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The Divine Legacy of Bhagavan’s Discourses and Teachings

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi gave thousands of Divine Discourses throughout His lifetime. Swami dedicated His entire life and legacy to the upliftment of Mankind through His Divine Teachings and Discourses, which He shared freely with the entire world for over 85 years. Swami’s eternal guidance continues to support and inspire devotees, new and old, even today. In fact, as Purna Avatar, His Divine words and advice remain forever, as they were spoken with full authority and Divinity for all of posterity.

There was never any indication from Bhagavan that His words should be changed, altered, re-written or re-spoken by anyone ever. His speeches are complete and for all times just as He gave them. In fact He left thousands of Divine Discourses as His Legacy to guide and protect Mankind, and to re-establish the Sanathana (Eternal) Dharma (Duty) of Mankind.

One of His foremost themes throughout His discourses is the importance of having a direct inner connection with Him. Over seven decades He repeatedly encouraged His devotees to establish a Heart-to Heart connection, an inner-view, an internal Sai line of communication within, without any intermediary or third party.

This website reminds all devotees of what Swami specifically warned about third party communicators or mediums which is what is happening now in Muddenahalli.. This break-away cult is advertised and promoted by several past well-known figures in the Sai movement who have fallen from Swami’s grace and have taken advantage of the ignorant, distraught or dissatisfied devotees to promote a second imitation version of Swami. Even their communicator Madhusudan Naidu goes so far as to imitate Bhagavan’s Divine Discourses, sign His Divine name, and give advice on His Divine behalf, which is the worst possible sin! 

Sai Ram