Gold & Green Hall, The Story – More Sathya Sai Memories

Beautiful Reflection 

The year 2002, was the year of Golden days in my Life. I was assigned with responsibility supervising Gold fixing Job, in Kulwant hall, The Prashanthi Mandir and the Central Dome of super Specialty Hospital. Almost every day Swami used to visit the work site at noon, to inspect the work in progress. When the work was commenced, Bhagavan was spending the summer in Whitefield, Bangalore.

There are many square shaped boxes on the ceilings with ornate designs. We are to load gold on the designs and also to provide a suitable background colours. We made offers for choices of 8 boxes with 8 different colours, with pink, sky blue, Ivory colours etc. To make it 9 in all, we mixed few colours, which looked like “Green”. Swami drove down to Prashanthi Nilayam, to view the samples, and selected this particular mixed up colour.

Swami never uses Red, Yellow, Green, dark blue or any other dark colours, And yet this time this green was the Divine choice. Many elders in Puttaparthi were also wondering and making enquiries with us whether we heard Swami all right. Within a month after commencement of the job, Bhagavan shifted back to Prashanthi Nilayam. Since a massive work, involving over 300 plus artists were working, Swami decided to give evening darshan in Poornachandra Hall. Almost every day, around 1.30 PM Bhagavan will walk into the vacant Sai Kulwant Hall. While walking by the side of Bhagavan, Swami may call us and give directions, or make enquiries. At times small spiritual advises will also be given.

On a particular day, Bhagavan stopped in one place, and looking up on the ceiling asked me, “Do you like this colour?” I replied, “Yes, Swami we like it very much”. Swami then asked, “Do you know the reason why I suggested this colour?” Keeping my hand in “Namasthe” I told that it was Swami’s choice and we only follow the Divine guidance. Swami took hold of my hand, holding the ring I was wearing in my fingers, asked me. “Do you remember, what I told you when I gave you this ring?” I replied that I remember very well. Swami asked me to repeat it word-by-word.

I told, “Swami told me that this is an Emerald Ring. Emerald is for peace, and you need Peace!
Instantly holding the ring Swami spoke,

“Exactly. Thousands of devotees arrive here, with many problems. They have Money problem, child problem, Job problem, Health problem, Childrens’ education problems and likewise many many problems. I cannot go on giving Emerald rings for each and every one. What I have done? This is gold, and there is gold up there. This is emerald, and there is the emerald up in the ceiling. What I am doing is that I am transforming the entire Kulwant Hall into an emrald Hall. Whoever is sitting inside this hall are getting the shower of Divine rays of peace, even without their knowing.”
Swami further told,

“You fool, you should see that Bhagavan had done this for the sake of devotees; Not for the sake of Bhagavan Himself!!!”

Thus revealing this Divine Sankalpa, Swami lovingly patted on my cheek, and started moving away from the spot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 -from a Sai Friend Bombay Srinivasan