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Defining the Moola Mantra with stunning visuals and the mesmerizing voice of Deva Premal.

You have come from God, you are a spark of His Glory; you are a wave on the Ocean of Bliss; you will have peace only when you again merge in Him. ~Sathya Sai Baba

I’ve been thinking about God recently.  I’ll  tell you what I think God is all about. The  Indian mystics all tell us, “A God defined is a God confined.” “What can’t be said, can’t be said and it can’t be sung about either.”  They also say, “God is impersonal.”  “I am without form, without limit, beyond time, beyond space. I am in everything. Everything is in me. I am the bliss of the universe. Everywhere I am. I am sat, chit, ananda, absolute existence, absolute knowledge, absolute wisdom.” ~  No messing about with their sacred ideas of God and what He is all about. They are straight as an arrow about it.

Jesus Christ says “He that is born of the flesh is flesh and he that is born of the spirit is spirit.”  Then he says, “Least ye be born again you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.” also Jesus says, “I and my father are one.”  then Jesus says this,  “He that loveth mother and father, child, more than me cannot follow me.” What exactly is He telling us?

He is simply telling us just how things are. He’s talking about higher consciousness; He’s telling us who we really are. He is telling us what it means when we start on the journey  to be born again, when we suddenly start to have faith in another possibility than the one we have now. Now what is that called, what is the other possibility? It’s just a vibrational rate. It’s like you’re born with a pre-fixed setting on your television set to channel eighteen and you never even knew there was a channel eighteen, channel four, three, two. So when someone comes along and says, “Were you tuned into channel seven last night?” You look at them with a wee smile, “Don’t they know there’s only  channel eighteen? Then something suddenly happens, something touches a place in your heart that’s been there all the time. It’s just like you have suddenly awakened for a moment from a long sleep and say, “Oh! Wow! So that’s how it is! I was asleep for a long time. But now you are awake and tuning in to channel eighteen and you like what you are seeing.

Just saying

Beautiful Blissful Mother – Children Of Light

Divine Personage of Anadamayi Ma – Life Summary




Experience of Sublime Holiness


It was a cold evening in December 1924, when I was taken to Shahbag for darshan of the Mother by Rai Bahadur Pran Gopal Muhkerjee. We were taken straight to the room where Mother was sitting alone deeply absorbed in meditation. A dim lamp was burning in front of her and that was perhaps the only thing in the room. Mother’s face was completely hidden from our view, as in those days she used a veil exactly like a newly married village girl. After we had waited there for about half an hour, suddenly the veil loosened itself and Mother’s face became visible in all its brilliance and lustre. Hymns containing many veeja-mantras (sound symbols) began to be recited by the Mother in uncommon accents, producing wonderful resonance, which affected the whole surrounding. The stillness of the cold December night, the loneliness of the Shahbag gardens and, above all, the sublimity and serenity of the atmosphere in the Mother’s room – all combined to produce a sense of holiness which could be distinctly felt. As long as we were in the room we felt an indescribable elevation of the spirit, a silence and a depth not previously experienced, a peace that passeth all understanding. We came away from Shahbag late at night with the conviction that we had been in the presence of a superior being whom it is difficult to doubt or deny.

From the book: Mother as Seen by Her Devotees as told by Dr Nalini Kanta Brahma, Professor of Philosophy, Presidency College, Calcutta
“To believe in Him under any particular form is not enough. Accept Him in His numberless forms, shapes and modes of being, in everything that exists. Aim at the whole and all your actions will be whole.”


Anandamayi Ma, Cry Only For Him


In the summer of 1948, a lady from South India had come to Kishenpur with a party from Hrishikesh. Seemingly absentminded and obviously distressed, she told Ma: “First my husband passed away. I was upset but I could bear it, because I had my only daughter, a lovely talented child. When she was 12, she fell ill and died. Since then I cannot find peace of mind. She was all I had, so beautiful and promising. When she had hardly begun her life, she was torn away from me. Why did she leave me? I cannot understand. For some time I worked in an orphanage. I thought, if I have no child, let me at least serve motherless children. I got attached to these children and they to me. But my heart is still broken. My guru said: ‘Continue your sadhana’. But I cannot concentrate. All the time I am pining for my darling. Nothing appeals to me. I want my child back. What am I to do?”

Ma: “First of all, sorrow comes from the sense of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. You say: ‘My daughter died’, and so you grieve. But who are you? Find out who you are! She was the fruit of your body. As long as you are identified with the body, there must be pain. It is inevitable. So many boys and girls die, young and beautiful, yet it does not affect you deeply. You only think this one child was your own and you have lost her.”

“Then there is another thing to be learnt – all sorrow is due to the fact that one keeps apart from God. When you are with Him, all pain disappears. Let your thoughts dwell on Him. Remember that your daughter is now with Him. The more you think of God, the nearer you will be to her. If you must shed tears, cry for Him.”

“Just as some blossoms fall off without bearing fruit, so do some human beings die young. For a while God had entrusted the child to your care and then He took her back unto Himself. Now He Himself is looking after her. One day you will go there too. Until then keep your mind on God and you will also be with your child.”

“How do you know that your child is not much better off where she is now? How much trouble and distress life has brought you! Would you have desired a similar fate for her?”

“Then again, on the level where there is only one Self, there is no question of birth and death. Who is born? Who dies? All is one Self”

“The same mind that identifies itself with the body can be turned towards the Eternal and then the pain the body experiences will be a matter of indifference. Since the body is bound to get hurt at times, there must be suffering as long as one is identified with it. This world oscillates endlessly between pleasure and pain; there can be no security, no stability here. These are to be found in God alone. How can there be both, the world and the One? On the way there seem to be two, God and the world, but when the Goal has been reached, there is only One. What worldly life is you have seen. Who is yours? Only your Guru, your Ishta (chosen deity); in Him you will find everything and everyone. “I am your child”.

Several months later the same lady came to Varanasi for Ma’s darshan. She looked younger and happier. “I have gotten over my grief,” she said “I am now reconciled to my fate. When Ma said ‘I am your child’, her voice was my daughter’s voice. My hair stood on end and I had a wonderful feeling which I cannot describe in words. From that moment the wound in my heart began to heal. I have gained an inner conviction that my child is happy where she is. I am finding peace and am able to attend to my meditation. Now I am planning to go on a pilgrimage to Badri and Kedarnath. I only wish all bereaved mothers could be comforted as I have been”

~ Old Diary Leaves, Atmananda

Light On Sri Yukteswar – Sri Yogananda


This is an excerpt from a beautifully  written letter by a late-devotee (Richard Wright) of Sri Yukteswarji.  At the bottom of the page, you will find the link to all the letters from Richard Wright to his friends, telling them about his travels in India together with his experiences with Sri Yukteswar. I am thrilled on finding the Ananda website, to be able to read first-hand accounts’ of Sri Yukteswar life.  I would have loved to have met Him but alas!  he died long before I was born. Yet in some strange odd way, I feel very drawn to him as if I knew him anyway.  – ” Just sayin, maybe next time around.. ”  Sorry about the spacing in the letter below, just cannot be correct..

Dear All:

No doubt, you are quite puzzled, perplexed, and annoyed at my apparently greedy silence regarding Swami Sri Yukteswarji; and in one sense I don’t blame you. But in another sense I believe you would not blame me, for this is the reason. I felt this way: far be it from me to attempt to describe one so great and saintly with my limited understanding and superficial glances. I could write reams and reams perhaps about his appearance and the outward aspect of the man, but would I be doing justice to the Saint within? So I waited and waited,hoping to glean more and more of the Saint, the true Swami Sri Yukteswarji.

On every visit we made to his humble Ashrama out in Serampore, just 15 miles outside of Calcutta, I tried and tried to penetrate the Bengali conversation between the two Swamijis, for English is null and void when they are together, although Swamiji Maharaj (as called by others) can and sometimes does speak English, although every time I’ve been present every precious moment is devoted to an exchange of expressions and not wasted on merely passing the time of day. I’ve felt so privileged and elated at just being present in their company, that to utter a word or question in English would have been sacrilegious. But to a certain extent, much less than desired, I’ve had a chance to taste the saintliness of this Great One, in his jovial smile and twinkling eyes.

One quality I have discerned in his merry, serious conversation, is a decided positiveness in his statements—the mark of a wise man, who knows he knows, because he knows God. And so it is, anything I could write would only be based upon the limited external impressions and perception, and not upon the true basis of the saint—his spiritual glory. So, if I’m forgiven for my inaptitude and inability to do the inner man or saint justice, I shall begin my tale (from my notes) on a certain day back in September, as a matter of fact on the 30th.

On this day we left Calcutta, filled with the highest anticipation and full of the great joy that we had been experiencing in the receptions here and there. Our journey to Serampore, just 15 miles out among the villages outside of Calcutta, led us over very picturesque roads crowded with heedless pedestrians or rag-clad natives and most insolent and inert “hump-shouldered” cows and dogs. One common scene that is always of fascination is the water buffaloes with their huge bulkiness, climaxed by a crown of flesh and bone on their shoulders, “worn so,” or created so, by the heavy poles stretching across their necks in the form of a yoke, for centuries and centuries; at least, one would be led to believe that this physiological characteristic had been formed from the constant burden they had to bear over so many centuries, and yet they appear docilely vicious in their huge black, scarcely-haired hides, with long horns swooping and dipping back toward their shoulders, so meek and so fierce, in appearance only, however. It is not uncommon to see herds of them standing majestically
in ponds of mud or dirty water out in the villages.

Well, enough of the cows, or at least of the way I described them, so on we went through the conglomerated, congested, and “un-white-winged” villages, and entering Serampore we passed by the queer shops and motley mass of humanity, turned to the right, and proceeded past the adobe, tile-roofed and thatched-roof huts or hovels, past the favorite eating haunt (a shop) of Swamiji during his school days at the college in Serampore, and suddenly turned to the right again down a narrow, walled lane, then a sudden left turn and there before us towered the humble, but inspiring two-story Ashrama of Swami Sri Yukteswarji, with a Spanish-style verandah on the upper floor or balcony, and the most impressive thing about it was its humble solitude. In grave humbleness I strode behind Swamiji into the courtyard or patio within the Ashrama walls, and likewise the inner portion of the upper story was lined on three sides by a verandah. We proceeded up some old stone steps, hearts pounding, up steps no doubt trod by myriad of Truth-drinkers; up through this crumbling, but sacredly humble abode we continued, the tension growing keener and keener, when suddenly, without ostentation or fore-preparation, there before us near the head of the stairs of this quaint verandah, appeared the Great One, Swami Sri Yukteswarji, standing in his noble pose of great wisdom. He has a decidedly sloping forehead, indicative of a lofty vision and sincerity of purpose, a decided purpose, and God-Wisdom.

Then my heart heaved and swelled as I felt myself blessed by the privilege of being in his sublime presence. Tears nearly blurred my eager sight when Swamiji dropped to his knees, and with bowed head offered his Soul’s gratitude and greeting, touching his feet, and then his own head in humble obeisance to his Guru; he arose and was embraced on both sides of the bosom. It was like the joyous greeting of father and prodigal son, but in this case, triumphant son; no words passed, but the most intense feeling was expressed in the silent words of the heart.

How their eyes sparkled and fired with the warmth of renewed Soul-union! A most tender feeling surged through-out this humble patio; even the sun seemed to elude the clouds to add his blaze of glory to the sublime occasion. Then my humbleness waxed high, and on bended knee and dropped head, I added my Soul’s love and thanks for all I’ve thrilled to and hope to thrill to; touching his feet, calloused by Time and Sacrifice, and receiving his blessings by touching my own head after rising, I stood to face two beautiful, deep eyes, sparkling with joy and wisdom, and introspectively smouldering; the brown iris of his eyes glistened in a ring of ethereal blue.

Anandamayi Ma on Oneness – Children of Light



Then comes a time when the Beloved does not leave one anymore; wherever one may go, He is ever by one’s side and His presence constantly felt. At an earlier stage one perceived Him within all objects; but now He is not seen within the objects anymore, for there is nothing but He alone. Trees, flowers, the water, and the land, everything is the Beloved, and only He.

Every form, every mode of being, every expression, whatever exists, is He – there is none beside Him. It may occur that a Sadhika continues in this state for the rest of his life.

If everything is the Lord and nothing but He, then one’s body must also be He, the One Existence. In this state, when one is deeply absorbed in dhyana, no physical activity be it the performance of ritual or acts of service is possible. For he alone is.

One no longer exists apart from Him. What would the Vedantists say..? ‘There is one – one Brahman without a second.’ Nevertheless, for some who have attained to this condition, the relationship between the Lord and His servant remains and is felt thus: “He is the Whole and I am part of Him, and yet thee is only the one Self.” If the Brahaman is described as the splendour of Krishna’s body – why should one object? Verily, everyone is identical, undivided. To realise this means to be immersed completely into the ocean of Oneness.

– Anandamayi Ma


A precious necklace was seen flashing from the bottom of a lake. Many felt tempted to recover the valuable ornament and dived deep into the water for it, but found no necklace anywhere. Yet it was clearly visible to everyone from the edge of the lake. They were all puzzled. Eventually they realized that there was no necklace at the bottom of the lake; what they saw was its reflection in the water. They looked up and discovered the precious ornament hanging from a tree. A bird must have picked it up from somewhere and deposited it there.

God who dwells within you is the source of true happiness. In the objects of the senses this happiness is merely reflected. The individual, misled by birth after birth by having only a glimpse of this reflected joy, thinks that this is the real thing, namely sensuous delight. So long as one believes that true happiness can be had in sense objects without searching within, one will never taste true happiness. The kingdom of God, hence of happiness, is within you.

– Anandamayi Ma, the Mother Bliss – Incarnate, by Anil Ganguli

More On Anandamayi Ma – Photos – Children Of light

Selected Discourses of Anandamayima – Part One

The Universal Body of the Lord comprises all things–trees, flowers, leaves, hills, mountains, rivers, oceans, and so forth. A time will come, must come, when one actually perceives this all–pervading Universal Form of the One. The variety of His shapes and guises is infinite, uncountable, without end. Just as ice is nothing but water, so the Beloved is without form, without quality, and the question of manifestation does not arise. When this is realized, one has realized one’s Self. For, to find the Beloved is to find one’s Self, to discover that God is one’s very own, wholly identical with one’s self, the innermost Self, the Self of the self. First of all it is necessary to become acquainted with Him Whom you wish to invoke. Constantly think and talk of Him, look at his pictures, sing His praises or listen to sacred music, visit places of pilgrimage, seek solitude or associate with the holy and wise, so as to become familiar with Him. When this has been achieved, you may call Him “Father” or “Mother”. Some relationship of this kind has to be established with Him, because people of the world do not feel affinity unless their bond is defined in such a manner. You are accustomed to ties of kinship in worldly life; this is why you have to bind yourself by some sort of relationship in the spiritual field as well. Even though at the start you may not feel deep devotion, learn to invoke Him unceasingly and with perseverance by repeating His Name, or by any other method, until gradually He will fill your heart. However, prayer, meditation, alms offered in His Name, and so forth, are necessary even after the bond of love has been forged, so as to keep it unimpaired. In this way the awareness of Him will become your second nature and never leave you to your last breath. This is what is termed communion with God. – Ma


I have chosen this wonderful passage from page 87 of the book “The Essential Sri Anandamayi Ma by Alexander Lipski. The Life and Teachings of a 20th Century Indian Saint”. I just loved this excerpt and wish to share it with you all.

Selected Discourses of Anandamayima – Part Two


There are two kinds of pilgrims on life’s journey. The one, like a tourist, is keen on sightseeing, wandering from place to place, flitting from one experience to another for the fun of it.

The other treads the path that is consistent with man’s true being and leads to his real home, to self-knowledge. Sorrow will, of a certainty, be encountered on the journey undertaken for the sake of sight-seeing and enjoyment. So long as one’s real home has not been found, suffering is inevitable. The sense of separateness is the root cause of misery, because it is founded on error, on the conception of duality.

A man’s belief is greatly influenced by his environment; therefore he should choose the company of the holy and the wise. Belief means to believe in one’s self, disbelief to mistake the non-self for one’s self.

There are instances of self-realisation occurring by the grace of god whereas, at other times, it can be seen that he awakens, in some, a feverish yearning after truth. In the first case, attainment comes spontaneously, in the second it is brought about by trials, but all is wrought solely by His mercy.

An eternal relationship exists between god and man. But in his play it is sometimes there and sometimes severed, or rather appears to be severed; it is not really so, for the relatgionship is eternal. Again, seen from another side, there is no such thing as a relationship. Someone who came to meet this boy, said, “i am a newcomer to you” and he got the reply “ever new and ever old indeed!’

The light of the world comes and goes, it is unstable. The light that is eternal can never be extinguished. By this light, you behold the outer light. Whatever appears to you in the universe is due solely to that great light within you, and only because the supreme knowledge of the essence of things lies hidden in the depths of your being, is it possible for you to acquire knowledge of any kind.


Blissful Mother – Inspirational Quotations, New Year’s Updates Prashanthi


The Essential Sri Anandamayi Ma

by Alexander Lipski

an excerpt from the book I am reading just now…. 

Since Anandamaya Ma urges man to start upon the return trip to the Divine One, does she imply that man has free will successfully to undertake the journey by his own efforts?

As we well know, theologians across the centuries have disputed this thorny question.  She makes it clear that there is a subtle interrelationship between free will and grace,  free will being, in the ultimate sense, a part of grace, as contradictory as this may sound, and thus She states:

“Verily, everything in the world is achieved by will-power. If, by determination and patience, someone can translate his highest ideals into life, his actions will be inspired. Such a worker is backed by divine power.”

As long as we are in ignorance, we are seemingly free in minor matters only. Our weaknesses, our inadequacies bind us. We are the slaves of our moods, cravings and impulses and our old thinking patterns.   If we have had fame or a fortune etc.,  we will cling to this, no matter what, until we discover that these old thought patterns of past karmas are a hinderance to us. All our unresolved problems from the past should be met with courge and overcome. This will allow us to continue on our spiritual journey. Any weaknesses or refusal to deal with our karmas will result in failure. Thus, a strong will power is essential on the spiritual path… 

Anandamayi Ma likens the average man’s freedom to that of a cow which is tied by a rope to a post. Within the limits of the rope she (the cow) has freedom. But, of course, were the cow able to break loose from the rope, she would gain complete freedom. Similarly, the person who makes the right spiritual efforts can cut the finite world of pseudo-happiness and attain freedom. 


Might add this is New Year’s Eve in Puttaparthi… Could be Bombay or London. (smile) – So few people for the morning bhajans and vedas, but so many out eating in restaurants and doing all the partying stuff.  I really cannot understand why these folks, when given the chance to  lap up the many blessings here in Puttaparthi at the moment, don’t take more advantge of it.  But  folks, that’s the way it goes. I did notice this doesn’t happen at  ‘Krishna Consciousness’ Centres and temples – perhaps because they make their own food…  🙂

Will be hopefully offering more positive reports in the upcoming days….   


New Year’s day update:

Happy New Year to one and all… Very nice darshan this morning. The Hall was only half-full until 9 a.m. The VIPs were few in number today but Baba’s family came to enjoy the concert. They sit opposite to where I sit on the ledge beside the chair ladies.   The boy’s brass band gave a short concert of interesting music. They actually played very well and kudos to them for their choice of tunes….. (popular 1930’s blues music… ) Now everyone is off for the New Year lunch/brunch  and once more Puttparthi is thrown into chaos. I had an appointment with the massage ladies and spent my time relaxing and taking a steam bath. Hopefully, the massages will help relieve my 18 month bout of tendonitis in my knee.  

temple3I want to mention again the decorations in the hall are still up and dancing in the breeze. Today they added even more  pretty ones all around the Samadhi – a really colourful selection of joyous colours and shapes that took  my eye. We were able to watch the morning activities from the large video screen on the ladies side.

I will be posting later on next week on morning darshans. This is the time when I feel the best vibes are in the hall. The peace and quiet reminds me of days of old when Baba used to come out from the temple and be with us. Yes, for me anyway,  the mornings, here right now, are a good reminder of those far off days.

Also will be doing a New Years report on all those ‘famous’ or well known devotees who have generously shared their videos and books with us over the years. Sometimes too generously but there you go, we can forgive that…  🙂  Many of them are now Old-Age Pensioners and some have already left for the celestial planes. So I feel it’s time to take a short walk down Memory Lane  “Sai Wise”…. There is no one quite like George Harrison, who was a Krishna Consciousness devotee, to add to our list, but none-the-less, we have a few goodies. I will probably start with Al Drucker, who is my all-time favourite early devotee. His erudite writings are a joy to read and have inspired many. Now he resides in Florida in the USA and has been heavily involved with the the teachings of The Course In Miracles. – Well more later….

Sai Ram