Dreams Of Sai – More Sathya Sai Memories


Several weeks ago I had a dream where Swami appeared relaxed and sitting on ‘a’ verandah. In this dream the location was not India, but some place that looked a bit like ancient Greece. I can remember he was speaking to people who sat on the floor around his feet. He appeared to be  laughing and talking to this small group with a sense of real joy. The next scene in the dream was of Sai being helped into a vehicle, not a car, not anything I can really name. I knew whatever the vehicle was, he was leaving in it. On each corner of this vehicle, there were seated four ladies dressed in ancient robes, again much like those worn in ancient Greece. The dream came as a surprise, because it has been a long time since I’ve dreamt of Sai Baba. Here, posted again, are several other dreams I’ve shared on this blog before. I have included another from A. Anandtha Vijaya

I will be visiting Bangalore and Mysore on my next visit to India, where I am hoping to spend time browsing in bookshops. I know from other visits, there’s a wealth of material available in India on dreams.  I am hoping to buy books on Buddhist and Hindu philosophy to read while travelling from place to place.

Toffee Chocolate Prasad Dream ~2009

In this dream, I was with an old friend beside the meditation tree. We were discussing how difficult it was to see swami now, having a little moan about how things had changed. Suddenly, there was swami! He took my hand and began shaking it in a ‘how-do-you-do’ fashion. He said “Oh! You’re here” – and other words I did not catch. He continued to shake my hand, then he ended with “Now, must go – ‘Chez Moi’. “  He let go of my hand and when I looked at it, it was full of melted chocolate or toffee. He had held my hand and, I suppose, had placed a toffee there which had squashed with the hand shaking. I was happy with the ‘prasad’ even though I had to peel it off my hand! I gave some to my friend and others, but told them all, I could not give it all away as my husband deserved some.


LEARN¸.•´* ♥ become aware of soul lessons*`•.¸(¯`•.•´¯)¸.•´* ♥ LET



A  Dream About My Pet Cat Buster from long ago.

Swami’s love for animals is well-known. He speaks about them with real affection and tenderness. He also cares for devotees pets. I have experienced his care for animals many times. One incident of his love for animals  I remember well. I’d  like to share it.

One night many years ago, I lay awake worrying about my Siamese cat Buster, who suffered chronic tummy problems. We had two Siamese cats at the time, but Buster was often quite sick.  I was afraid of losing him.

My visit to Swami had been booked months before  and I did not want to cancel it. But I did NOT  want to leave Buster. I was afraid I might not see him again.  Exhausted, by these thoughts, I fell eventually fell asleep.

During the night I had a beautiful dream of Swami. He was sitting  on a chair in  a friend’s bhajan hall,  I was sitting toward the back. Swami beckoned to me to come forward. I moved to the front to sit beside him.  On looking down, I found to my surprise, Buster  sitting on my lap! Swami smiled and stroked him on the head and Buster, typical of Siamese cats, meowed most loudly. Then the dream faded.

Buster, with the help of a brand new diet, overcame his stomach problems. He is still with us today. Now in his fourteenth year and in sound health. Sadly, our other cat Orchid, died last year. My grief over her loss was so severe, I wrote a long letter to Swami, telling him all about her. He lovingly took the letter earlier this year.

This is a very old story. Buster died in 2002. He now comes to me through dreams from time to time….and I can still feel the love that formed a strong bond  between us during his lifetime.


LEARN¸.•´* ♥ become aware of soul lessons*`•.¸(¯`•.•´¯)¸.•´* ♥ LET

Another Dream Story 

An aged man was sitting for darshan some years ago.He got up as soon as Baba came towards him and said, “Baba, my daughter-in-law is not well. She is pregnant. The doctor told her that only one of them will survive. Please, save her and the child. ” Baba said — “ Ek nahi–Do hain (not one child, two are there). Don’t worry, Baba will save all.” The man left leaving all his worries at Baba’s feet.

The very next day Baba came in a dream to both the man’s son and his daughter-in-law. He said, “Worry not. Baba has taken up your case. Your operation will be done but don’t go to any hospital.” Both the wife and the husband thanked Baba for His grace and the next day after bhajans, they placed a letter at Baba’s photograph agreeing to follow his orders.

Again, next day the “mother to be” had a dream. Baba appeared in a doctor’s coat and materialised all the surgical instruments (required for operations.) He proceeded to operate on her. In between He spoke to her: “Abhi operation karne wala Hai” — Now I will start the operation. “Abhi baccha nikalne wala Hai” — Now the child is going to be delivered and so on and so forth.

Once the operation was completed, Baba showed her both the children in the dream. He snapped his figures and said “ Delivery over. Now get up.” The woman then woke up from her dream to find two twins (looking exactly the same as those in her dream). They were by her side.

~A. Anandtha Vijaya

Let Me Touch Your Feet – Sathya Sai Memories


I remember the day well, it was the 21st June 1994, morning darshan in Sai Ramash Hall, Whitefield. Swami walked up and stood close to me. He took my letters, paused to read the envelope, then with a smile He came even closer while collecting letters being offered to Him from everyone around. He dropped one small note between his feet and I bent down to pick it up. The letter had fallen near His gown and I gently picked the letter up and offered it to Him, while engaged in the offering of the letter, I forgot to touch his feet – something I’d longed to do. It was not until after darshan that I pondered on how close He had been, surely, I thought, the dropped letter had been a hint? What a missed opportunity!

Many times during the following weeks I wanted to touch His feet but an opportunity did not arise. However, a few days before I left for home, Swami came over and took another letter and allowed me Padmanaskar. Everything I had asked Swami for that summer had come to pass and once I’d touched His foot, my trip was completed and I felt fulfilled.

Darshan to me has always been about those little things that happen, either through contact with Swami or sharing experiences with those around us.


It is ten o’clock at night here. I have just posted this story from my old website. I had no idea that the story would have the date mentioned. I had forgotten that I’d ever mentioned it. When I checked with my calender just now, I see it is 21st June, 2009, 15 years later. Wow! time goes by so quickly.

I now ponder on what made me chose to post this story tonight, when I am so very tired? As I said, I had no idea that it would contain the date of the experience.

– Sathya Sai Memories