“He Who Is Content”, A Sai Interview – Early Devotees

Namaste♥ ॐ♥Pranam♥ ॐ♥Namskar

My first interview was in a group in ’76 was at PN. Interviews are always unexpected and as soon as you are called, you feel a rush of emotions…excitement, gratitude, anticipation, and even a little nervousness.

As Baba was calling us all in (about 10), people were standing about not knowing where or when to sit. I had heard what the interview room looked like and as soon as I went in, I made a beeline to Swami’s chair and sat right next to the right of it while others were still milling about. I wasn’t going to miss out on this opportunity.

Swami is the ultimate host and puts everyone at ease. There was a big black man in a suit and tie believe it or not with a camera around his neck and look a bit bewildered. Swami walks up to him and points to the camera and asks, “Camera?” The man did not speak a word other than his native African language so didn’t understand. Again, “Camera?” He still didn’t understand. Swami turns from him a bit and asks, “How many?” while He extends his forefinger and starts counting people, “One, two, three, four”, then the bobbing finger turns into a wave of the hand then like a card dealer, fans out with His thumb 10 “business” cards with Swami’s photo and address on them. This was particularly humorous for me because I had six months before coming to India, worked as a dealer in Las Vegas.

So Swami starts handing out the cards to everyone and after He finished, He very humbly said, “Swami. No camera. No film.”

I was holding the card in between my thumb and forefinger, and when I changed to hold on the edges, I noticed my thumbprint on the font. The developer was still wet! 🙂

Later in the interview Swami asked the group, “Who is the wealthiest man in all the world?” and no one said a word. He was looking ahead at the group and not at me because I was sitting right next to Him on his right. After a long pause with no answer, He turned sharply at looked right at me with a look of “And what do you say?”

I had actually heard this the day before from a guy who was asked this in an interview so I replied, “He who has no desires Swami.” to which He emphatically replied while poking me in the cheek rather hard with His forefinger, “Wrong!. He who is content!”

Hmmm….I guess it doesn’t get any more direct than that, eh?

– Story given to me by a friend..

Namaste♥ ॐ♥Pranam♥ ॐ♥Namskar

~I really enjoyed  this small story and like most of those people who visited Baba in the early days, interviews were no problem. How lucky they were!