The Rainbow Story – More Sathya Sai Memories

A New Rainbow Experience – this one appeared in the sky over Chitravathi Road and to the East on the evening of  Guru Purnima July 15th, 2011


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I explained  in the previous post that these photos were taken on the evening of 15.7.2011 by my friend Trina, who is staying in Puttparthi. She gave them to me to adjust the sharpness and colour. It takes some time to do them all at once, so I have chosen to work on only a few at a time. Here are two more of the rainbow photos due to popular demand.  


A Rainbow Story from “Sai Baba Avatar” by H.Murphet.

Joel Riordan, Hollywood film producer, writer and director, has an interesting story about how Baba changed his sceptic mind and sowed the seeds of faith in his heart. When Joel visited Prasanthi Nilayam along with his wife, Diana, who was a sincere devotee of Baba, he came with the intention to ‘expose’ Baba whom he sarcastically called ‘character’.
Joel has narrated his thrilling first encounter to Mr. Howard Murphet, which he recorded it in his book,“Sai Baba Avatar”:

‘Diana had been over to India a couple of times with her mother, Analise, and both of them used to talk about Sai Baba’s miracles. I thought they must both be mad, or at least going mad. I seriously considered divorcing Diana. But there was my daughter Chrissie to think of. Anyway, I finally decided that, before doing anything drastic, I would go over and see this “character”, Sai Baba, for myself.

My parents had been show people and I was just about brought up in a circus. I was keenly interested in conjuring, and had seen what went on behind all the stage tricks. I figured that even if this character in India was a second Houdini, I would be able to expose him as a conjuror, and not a holy man miracle worker, as people claimed.

Just before I left Hollywood, I was having lunch with an important guy and – to give him a laugh – told him what I was planning to do. He seemed to have heard of Sai Baba, or read about him – may be in Schulman’s book, or yours – any way, he said: “What are you going to ask him for, Joel?” The idea came to me then.

I answered: “They say this character is God-so I’ll ask him for something only God can make – a rainbow”. He laughed, and we talked about other matters. But I decided that was what I would ask for.’

When asked by Howard Murphet, whether his friend had known any Sai devotees in California, Joel replied: ‘I checked on that later – for the same reason as you ask. No, he did not. He lived in a different world from them. No chance that anyone carried the story to Swami.

Anyway, a few days after that I flew to India, bringing Diana and Chrissie with me. It was early afternoon when we arrived in Puttaparthi, and an hour or so later we went for a walk up that hill behind the hospital. It was a hot, dry day, and we went up for a breath of air. We sat on some rocks and looked out over the country. It looked grim and parched-made me feel dehydrated just to see it.

Then in the western sky a bright rainbow appeared, Odd, I thought. How can you have a rainbow without a drop of moisture in the air? Something else struck me as peculiar. Instead of being curved in the usual way, the rainbow stood straight up in the sky like a column. I felt a bit spooky about it. Had this “character” heard my words right across in America, and caused this phenomenon?

Then the colours started to fade out from the bottom up. I felt I needed a drink. But of course there’s no alcohol at Puttaparthi, and even the water was warm in that season.’

In answer to Howard Murphet’s query whether his wife Diana had known about his unusual wish, he replied:

‘Yeah, I mentioned it to her on the way over on the plane. She saw the rainbow all right – ask her, yourself.

Afterwards, we came down from the hill, and there was a message that Swami wanted to see us. Diana got more excited about that than about the rainbow, but as we had come a long way, it seemed natural enough to me that He would see us on the first day.

When we walked into the interview room, Swami’s first words knocked me out: “Well, character, how did you like your rainbow?”

‘I was too dumbfounded to answer. He knew my name for Him, and what I was going to ask for, and had put that odd rainbow in the sky! It all blew my mind.

Well, I sat with the others on the floor, hardly hearing, and not understanding, what He was talking about. In fact, my mind was racing about like a rat in a trap, trying to find a way back to the common-sense world I knew. Granted he was a mind reader; telepathy does exist between people. It’s been proved scientifically. But the rainbow must have been a hallucination or I had been hypnotized.

“I’ll give him another test”, I thought to myself, “I will ask Him to produce some fresh fruit-out-of-season fruit – right here in this room, without warning.”

A few minutes after I’d had this thought, Swami stopped talking and waved his hand in his usual way. When he turned it up I saw a fresh fig sitting on his palm. He handed it to me without a word.

I ate it later. It was as fresh, as if had just been picked. Yet, figs were out of season and, as I learned later, none grew in that area anyway.’

This was how Bhagawan transformed Joel Riordan and sowed the seeds of faith in his heart. Later He gave him the job of supervising some painting work in the Brindavan Ashram in preparation for the Summer Course that year.

Joel was later fortunate to spend a lot of time staying with Baba and basking in His love and grace.

Rainbow Over Puttaparthi – 15.7.11. – More Sathya Sai Memories


Puttaparthi, at 6.30 p.m. after the First Gurupourmina Festival without our Physical Baba


Blessed on Gurupurnima : Puttaparthi 15th July 2011, 6.30 pm

The rainbow is a symbol of the divine presence, the bow of God, the brilliant light display of glory around God’s throne. So the rainbows evoke a kind of deep spiritual fervor and hope for a divinely blessed life.


Details on Rainbows

The experience of seeing the colours of the rainbow, when the sun is shining and it has been raining, is one we all can share. The experience often has a magical quality to it as though it is stirring some deep inner response. Such is the wonder of the light that forms the colours of the rainbow.

Emmanuel Swedenborg, one of the greatest spiritual pioneers of the western world, readily recognised the universal importance of light. To use his term, it corresponds to the inner awakening of enlightenment caused by the shining light inherent in truth and wisdom dispelling the darkness of doubt and despair.

Most of the colours that you and I see are produced by part of the sun’s light energy being absorbed/smothered by the objects around us. The red chair, say, gives far less light energy than it receives, whereas the heavenly principle is to GIVE AS WE RECEIVE. To consider light and colour from a spiritual viewpoint we should look at colour by transmitted light. These colours are, of course, the colours of the rainbow, when no light is lost but its inner beauties are quite literally opened out before our eyes as it shines through the transparent water droplets in the rain cloud. We are not intended to absorb the light … enlightenment, joy and happiness … rather we are intended to transmit it; and in doing so to unfold its meaning for others, and for ourselves too.

 The colours of the rainbow are not just wonderful images in our natural world but also convey deep spiritual meaning.

Isaac Newton, discovered how to produce the colours of the rainbow using a glass prism and a slit of light. Schoolchildren the world over still sense his joy of discovery in repeating this experiment for themselves. The mystical importance of the rainbow is intuitively perceived by almost everyone. It brings out the childlikeness in us … the ‘look what I’ve found’ spontaneous desire to share. It inspires a sense of joy and optimism, linked to another childlike quality – wonder.