Keeping Photographs Near To Our Hearts! – Rumi



With the passing of Sathya Sai Baba, the pleasure of remembering those early days has been taken from me, because there is no longer anyone to remember with. Those ashram days are all but over for most of us that visited.  It feels like losing my  co-rememberer and like losing the memory itself, as if the things we’d done, back then, were less real and important to what the day holds for us now. I began the blog with my memories of Sathya Sai Baba, taking notes from my memory and writings to post on to this blog. I eagerly waited for each visit to come around, so I could jot down more experiences and events as they unfolded in his ashram.  Mostly, I was lucky enough to have many stories to pass on to others with  like-minds and who had shared experiences. Now Sai has gone, I’ve turned  to creating YouTubes of  Rumi poems, to add to my list of hobbies. Through Rumi poems and my photography, I’m able to create Youtubes that will keep both photos and the poems I love, alive and at my reach.

This is my first You Tube this year. I hope some of you will visit and take a few minutes to watch.

Thank you. Eve

From Hard Rock To Hard Knocks – Isaac Tigrett


Quotation from Isaac Tigrett’s 2007 Talk in Singapore.


I believe that the Jyothi Lamp is lit in the vibrations of the words they leave behind; that we find our spiritual identity in the vibrations of these words of Ultimate Truth. Sai Baba is preparing to leave us. He said He would leave at age 96. He has also said that He could leave his body at any time He wished. Are you ready for this event? Are you only attached to the form? Do you know the formless? He has told us over and over again that we are Divine Beings, that we are Him.

Do you know your true identity? How can we know? –

~Isaac Tigrett



For people who have not heard of Mr. Tigrett, he was the co-founder of The Hard Rock Cafe, and The Founder of House Of Blues.

The quotations posted today, I feel, are from the heart. Isaac Tigrett had more private experiences with Sathya Sai Baba than almost anyone else. He first visited India when he was only 24 years old and stayed devoted until the end of Sai Baba’s life, a long time indeed. Due to his closeness to Sai Baba, I feel that he is able to talk from a viewpoint that few of us “general public Sai folks,” could even begin to understand. In this talk given in 2007, in Singapore, he takes us on a journey through his extraordinary life. He speaks frankly of the successful years of the Hard Rock, and later the years of  “Hard Knocks.”  Life, for us all,  is a journey from “Our Self back to Our Self” and in Isaac’s case, it was one filled with adventure, glamour, pain, illness and loss, way beyond most peoples’ lives. I might just mention, that I do not  know Isaac, although I have seen him often during my visits to Puttaparthi, India.

Sadly Isaac Tigrett no longer lives in Puttaparthi but has gone to live in Bangalore. He now is a follower  of  Madhusudan – The self-style Godman of Muddenahalli…


DivineLord19997eveSwami and Isaac Tigrett during Darshan

During my twenty years of visits, I mostly sat towards the back of the hall. From so far back it was impossible to see Sai Baba during darshan, yet alone speak to him. Only on very special occasions was I even allowed to hand him a letter. Sitting at the back did not necessarily mean a person was prevented from receiving Darshan, for it was always available in some sort of way. It did mean though, that one could not sit comfortably or at ease. We at the back were invariably pestered by Seva Dal workers, or people sitting very close by. There was never an inch of space between people gathered for darshan. The hall towards the back, often had a suffy feel. People grew tired with the long waits for Swami to appear, so many sat and chatted. There was little chance to pick up the beatific vibrations, the people seated at the front had easy access to. We only heard stories from VIP’s about the extraordinary ways Swami worked with them.

I found, during those last years, that sitting outside the hall, was by far the best way to absorb Sai Baba’s darshan. Of course, we all had experiences that seems way beyond coincidences but I, like so many other visitors, was unable to confirm my experiences with Sai Baba himself, like Isaac did.  I engaged in much pondering about the subtle nuances that seemed to occur. Were they real or just fabricated or fanciful, I could never tell.

I know on one occasion my husband, was sitting in Sai Towers entrance cafe, when Sri Sai Baba drove by in his car. He rushed out to the street to give greetings to Swami. After His car had passed by, he returned to his seat in the cafe. He was alone there but for a waiter, when suddenly he felt an enormous peace flood through him. The large garland on a Sai painting on the wall opposite to where he was sitting, suddenly snapped, with the sound of a powerful fire cracker. The garland’s string had broken, two bundles of  stringed jasmine flowers,  fell to the floor. The waiter was stunned and so was he.