Melting into Presence at Kodaikanal – Sathya Sai Memories

A Special Moment

“You are so lucky,” my companion said after Swami had returned to his home. I had just told her how happy I’d been a few minutes earlier while waiting outside the ashram in Kodaikanal.

My companion was envious because I’d left early to line up for afternoon darshan. Arriving at the ashram at about 1:30, I stood with a few other ladies by the lakeside. Then suddenly a crowd of students came out of the main building and stood by the green canopy for a photo session. Some of the students assembled outside of the darshan area when a flash of orange appeared from there midst. It was Swami. He was posing for photos right there in front of us.

We began to wave eagerly at him and he waved back. I moved forward and in sheer glee waved to him with all the enthusiasm I could muster. He waved back copying my wide wave. Delighted I waved again, this time taking it slowly, then again with both hands. Swami responded in exactly the same way. I believe we stood waving for about three to four minutes before he finally signalled to the students to return to the building.

Then Swami, himself, returned to his house.

It was a wonderful feeling to have Swami wave so playfully. It felt like for just a few moments, I had him all to myself.