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fish-dream-big2aawhiteedJust  found an old  document about lucid dreaming.  I’d forgotten all about it, simply  because I do not lucid dream anymore. I used to. When away in India and meditating daily, I found my dreams changed dramatically. I’d fall asleep and find myself literally flying. I could fly anywhere and the feeling of lifting off and flying all over the place was liberating.  In those dreams, I was utterly alive and a feeling of joy and freedom flooded my being. I felt the same euphoria  as (A.F., Bay City, Michigan) describes in paragraph one of the book excerpt posted below. When I stopped meditating daily, my lucid dreams stopped. Also long spells away from India and the guru, also rather took the shine off my dream-world. To truly lucid dream, one does have to be in a heightened state of awareness and fully focused on reaching a higher spiritual state. This is not easy to achieve by any means. 

w York, 1990…               


Here is a small excerpt from:

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming

Stephen LaBarge, PH.D and Howard Rheingold. Ballantine Books. N.Y. 1990 – Lucid Dreaming

“I realized I was dreaming. I raised my arms and began to rise (actually, I was being lifted). I rose through the black sky that blended into indigo, to deep purple, to lavender, to white, then to very bright light. All the time I was being lifted there was the most beautiful music I have ever heard. It seemed like voices rather than instruments. There are no words to describe the JOY I felt. I was very gently lowered back to earth. I had the feeling that I had come to a turning point in my life and I had chosen the right path. The dream, the joy I experienced, was kind of a reward, or so I felt. It was a long, slow slide back to wakefulness with the music echoing in my ears. The euphoria lasted several days; the memory, forever.”

(A.F., Bay City, Michigan)

“I was standing in a field in an open area when my wife pointed in the direction of the sunset. I looked at it and thought, “How odd; I’ve never seen colors like that before.” Then it dawned on me: “I must be dreaming!” Never had I experienced such clarity and perception — the colors were so beautiful and the sense of freedom so exhilarating that I started racing through this beautiful golden wheat field waving my hands in the air and yelling at the top of my voice, “I’m dreaming! I’m dreaming!” Suddenly, I started to lose the dream; it must have been the excitement. I instantly woke up. As it dawned on me what had just happened, I woke my wife and said, “I did it, I did it!” I was conscious within the dream state and I’ll never be the same. Funny, isn’t it? How a taste of it can affect one like that. It’s the freedom, I guess; we see that we truly are in control of our own universe.”

(D.W., Elk River, Minnesota)

“One night I was dreaming of standing on a gentle hill, looking out over the tops of maples, alders, and other trees. The leaves of the maples were bright red and rustling in the wind. The grass at my feet was lush and vividly green. All the colors about me were more saturated than I have ever seen. Perhaps the awareness that the colors were “brighter than they should be” shocked me into realizing that I was in a dream, and that what lay about me was not “real.” I remember saying to myself, “If this is a dream, I should be able to fly into the air.” I tested my hunch and was enormously pleased that I could effortlessly fly, and fly anywhere I wanted. I skimmed over the tops of the trees and sailed many miles over new territory. I flew upward, far above the landscape, and hovered in the air currents like an eagle. When I awoke I felt as if the experience of flying had energized me. I felt a sense of well-being that seemed directly related to the experience of being lucid in the dream, of taking control of the flying.”

(J.B., Everett, Washington)

an excellent website on the subject of Lucid Dreaming.

Prophecy Dreams And Sai Baba – Science and Spirituality


It’s happened to most people at least once. You have a dream. You might dismiss it or find it funny but a day or week pass by and happening before your very eyes is the exact dream you just had. Freaky stuff? Or is it just the laws of physics working itself out? You may dismiss some of these dreams as mere coincidences but some are so accurate and improbable that you cannot help but to wonder if the true nature of time and your mind are closely coupled. To dive deeper into the mechanics of our dreams, we looked Dr. Eric Amidi’s(a Particle Physicist and a Certified Hypnotist) fascinating overview of the Collage Theory of Time. Dr. Eric Amidi explains, physics has made great strides in explaining the nature of time measurement, but the nature of time itself remains to be quite the mystery to science. In fact, one of the reasons that quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theory of gravity cannot be unified is that science does not yet have a firm understanding of time. So why is time so omnipresent that you can feel it everywhere you go, and yet it’s so elusive that you cannot put your finger on it and explain what it is? Could it be because it’s within you? Could it be because it has its roots in your psyche and not the world out there?

Can Our Dreams Explain Time?

According to Dr Eric Amidi, the events and happenings are only snapshots of our lives. A “collage” if you will, and in no particular order. Imagine that all the things that have happened and will happen in your life are laid out in a collage of snapshot pictures on a wall, but you can see only a small portion of this wall due to the limited capacity of your conscious mind. In your waking life, your logical conscious mind constantly grabs these snapshots and puts them in a logical order, one after the other. This is what you perceive as being the passing of time. However Dr. Eric Amidi’s Collage Theory Of Time also explains that while you dream or when you’re in deep meditation you may see beyond now and into the future as your logical conscious mind shuts down. Your conscious mind is no longer able to categorise the events of your life into a logical order.

The above is a general theory of prophecy dreams. Can we will our dreams or can we re-arrange them in order to make them appear true? In the dream I had some 19 months ago, I neither willed it nor wished it!

The dream was not about me nor a member of my family or even a close friend. The dream was of someone well-known in Sai Baba circles. Someone I never knew.

I’d met this person, let’s call him “John”,  in the darshan area of Swami’s ashram during 2008. He’d left an impression on me but other than an awareness of each other, there was no further contact. Thus, why should I dream of this person?  Could this have been a “Swami dream” to point out the connection we have with one another? Swami mentioned so many times we are one, we are all connected. I suppose this dream could have been a teaching dream, as it came true some 12-13 months later. I would never have known of the dream coming true,  if I had not seen a video of this person, where he appeared, as he had in my dream, on a talk show, in the USA.

I might add here that I had written down the details of my dream the morning after, told friends, also sent an email to the person concerned. Though the email was not acknowledge, I am sure it was read. (I’ve been searching for the email but i had binned it after sending.. So cannot retrace it now.. Hence why the date is vague.) aaswami490

My dream was somewhere between Oct – Nov. 2011.

An acquaintance of mine was at a low point, let’s call him  “John,”  was distant from me on a physical level. I did not know his everyday activities. I had a dream where he appeared on a T.V. Talk show in the USA. At the time he was living in Puttaparthi or at least I think he was.The dream has to be one of the most vivid I ever remember. In this dream, he appeared on an American talk show as a guest,  along with him was a famous  Country and Western singer.  Everyone was saying to “John,”  “Oh that is big!”  “Wow! that is big…” The other famous guest also repeated the same words to John.  She was sitting next to him and laughing.  John then got up, picked up the lady and twirled her around saying, “I am so happy. I am so happy..” The dream had a very happy feeling, as if John was really excited and pleased to be on the show and back home. It was not revealed in my dream what was so “huge.”

Dec. 2012 – John actually appeared on a T.V. talk show in America  (video, on-line) discussing the renovation of the Nashville, Fairgrounds. In the video, he also talked briefly about the lady guest who had appeared in the dream. “Wow that is big,”  – the words I heard in the dream – has to be the gigantic  Fairgrounds Project in Tenn., currently in the planning stage.

I can only remember one other dream that was a clear prophesy and that took place when I very young..

Dreams – “You Are Love” – Sathya Sai Memories

A very old photo of Sai Baba

Last Christmas, 2008, I had a vivid dream of Swami upon my arrival in Puttparthi.  Not sure it was a dream as such, because Swami spoke to me so clearly, I thought he was there with me.

In the dream, I was in a very small ashram quietly positioned  in a  pretty setting of flowers, trees and lily ponds. In between the trees,  there were a number of small colorful buildings. The small rooms  in the  dreamlike ashram appeared relaxing and peaceful.  I felt comforted. I sat in one quietly contemplating. Then Swami appeared and began to speak.

He said: “What question do you have?”

I answered: “Why was I born?”

“You are born because of Karma. And you have very good Karma,” he said. “But you are lonely.”

I tried to ask him why I was lonely but he turned and walked away. I glanced over to where he was going, then suddenly he entered an elevator, which appeared out of nowhere. The doors closed behind him. The elevator moved downwards. (I thought this meant he was getting to the bottom of the problem.)

The words he said were so clear and the dream so vivid, I knew it was Swami actually speaking to me as in an interview.  I instantly awakened,   pondering on the dream  experience – ‘what question do you have?” – I am sure that is exactly the way Swami speaks to people. Sitting  in bed, I began to reflect on my ‘karma’.

The truth is I don’t feel I have good Karma. I was born into an abusive family where my childhood was hard. I often felt  afraid. I married early into another family where there’s little love. I love my husband, but the extended family, we never hear from.  I do miss the protectiveness of an extended family.This epecially affects me at Christmas time and birthdays.  What I do have and am thankful for is my beautiful home in France, and through the years, I’ve been lucky to live in many countries all over the world.  This  brought its own rewards.

Back to the dream and Swami’s words. Of course I don’t know how Sai sees karma. Perhaps suffering to him, is good karma. I can only think it is.

You Are Love

Another very clear dream I recall from Sai Baba came shortly after my husband’s  serious accident in 1998. I was in shock and quite lost in myself. I prayed to Swami, “I don’t know anymore Swami, who I am, nor where I am going.”

I said those words several times before falling asleep that night. Early the next morning I dreamed of Swami. He was sitting at my computer typing. I remarked upon this and said to Him, Swami you are often seen on the Internet (or words similar to that.) He smiled and typed, L O V E. He said, “L” is for a word I didn’t catch – he went on to explain the o, v, and e in the same way. Then he said, ‘Love is – he continued with my full name ending with my passport name of Mason.

At the time,  I’d had my passport name changed to  my single name of  Mason as mentioned in the above para. Swami had revealed his knowledge of  the name change in this dream, also the knowledge that he had heard my heartfelt prayer.


Dreams Of Sai – More Sathya Sai Memories


Several weeks ago I had a dream where Swami appeared relaxed and sitting on ‘a’ verandah. In this dream the location was not India, but some place that looked a bit like ancient Greece. I can remember he was speaking to people who sat on the floor around his feet. He appeared to be  laughing and talking to this small group with a sense of real joy. The next scene in the dream was of Sai being helped into a vehicle, not a car, not anything I can really name. I knew whatever the vehicle was, he was leaving in it. On each corner of this vehicle, there were seated four ladies dressed in ancient robes, again much like those worn in ancient Greece. The dream came as a surprise, because it has been a long time since I’ve dreamt of Sai Baba. Here, posted again, are several other dreams I’ve shared on this blog before. I have included another from A. Anandtha Vijaya

I will be visiting Bangalore and Mysore on my next visit to India, where I am hoping to spend time browsing in bookshops. I know from other visits, there’s a wealth of material available in India on dreams.  I am hoping to buy books on Buddhist and Hindu philosophy to read while travelling from place to place.

Toffee Chocolate Prasad Dream ~2009

In this dream, I was with an old friend beside the meditation tree. We were discussing how difficult it was to see swami now, having a little moan about how things had changed. Suddenly, there was swami! He took my hand and began shaking it in a ‘how-do-you-do’ fashion. He said “Oh! You’re here” – and other words I did not catch. He continued to shake my hand, then he ended with “Now, must go – ‘Chez Moi’. “  He let go of my hand and when I looked at it, it was full of melted chocolate or toffee. He had held my hand and, I suppose, had placed a toffee there which had squashed with the hand shaking. I was happy with the ‘prasad’ even though I had to peel it off my hand! I gave some to my friend and others, but told them all, I could not give it all away as my husband deserved some.


LEARN¸.•´* ♥ become aware of soul lessons*`•.¸(¯`•.•´¯)¸.•´* ♥ LET



A  Dream About My Pet Cat Buster from long ago.

Swami’s love for animals is well-known. He speaks about them with real affection and tenderness. He also cares for devotees pets. I have experienced his care for animals many times. One incident of his love for animals  I remember well. I’d  like to share it.

One night many years ago, I lay awake worrying about my Siamese cat Buster, who suffered chronic tummy problems. We had two Siamese cats at the time, but Buster was often quite sick.  I was afraid of losing him.

My visit to Swami had been booked months before  and I did not want to cancel it. But I did NOT  want to leave Buster. I was afraid I might not see him again.  Exhausted, by these thoughts, I fell eventually fell asleep.

During the night I had a beautiful dream of Swami. He was sitting  on a chair in  a friend’s bhajan hall,  I was sitting toward the back. Swami beckoned to me to come forward. I moved to the front to sit beside him.  On looking down, I found to my surprise, Buster  sitting on my lap! Swami smiled and stroked him on the head and Buster, typical of Siamese cats, meowed most loudly. Then the dream faded.

Buster, with the help of a brand new diet, overcame his stomach problems. He is still with us today. Now in his fourteenth year and in sound health. Sadly, our other cat Orchid, died last year. My grief over her loss was so severe, I wrote a long letter to Swami, telling him all about her. He lovingly took the letter earlier this year.

This is a very old story. Buster died in 2002. He now comes to me through dreams from time to time….and I can still feel the love that formed a strong bond  between us during his lifetime.


LEARN¸.•´* ♥ become aware of soul lessons*`•.¸(¯`•.•´¯)¸.•´* ♥ LET

Another Dream Story 

An aged man was sitting for darshan some years ago.He got up as soon as Baba came towards him and said, “Baba, my daughter-in-law is not well. She is pregnant. The doctor told her that only one of them will survive. Please, save her and the child. ” Baba said — “ Ek nahi–Do hain (not one child, two are there). Don’t worry, Baba will save all.” The man left leaving all his worries at Baba’s feet.

The very next day Baba came in a dream to both the man’s son and his daughter-in-law. He said, “Worry not. Baba has taken up your case. Your operation will be done but don’t go to any hospital.” Both the wife and the husband thanked Baba for His grace and the next day after bhajans, they placed a letter at Baba’s photograph agreeing to follow his orders.

Again, next day the “mother to be” had a dream. Baba appeared in a doctor’s coat and materialised all the surgical instruments (required for operations.) He proceeded to operate on her. In between He spoke to her: “Abhi operation karne wala Hai” — Now I will start the operation. “Abhi baccha nikalne wala Hai” — Now the child is going to be delivered and so on and so forth.

Once the operation was completed, Baba showed her both the children in the dream. He snapped his figures and said “ Delivery over. Now get up.” The woman then woke up from her dream to find two twins (looking exactly the same as those in her dream). They were by her side.

~A. Anandtha Vijaya

Sai Dreams – Sathya Sai Memories Cont.



The year 2009 was a particularly hard one for me.  I had a series of illnesses that left me depleted and, at times, depressed. During the summer, I was alone at home due to my family working overseas. It was a hard time. Luckily I came through it and am fine again. Here are several Sai dreams I had during that lonely time. Nowadays, it is rare for me to have Sai dreams so these dreams came as a pleasant surprise.

Here are two that I feel I can share.

During September this year, I had a dream. In this dream I was sitting somewhere near to Sai in a place I cannot now remember. I was holding a small child in my arms. The child vanished and became a bird-like creature that fitted into the palm of my hand. I remember the little bird creature was wounded and I felt it might die.

Swami glanced over and beckoned to me to come and sit by him. I did. He then opened his mouth very wide – like huge as if his mouth was the whole universe, and my hand fitted right inside his mouth. He breathed on the tiny bird-like creature. I pulled my hand out of his mouth and to my surprise the little creature was well and healthy.






The second dream, also very clear, was very different. I remember in this dream that I did not suffer with tinnitus, an affliction that I have had for years. I felt elated that my ear was well and at last I did not have to listen to the ringing that so bothers me. I was walking towards a large bhajan hall in this dream. Once inside, I noticed Sai sitting on his chair while bhajans were being sung. Beside him, a prominent devotee was smoking a large cigarette! The devotee was right in front of Sai – he could not have been closer. (A symbol here, I suppose.) I sat further down  in the hall for a while. I noticed that my clothes were untidy. I stood to straighten them out. At that moment, the prominent devotee swung round to face me. I was so surprised by this and, as we sat face to face, I felt embarrassed …. Why I don’t know.  Sai looked at the both of us as if he was the witness to the event. I got up and left the hall.

Dreams are strange creatures.


A special Sai Baba Dream – Sathya Sai Memories


A dream from years ago.

Another very clear dream I recall of  Sai Baba came shortly after my husband’s accident in 1988.  I was in shock and completely overwhelmed  by the tragic ordeal. I went to bed  one night sobbing . I offered a short prayer for help ending in these words.  I don’t know who I am or where I am going now.

Sometime after midnight, I had a vivid dream of Swami. In this dream, he was sitting  in front of  my computer typing. I remarked upon this and said, ” Swami you are often discussed on the Internet” (or words to that effect.) He smiled and typed, L O V E. He said, “L” is for a word I didn’t catch – he went on to explain the o, v, and e in the same way. Then he said, ‘Love’ is – he said my full name.

I’d  use my single name of Mason on my new  passport.  Swami, in this dream, revealed his knowledge of the change in name.

Another dream came soon after. In that dream I saw Sai Baba’s hand reach for mine. He filled my hand with vibuthi.  I asked,  Swami what should I do with it?”

He answered. It’s thick!  Take the vibuthi with  water every day.

I asked Him was it also for my sick husband? He replied, “Yes, Yes, him too.”

On my next visit to Kodaikanal in 1999, Swami blessed several packets of vibuthi. He also blessed more this year at Brindavan.

Dreams – Sathya Sai Memories

“In this dream I saw myself at Ramana Maharshi’s Ashram in Tiruvannamalai. I remember having walked up to the veranda steps, leading to the ashram office. As I was about to enter the office to ask for a room, Baba suddenly appeared and came to greet me. I am not a devotee of Sai Baba, but found the dream ‘food for thought’. I think the dream may be telling me, that they are one and the same. ”~  Miss L. Canterbury


A ball of orange light

“I once had a dream of Swami that was pretty awesome. He came to me as a brilliant ball of orange light and drew me toward it, like a nail to a magnet. I felt the light was asking me to join with it but I couldn’t. Somehow I knew it was Swamiji and he was inviting me to merge with him. I withdrew from the light because I thought I would dissolve or die or something. Anyway, I knew it was Swamiji and I understood what the message was all about. I feel the dream was asking me to merge with Him. ”

-devotee living in Prashanti Nilayam


Stepping Stone Dream.

(A year ago I found my dream river with stepping stones. It is exactly like the one that appeared in my dream years ago. This is the Scroff river in central France.)

After a three month visit to Prashanti Nilayam in 1991, I kept a photo of Sai Baba beside my bed. I use to talk to the photo often.

One night I reached over to touch the photo, asking Sai for a dream. I asked that it be sweet.

I did have a dream that very night. I still remember it.

“My friend and I were ‘playing’ together somewhere near an old school or summer camp, when Sai came along. He beckened us to follow him. He led us down to a river, much like the beautiful river in this photo. The river, like in  this photo, had stepping stones. Sai guided us across the river step by step. Somewhere in the middle of the river, Sai disappeared! We were left there in the middle of the river on the stepping stones. I glanced around for Sai but he was nowhere to be seen.

I stooped down touching the stones, then put my hands in the water, asking myself, ‘ is this  Swami? is this Swami?’”

I knew, even in that dream long ago, that one day Sai would not be there physically to lead me, that I would have to find him in every living thing. And so it goes.  Today I do not have photos of Sai in my house. I prefer to keep him in the formless Absolute.



Swami Gives Hope

I would like to share with others this significant dream. – 1997.

We had recently moved to a temporary residence while we continued to look for a permanent home. The recent move from a steady, established way of living into ‘near chaos’ had left us feeling very low indeed. Trying to fit all of our furniture into half the space of our old home and adjusting to an entirely new area had left us tired and pressured.

One evening in early July when I felt particularly low and my world seemed to be in pieces, I had a dream of Sai Baba. In this dream he was inviting a group of people for an interview, and somehow I felt I should tag along. I remember being the last person to enter the room and after I sat down, Swami closed the door.

I silently watched as he spoke in a light hearted way to each one present. When he eventually turned to me, He took my hand and kissed it, and with that olde-worlde gesture, commented, “You are having domestic problems now, but look on the bright side, they will go away.”

With that message, he blessed my box of incense sticks and continued to bless bits and pieces belonging to the rest of the group then the dream faded and I woke.

What surprised me most about the dream was the message was absolutely right. It belonged to the ‘now’, not the past or future as usually occurs in Sai Baba dreams. It had a comforting effect; I felt somewhat better and assured that I was being watched over.

– devotee India