Last Days On The Verandah


For Sai Baba devotees and friends, here are two of the very last photos taken of Darshan on  the verandah. It’s sad to see Sai looking so unwell. Still, even in those last days, his  light and  peace, prevailed.

I see several Puttaparthi shop-keepers in the photo. Odd really,when so many overseas visitors were driven to the back like  “old forsaken donkeys.”  It looks like ‘a whole lot of shufflin’ was going on. But I’m sure the “Cosmic Play” was unfolding just as it should.


Here’s  a less known quotation from  “Vihini,” you may enjoy.

“The age span 16-30 is crucial, for that is the period when life adds sweetness to itself, when talents, skills, and attitudes are accumulated, sublimated and sanctified. If the tonic of unselfish Seva is administered to the mind during this period, life’s mission is fulfilled – for the process of sublimation and sanctification will be hastened by this tonic. Do not serve for the sake of reward, attracting attention, or earning gratitude, or from a sense of pride at your own superiority in skill, wealth, status, or authority. Serve because you are urged by love. When you succeed, ascribe the success to the Grace of God, who urged you on, as Love within you. When you fail, ascribe the failure to your own inadequacy or ignorance.”   -Baba-



Baba: “I will live until 96 years.”

Pondering on the meaning, I remember during my visit last year  in the Darshan area there was the very same vibration, although more subdued to that of the days preceding Baba’s demise.  My belief is that most likely the present vibration, will remain until the anniversary of his 96th birthday. Then will dissipate gradually.