Why Fear When I Am Here – Metta Teachings

from a very old scanned photo

 One of the most powerful skillful means one can bring to feelings of fear is skillful *attention.* To bring attention, and even curiosity to feelings of fear, can help us break through our aversion to dealing
with what we fear. The key is developing a curious “what is this?” mind, for fear is never what it seems to me on the surface. And if we go all the way to the roots of our fears, we find nothing *intrinsic* about our fears—that is, in Buddhist terms, fear is “not self” and without our self-identification with fear it *can’t* stick to us, or stick around.

So whether we feel our fear is rational, or irrational, the point is to begin to “own” the fear by consciously embracing it in our thought. (Well, if not embracing it; at least taking an *attentive” peek at it.    Maybe even give it a little poke! Take your time. Facing dragons takes courage, for sure!

Just remember that, paradoxically, while fear is, absolutely speaking, “not self,” in terms of the ego and personality, it’s actually *your* fear, *your dragon.* You own *it,* however much it may now seem to own you! And therein is your secret to your power over fear).

So, in the end, it’s our aversion to fear, our avoiding of looking into fear, that gives fear its hypnotic power over us. The more we can
pay mindful attention to fear—which is by the way different than being possessed by fear or obsessed by fear—the more we can begin to
dissolve the tight knot of energy and release what binds us.

Yes, it takes courage, but the if you look deeply, you will find, right in the midst of the fear, the very courage you need to do so. No
one need be a victim of or slave to fear. But as is often the case, the only way out is through. “What is this?” “Is that so?”

piece written by my Buddhist friend, Steven.

Glimpses Of The Divine – More Sathya Sai Memories

Your Life Is My Message:

Bhagavan said, “Most of you are very anxious to spread My message, and many would like to share My message with others. But I tell you, the best way to share My message is this: live up to it.”

“Your self-control, your detachment, friendliness and brotherhood, your sacrifice, spirit of service, determination, patience and steadfastness will glorify Me. Your qualities will glorify Me.”

Swami did not say that His buildings, Colleges, Super Speciality Hospitals, Canteen, Shopping Centre etc would glorify Him. They glorify the devotees! We run there immediately after or before the bhajans. Prof. Anil Kumar says “If we see anyone walking slowly, be sure he is going to the Mandir (main temple); and if you find anyone walking swiftly, very fast, be sure he is going to the stores!”.

Swami tells us, “No Avatar ever moved among the masses in such large numbers, as I moved. No Avatar wanted people to consider Him as their friend, the nearest bosom friend, much closer than any blood relation. No Avatar gave counseling and guidance to such numbers of people as this Avatar has done.”

A Drop Of Baba’s Divinity – (Small Story)

Birgitte Rodriguez wrote in the book,” Glimpses of the Divine” the following short story, posted below.  Birgitte lived many years in Puttparthi, eventually dying there some five years ago. She wrote down her experiences in a manner that captured  the deeply spiritual  atmosphere of the ashram at the time. Swami back then early 1990’s, lived in the Temple. We were allowed to stroll around the darshan area during the early mornings, offering our prayers to him without a bit of security. We were free to live and participate in ashram life fully.  Here is Birgette’s story:

“Every day one experiences a new aspect of Baba’s divinity and his infinite sweetness. I remember one particular evening at Puttaparthi, after bhajans, when I felt I had experienced a taste of Baba’s divinity that filled me with an inexpressible sweetness. It was as if the divine had put just one drop of his sweetness into me. I went and stood outside the mandir compound wall under an  old Ashok tree, quite a distance from the window of Baba’s Temple room but in front of it, silently telling my Lord, “How infinitely sweet you are!”

It was in winter, when it gets dark early and suddenly a flash of light appeared on the wall right next to his window. It vanished abruptly and then came back again three times. It could not have come from a torch because of the distance involved and because the shape of the light was oblong, quite unlike the beam thrown by a torch. In any case, no one in the ashram would presume to shine a torchlight near Baba’s window. I knew who had caused the light to flash on the wall, it had been Baba. He had indeed, heard my prayer of gratitude and because it came from the depths of my heart, he had responded.

Sincerity is the key that opens the door to the divine’s heart, a heart that is as big as the universe. It is not easy to win Baba’s grace, as he himself says. One has to work hard to obtain it and above all one has to be SINCERE. Lip service won’t do. He takes no notice of it. Thus, Your Life is your message…..  ”

This is the last post until after Guru Pournima – hoping your day will be a happy one filled with memories of Swami and his wonderful darshans.

Devotee describes how the darshan hall feels post Sai Baba:

When someone departs this physical plane, people tend to appreciate them more……this is what I find happening now…….people are appreciating what Swami did and was…. instead of constantly anticipating what they might get from Him next…..now people are deeply reflecting upon their journey with Him, deeply appreciating what memories He left for them……many cry…….for me now the most potent theme I am experiencing in the darshan hall is “the aim of liberation”…..ultimately that’s what it was always about.

When Swami was alive, everyone would be focused externally on things such as….

Will He look at me?
Will He call me for an interview?
Will He take my letter?
Oh swami give me a ring!
Oh look He spoke to someone!
Oh look He manifested something for someone!
Oh look here He comes (scrambling of bodies to get a better view) Etc.

Such anticipation would cause a noisy ether in the darshan hall whereby people would be vying for attention and often knock people about in their selfish quest for attention. I used to find it an impossible place to meditate per se.

Now because He is not there in person, people are more still in their movements, their minds are more silent, solemn and INTERNALLY DIRECTED (as it should be in meditation) and thus the ether more pristine making it perfect for a deeper experience….. people close their eyes and focus on the memories, the love that He showed, and the ESSENCE of His being and teachings, many more have their eyes closed, some have tears in their eyes..…..in this way the senses are drawn deeply inwards…..giving rise to a higher state of consciousness in which one is receptive to the spiritual (shakti) vibrations emanating from the Samadhi itself……if the mind is quiet and the ether quiet then a much more powerful and transcendental state of consciousness can be attained……Baba always said the real path was inward…..now that is happening…people are digging much deeper within themselves in darshan……and as it is being done on mass……the collective meditation of everyone is setting a very potent field now……there is nothing to see now on the outside…..only to experience on the inside.

I feel a great sense of relief now that the external phase is over and all are TURNING inwards to receive the inner darshan and grace by fixing their minds and attention on the ESSENCE of Swami’s Being (prema swaroop) rather than latching onto His external manifestation of His form and miracles.

In this way His ESSENCE lives on forever and is amplified by the shakti from His Samadhi…..His samadhi has become the ultimate place for meditation, shaktipat and sadhana to achieve liberation. Therefore it’s now a place where I can meditate without disturbance.

Kindergarten stage over is over, senior school has started…….(entirely my own experience and perspective) ♥