The Lingam Flower – Sathya Sai Memories


about the youtube:

We have always been blessed to rejoice in His glory of divine, compassion, purity, might, spirit and grace when the Sai avatar walks.

This video is yet another humble attempt to map our Life’s journey of heavenly fortune and fulfillment with the Lord in His glorious divine mission which has always been a priceless treasure of our hearts.

The Avatar of our age is admist us operating at various levels of existence and not only the physical plane that we are aware of and serving us for our own emancipation. He has come to us as a light projecting vast universe… bright and clear. Bright to show many of us the way and clear to tread it.

The coming of an Avatar to make us realise that we are divine is the highest gift of illumination to mankind in the shortest time..

Baba’s own life is His message to humanity. Hope this video helps you reminiscence your own sweet relationship with the Avatar of our age, inspires you to become a part of Avataric Divine mission and to find fulfillment in your lives by making “Love All Serve All” the undercurrent of life

Created with  love, and gratitude at the Lotus Feet of our most beloved Divine Master Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Sai Ram


The Lingam Flower – An Experience from the Past

The year 2003,  the place, Sai Ramesh hall after morning darshan. I sat down quietly beside the Ganesha statue just below the stage. I remember ‘The Ganesha’ being covered with beautiful garlands of jasmine and marigolds. The smell of the flowers wafted into the air and mixed with that of the smoke streams of perfumed incense burning at the base of Ganasha. A feeling of elation came over me, I didn’t want the moment to go. I wanted to stay forever in this  surreal atmosphere of splendid serenity. It was during my repose that a little old lady dressed in an outmoded, faded, green checked sari appeared. Her worn face,  smiling, exposed gaps where her teeth had once been. Her small frail body, all too bony for lack of proper nourishment, seemed out of place in the exotic Sai Ramesh Hall.

She sat down beside me and her great eyes shone with such a brightness, that I could not take my eyes from hers. Moreover, she looked at me adoringly. Why an unknown peasant lady would look at me with adoring eyes, I had no idea. Still, I thought, she is rather like some other old ladies I’d met before and were, in fact, other forms of  Sai Baba – (the Sai phenomena). Sai Baba often took on other forms during those days to interchange with a devotee. Like he says ‘all forms are mine’ and often he proved this is true.

A seva dal began to distribute the lingam flowers from the base of the Ganesha statue. The huge orange  flowers had a centre that looked exactly like a lingam. They are simply, very exquisite flowers and ones that I prized. The seva dal gave me one that looked freshly cut, and then another smaller one. He missed the little old lady out altogether. I asked him to give her a flower but he refused. She uttered something quickly to him and he responded with a command that I could not understand.

Feeling sorry for the old lady, I gave her one of my flowers. She happily took it and placed it inside her sari fold across her chest. I’d not seen ladies put flowers in the upper fold of their saris before, but I took it that is was an Indian custom. She continued to stare at me with her adoring eyes and for a time our eyes locked.

Suddenly she stood and leaned over and placed her hand on my head as if in a blessing. Then she was gone……where I have no idea. She just disappeared……….

‘Honesty Pays’ A Sai Experience From Brindavan, 1990’s – Sathya Sai Memories


A Magical Time

During the early 1990’s Brindavan Ashram was a mystical place. The stage area where Swami sat for bhajans, use to be dripping with exotic flower arrangements. Even devotees offerings of rose and Jasmin garlands , were accepted and placed upon the Ganesha Statue, just beneath the stage area.

A beautiful statue of the Goddess Saraswathi stood  just outside the hall. People use to place garlands  at  her feet.  I, too, use to leave roses there as a token of  gratitude.  Although the old Darshan Tree had been cut down, the new Sai Ramesh Hall, held a certain charm. The placement of ‘blocks’ around the hall, provided us with  close darshan of Sai.  He often strolled around each block where everyone could see him.  In the early days of The Sai Ramesh Hall, Swami gave Darshan twice  a day. He sometimes entered the Sai Ramesh Hall from the third  entrance, towards the back,  much to the surprise and delight of those people seated in the back blocks. It was an amazing time to be with him. And greatly missed.


saraswati-whitefieldStatue of Saraswathi outside The Sai Ramesh Hall, Whitefield.

Taken from a memory written well over two decades ago

“Some years ago, while in Whitefield, I  joined a London  group for a very short time. When it was time for them to leave, the group decided to join the ‘leaving line’ fondly named the  ‘blessing line.’ I, too, joined although I had some weeks left before I had to leave for home.

A sudden prick of conscience made me reconsider my seating place. I decided to ask one of the Seva Dal volunteers if it was okay for me to sit there,  although I would not be leaving with my group. She answered that it was not and suggested I join the usual token number rows.  I left my plate of sweets with the group and found another line where there was just enough room to squeeze in the very back.

Fortunately for me,  the line drew a number one token.

Quickly, I retrieved my tray of sweets from the group members seated in the `leaving line,’  and followed the rest of the row one ladies into the Sai Ramesh Hall. Here we were placed towards the carpet’s edge and close to where Swami walked.

When Swami came out for darshan, he came over  stood and looked at the sweets, then blessed them.

On the following morning, I sat again in the token lines, while the remaining group members sat in the leaving line. Again, my line drew number one.  Amazed by this good fortune, I stood and waved to my group, telling them of my good fortune. One called over, “That’s what you get for being honest.”


Another interesting fact about token line numbers is that when devotees ask for front position to have their babies blessed, sometimes they are refused. Swami, aware of their disappointment, often  gives them line number one at the next darshan.

A young lady, who was refused a chance to sit in the front at a very busy time in the Ashram,  drew number one token the next day. The baby received a special blessing from Sai.

Darshan in the Sai Ramese Hall -1990s

Row Number One!

Unbashful row one is something I treasure. I rarely had a chance to sit near Sai Baba and thus, a one number had special meaning.

One of my fondest memories of line numbers is 6th May, 1996, when I drew  no. one token, both morning and afternoon.

This poignant anniversary of the passing of Sri Sai Baba’s mother was celebrated magnificently in the morning; children sang bhajans and chanted mantras. At the end of the ceremonies, Swami accepted a little girl’s bouquet of flowers.

The afternoon arrived  balmy, bright, and festive and while a promising ambience electrified the hall, Swami, in excellent spirits, gave an inspiring discourse about mothers.

Sri Sai Baba teaches in a variety of ways and often his silent teachings are more revealing than any given in an interview. In particular, the token numbers make us ponder on the `whys and wherefores’ of our seating positions.

Of course, front lines gladden our hearts and we see him as Sai Krishna,while the back lines seem to indicate we are being punished. This is when we often see Swami as the  Shiva principle who moves among us destroying our egos.  But through it all, whatever the number, it is a sincere gift of love from Swami to his visitors or followers, at least those brave enough to accept whatever he gives. Who would trade such valuable lessons to be a V.I.P.?

– SathyaSaiMemories