Lila’s Prayer – Early Devotees


a special photo taken when in his 40's.


Lila was a friend of the author of the book in which her story appears. She had gone to the hospital for a breast biopsy. She was fearful and apprehensive as she waited for the surgery. Seeing her emotional state, her hospital room mate gave her a prayer and she read it just before the surgery was to begin. Immediately she felt a great sense of peace and an easing of the pressure she had felt previously. The biopsy came back showing no serious problems.

** L O V E * *

About one year after this incident, Samuel Sandweiss was talking to her about Sai Baba and she became intrigued. She read a book about Sai Baba and began to think about going to see him. But she and her husband were deep in debt at the time and there seemed no feasible way to make the trip that was planned with Samuel and his group. Lila’s husband was in inventor but he had no luck in the last five years so they barely had enough money to scrape by. Still, she wanted so badly to join the party going to India that she went ahead and got a passport and all the required vaccinations. But still no money turned up so she began to get into a depressed state.

One night she went to bed in a particularly depressed state and she had an unusual dream. In her dream she saw Sai Baba dancing on a rooftop like the fiddler in the movie Fiddler on the Roof. He was full of fun and his eyes twinkled and she found that the dream lifted her out of her depression.

Soon afterwards things began falling into place. Her husband was successful with one of his new inventions and he was able to interest some people in it and before they knew it, they found themselves financially solvent for the first time in years. Just one week before the day of departure she had enough money for the plane fare and so she unexpectedly but happily found herself bound for India and Sai Baba.

The group of forty people they were in, had an interview with Sai Baba and so they sat in the interview room on the floor surrounding Baba who was sitting in his chair. Baba made sure everyone was comfortable and then put them all at ease by speaking lightly and jokingly.

Suddenly he turned to Lila and recited the prayer that had been given to her in the hospital by her room mate. He repeated it matter of factly, word for word, then he moved his hands in the air and a large japamala necklace made of 108 crystal beads appeared out of the air, which he then threw to Lila. Before the trip began, Lila had confided to Samuel that if Baba materialized anything for her, she would want a japamala and then she went on to describe it in some detail. The one Baba had created for her matched exactly the one she had described.

Lila was stunned, then she broke into tears.

“No, no; you must be strong!” Baba exclaimed to her.

“I try, I try” she said.

“Don’t try”, he replied “Do!”

Sai Baba the Holy Man and the Psychiatrist by Dr. Samuel Sandweiss. – Cosmic Harmony