Become A Light – Children Of Light

star flower
star flower
Become A Light

Just a little request for people all over the world and children of light to please start reflecting on the stories of your souls to vibrate wisdom around the earth. You can do that with any little gift you have. Like photography or writing or painting! You need not be a big star or a public figure.  Just be yourself!   You can pick up a coloured pencil  or a microphone and begin! Press the inks of your pens onto pretty paper or tap words into your computer or iphone and start sharing what you know and have learned with all those people out there. You can do anything you want if you are focused on it.  Turn your personal story into a piece of the earth’s puzzle so that our combined  thoughts, feelings, our lessons learned and our deeply-felt convictions, reveal common truths that cannot be denied. Just imagine the changes that could happen if people everywhere, suddenly stopped acting like someone else and became true to themselves and celebrated the beauty of their  uniqueness.  It’s only after people have willingly removed their false masks and false costumes and false ideals and have begun pouring light from their hearts to reveal their vulnerability, dreams and pain, will we be able to see that beneath the surface, we are all the same, although each one unique. After all, how can the world collectively fight for truth, if soldiers in its armies are devoid of truth? We must first of all be true by putting  the ultimate truth into our words, into our  actions and into life itself. And to do so, everyone must learn to think and react with their conscience. Imagine what Truth could do to neutralise the forces of evil once this black and white world suddenly becames energized  by a  sense of amazing, unified voices. We could put back vivid colour into every home, every school, every industry, every nation, and every garden on earth where flowers have been crushed by corruption.

Eve – flowers from this summer’s collection – 2016


the sun-hat
the sun-hat


flowers on the table
flowers on the table





Blue Geranium
Blue Geranium




Heart to Heart – An All Powerful Message From The Master – Sathya Sai Memories



ℒℴѵℯ✩ ❤✩•*¨*•♥❤✩•*¨*•♥ ℒℴѵℯ✩IS ❤✩•*¨*•ALL AROUND U♥❤✩•*¨*•♥


No matter where you go, always do your duty as you see it and know that I will be there inside you, guiding you every step of the way.

In the years to come, you will experience me in many different manifestations of my form. You are my very own dearer than dear to me. I will always protect you as the eyelids protect the eyes. You already have me and I have you. I will never leave you and You can never leave me. From this point on, do not hanker after anything. Do your duty with unwavering love seeing all as God. Be patient. In time, everything will be given to you. Be happy. There is no need to worry about anything. Whatever is experienced, whatever happens – know that this Avatar willed it so. You are sacred souls and you will have your part to play in the unfolding drama of the new Golden Age, which is coming.

With love,

this letter was written by Swami and  given to a few. Swami himself had said, this letter will reach only those whom I wish it to :)


Unity Is Divinity – Sathya Sai Baba Quotations


Your Birthday and Mine

Man struggles through life in isolation, lost and unaware of his identity. The day that man becomes awakened, that will be his birthday and that will be My birthday.

These occasions when you meet together for My birthday give you the opportunity to think about the reality of life, a chance to establish your own identity and your relationship with all around you.

That is the background to the words “UNITY IS DIVINITY” because all is God and there is only God. That is the fundamental truth, and when you reach a full understanding of that concept, you will start to become awakened, reborn into a completely new way of life. Only then will you find it easy to put into practice the teachings of the Lord.

It will become a way of life, the only possible way, and it will bring with it such great joy and happiness, contentment and peace. It is the only way to find peace of mind, something which is so elusive while you continue chasing after false gods, the false values and ideals which haunt man while he struggles along the wrong path of darkness.

Man must awaken and see light, then he will be able to see through the illusion of much that he treasures and seeks.

Turn to God and look for God in your own heart. Realize that this is the real you, the spark of divinity that is everything.

All is divine, all is God, and UNITY IS DIVINITY.

All Forms Are Mine – My Story – Sathya Sai Memories Cont.

the photo the lady took and kissed

One of my stories from the past.


Sai Baba stands for the unity of humankind, a unity that rests in the divine and in which he himself, is of the divine soul. He does not teach by discourses alone. He often gives guidance to devotees through other means, most of which is silent. He can for example make you sit down next to someone who is quite different from you. For example an old, toothless village woman, whose worn and wrinkled face has been scorched by the sun, who has rarely had a wash, who has known starvation and many other difficulties, and in some strange way  Sai can make your body take on all of the feelings of the old woman. Or he can make a devotee, say one who prizes his intellect, go through a crucible until he or she sees that intellectual arrogance and a haughty attitude is quite childish and hollow, when faced with something altogether greater.

He can also take on different forms to drive lessons home to devotees about the unity of divinity.   This brings me to an experience  I had many years ago while on a prolonged visit to Prashanti Nilayam Ashram.

“One afternoon while waiting in line for a token number for darshan, out of nowhere a tiny, old and wrinkled  Indian lady dressed in a thin white  sari, came and sat behind me in my token line row.  Her sparse greying hair was sharply pulled back into an untidy hair bun, giving her a wizardly appearance. I couldn’t help noticing she seems somewhat out of place there in the heavily European lines.

Then a surprise – she unexpectedly tapped me hard on my shoulder, I immediately turned around. The little old lady wanted to talk. “Our number is 30 – last line.” She muttered in perfect English.

“Oh! No!”, I responded, “It can’t be!” “Yes, yes, last line, last line.” She said again.

I pondered on how she could possibly know what number we had for we were seated near the end of our row, where we could not possibly know what  number we’d drawn.

Another tap on my shoulder, “Photographs, you have photographs,” she said, while pointing to my handbag. “No, no,” I replied, “I don’t have photographs.” “Yes you do!” she insisted.  “They are in your handbag.  You look!”

I grudgingly glanced into my handbag and, yes, there hidden at the bottom, were four small photos; a selection I had bought that very morning. I didn’t want to show them to her but the old lady insisted. I handed her a small photograph of Swami seated in his chair. She smiled, took the photo, then began to kiss and talk to it  fondly.

I sat watching her with slight amusement, marvelling at how she knew about the photos. I asked if she would like to keep the one she was kissing, she answered  no then gave it back.. I urged her again to keep the photo but she wouldn’t accept it.

The strange conversation with the `all knowing lady’ continued until our line stood and moved into the darshan compound. While walking quickly along, I glanced  over my shoulder  to see if the old lady was still there but she had disappeared. I continued to look for her duringd darshan but she was not to be seen asnywhere.

Remarkably,  that afternoon I received a wonderful darshan. When Swami passed by, he looked over and smiled ‘knowingly’. It was such a cheeky  smile.

Finally in  a recent story  told by a prominent devotee, when seated on the verandah,  he often felt the feelings of those around him. This is not unusal as my story describes. Another way of Sai teaching lessons to those who need to learn. 🙂