One and One Make One – Myth And Legend


Mullah Nasrudin was on a journey, and he stopped for the night in a town where he did not know anyone. He found an inn, and slept comfortably. The next morning on awakening, he discovered to his dismay that he did not know who he was. He thought for a while about his predicament, then decided to go out into the street to see if anyone might recognize him and tell him who he was. There were many people in the street, but since he was a stranger in the town, no one recognized him. After wandering around a while, he decided to go into a clothing store. Perhaps someone in there…?

The shopkeeper pounced on him. “Ah, good sir, I have just the suit for you. Here, try this on.” The Mullah complied, and tried on several suits and jackets, none of them being quite satisfactory. After humoring the shopkeeper for some time, he turned to him and said: “Excuse me, my good man, but did you see me come into your store?”


“Well, yes, of course,” the shopkeeper replied, puzzled.

“Tell me then,” said the Mullah, “how did you know that it was me?”

source: R. Brown

The greatest riddle, the greatest mystery of all, aside from the Creation itself, is the mystery of the inner world and the outer world, and of their relationship to each other. Perhaps it is even the same as the mystery of the Creation. Along with this short myth, I have posted a link to the video, Innerworlds * Outerworlds, the movie. I highly recommend it.