Past, Present and Future, Children Of Light

Sri  Ramana always said,  the ultimate Truth is so simple, it is nothing more than being in one’s own natural original state. However, it is a great wonder that to teach such a simple truth a number of religions should be necessary and that so many disputes should arise. Years after the passing of this great sage, his  simple no-nonsense teachings remain as popular as ever. Here is one snippet  from a friend on Face Book: 

Three Anglo-Indian lady-doctors came from Bangalore to visit Sri Ramana. One of them had recently lost her husband in an air crash. She asked Sri Ramana:

Is there rebirth?

Sri Ramana: Do you know what birth is?

She answered: Yes, I know that I exist now but I want to know if I’ll exist in the future.

Sri Ramana, Past! – Present! – Future!

The lady asked: yes today is the result of yesterday, the past, and tomorrow, the future, will be the result of today, the Present. Am I right?

Sri. Ramana, There is neither past nor future. There is only the present. yesterday was the present to you when you experienced it and tomorrow will be also the present when you experience it. Therefore experience takes place only in the present moment. Nothing exists beyond that experience…

She further quizzed Ramana on that point. Are then past and future mere imagination?

Sri Ramana,  Yes, even the present is mere imagination for the sense of time is purely mental. Space is similarly mental, therefore birth and rebirth, which take place in time and space cannot be other than imagination.

Source:  Guru Ramana Memories and Notes by S.S. Cohen.

Divine Video From Christmas 2010 – Sathya Sai Memories Cont.

Sai Ram all,

This video was  given to my dad, a gift at Prashanti for  Christmas time 2010. He was doing  seva dal  service  in the holy Christmas  month. Due to his kind  work and seva, he received this DVD. It is not in production and only a few people have it. You cannot purchase the DVD from Prashanti or anywhere for that matter . Here, I have uploaded it on you tube for the WORLD to see!!! 😀

The video is twenty-three minutes long.


“Look out into the

universe and contemplate the

glory of God.

Observe the stars,

millions of them,

twinkling in the night sky,

all with a message of unity,

part of the very nature of God.



I thought the video posted above might  be an enjoyable addition to the blog, as a much valued memory of  the last Christmas with Sai Baba, before his passing. This video is probably most suited to Sai devotees, due to the theme being solely created around Him and his work… Lovely and sentimental for those who are devotees.  Thanks.

****.♥ಌڿڰۣ N░A░M░A░S T░E’♥ ॐ♥”*****


I am posting lots at the moment as I will be away in India for two months from middle of Feb.