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“As you arouse your heart
by facing your inclination toward evil
you may find yourself
engulfed in a deep and troubling sadness.
If so, do not be alarmed.

Such sadness arises from
and operates from within
the shell of self,
yet it draws energy from
your innate yet hidden desire
for God and godliness
and thus kindles your
passion for self-transformation.

To work with sadness, say to yourself:
‘I feel utterly removed from God,
yet within me is the light of God
desiring only to return to God.’

‘Let me return this spark
to her father’s house.
where she is united with God as God.
Therefore I will cry out to God,
and God will end this captivity
and reunite her with Himself.’

This is the practise known as
returning through kindness.
It should occupy you all your life.”

– Rabbi Schneur Zalman, ‘The Tanya’.


As Sad and As Deep As You

A change of direction in this post. ~  A post about sadness just isn’t easy, is it?  “How do we cure sadness” ~ is something that has always bothered us as human beings. We humans are not good at looking at the harm we do to ourselves and to each other. We often refuse to see the real core of our sadness,  refusing to acknowledge it. Being sad is associated with having failed. Yet, often it is not a case of failing.  What do I do when I am sad ? Probably the same as you. I cry. Not just about the bad stuff, and there is plenty of bad stuff.. I cry because I simply cannot stop the deep sadness arising in me.   Still, it’s worth remembering that WE ARE never really ALONE or ever devoid of love. By combining our tears of deep sadness, with our feelings of being unloved, can actually obliterate our negative emotions. Don’t be afraid to do this. 

Aha! and this: In our  sadness we all need to be made “special.” When we mature enough to become conscious and kind human beings, then everything we do is special and everyone is special.. ~ Namaste