our late guru Sathya Sai Baba, just like the prodigal son of old.

post script: Now that Swami has been gone for nearly six years, it is time to reflect on his inner teachings. He always advised us to go within. To find the in-dweller – the source of all that we are. The “I Am.” Here’s a small article I wrote to honour his words. Sai Ram.


“I am formless and everywhere!”


Someone said something extraordinary to me the other day, while we were discussing Sathya Sai Baba and the Muddenahalli splinter group. The now infamous group have forged ahead in Sai Baba’s name. They said. “why be attached to body parts when you can seek the Source within?” True, why do we hang onto body parts or a body form, when the wisest teachers tell us clearly we are not a body. The source of wisdom is love and that is something we can find within ourselves. All spiritual teachers speak with one voice, when they say that a flesh and blood temporary human-being is just a vehicle to be used while on Earth. We are all just body-parts with the potential of finding the eternal truth within us. Best to focus and find that sacred place in our hearts where the in-dweller resides. Yes,it takes a lot of determination and dedication but it is not without merit, that we eventually find out that our spiritual teacher’s guidance is both wise and compassionate. But as always in cases of well-known spiritual teachers, once they pass from this world, those pivotal devotees who once held positions of power within their late teachers setup, struggle over the right to carry his/her name on in their own chosen way. They claim power and possession over their late teacher’s movement and cause confusion and division among followers. Power struggles are part of every religion and almost all sects. Such power struggles are normal in this ego-centric world, often going against everything their late teacher had taught. When hard-nosed egos decide they are the one and only “Source of Light and Knowledge,” and are the chosen ones, they literally go out of their way to be deliberately be spiteful and vengeful to others, who do not see them as the new mouth-piece for their late teacher. So take care to follow His words and look for the in-dweller. The source of all power and love. You need not seek anywhere else.


Sai Ram 

We Are All Connected, Sai Baba ~ Inspirational Quotations


Charming old photo of Baba with young school children


The Earth is like a one-room schoolhouse in which students of different grade levels are assembled together: first graders co-exist with college seniors, remedial students with the gifted.. Its courses are taught in every language and cover every subject. Students of all nationalities and all races attend this school – all of humankind does. All are on the path toward a spiritual graduation. The lessons in this school are difficult because here we have bodies so we experience illness, death, loss, pain, separation, and so many other states of suffering. Yet, the earth also has such powerful redeeming virtues, like incredible beauty, physical love, unconditional love, soul mates, pleasure for all our senses, kind and compassionate people, and the opportunity for accelerated spiritual growth. Eventually, over the course of many lifetimes, we will learn all these lessons. Our education will be complete, and we will not need to come to Earth again any more.

(Like Baba always said, we are like light-bulbs, all of a different size and shape, each alive with a different wattage. From one hundred wattage power to one thousand wattage power. This is the “current” that runs through us all, and is found in all creatures, from the macrocosm to the microcosm.)

On the astral planes, we discover the advanced dimension that exists beyond our human awareness, and we begin to look into the many mysteries. There we can see and feel the sublime manifestations of what on Earth appears to be solid and material, and we acquire an understanding of these absolute energies at their most elevated vibration. There, we explore the nuances and levels of loving-kindness; compared to Earth and its physical form, it is learning at a higher octave. Even though these lessons are the graduate-level-courses, they are still part of our soul’s curriculum. Our knowledge is always expanding.

From page 19  Chapter 1: We Are All Connected, Miracles Happen, Dr. Brian Weiss and Amy E. Weiss. 

Inspired by Miracles Happen, Dr. Brian Weiss