The Dream Of The Planet, Don Miguel Ruiz – Video


A brief post from the Masterful Don Miguel Ruiz, called the “Dream Of The Planet” –  a follow-on from my last post  “Every Human Is An Artist,” (Prayers – A Communion With Our Creator) blogged  from a month ago, and  posted on June 22, 2014 . I hope some of you will remember it...

I thought I’d offer another excerpt from “Prayers – A Communion With Our Creator“, as this little book is just crammed full of gems of wisdom and other truths. All prayer is a communion of the human with the divine. Whether prayers are offered in love or gratitude and inspiration, or from fear, despair, or desperation, we talk heart-to-heart with divine spirit. When we don’t pray, and I must say, I don’t pray as often as I used to, we feel more alone, cut off from our own hearts, and our own power. When I don’t pray, I write posts like this, because positive writing is a prayer, it is an agreement between the heart and the divine, an investment in faith, and helps foster the intent.


~ Thank you, eve

“Together with my new post is kwisital,s eye-catching you tube, “AWAKENING INTO INFINITE LOVE AND LIGHT.”  Kwisital is a French guy with a deft hand with both music and film, he creates pretty amazing you tubes often using English quotations. I love his imagery and his creativity, use of color and sound. I hope you will take two or three minutes to watch his you tube.


The dream of the planet is the dream of all humans together. We can call it society, we can call it a nation, but the result of the creation of the mind, individual and collective, is a dream. The dream can be a pleasant dream that we call heaven or it can be a nightmare, that we call hell. But heaven and hell only exist at the level of the mind.

The human society, the dream of the planet is ruled by lies, and fear is the result. It is a dream where humans judge one another, find one another guilty, and punish one another. Humans use the power of the word to gossip and to hurt one another. Misuse of the word creates emotional poison, and all the emotional poison is in the dream. It goes around the world, and that is what most humans eat:  “emotional poison.”  The dream of the planet prepares newborn humans to believe what it wants them to believe. In that dream, there is no justice; there is only injustice. Nothing is perfect; there is only imperfection. That is why humans eternally search for justice, for happiness, and for love.

For thousands of years people have believe there is a conflict between good and evil in the universe. But this is not true. The real conflicts is between truth and what is not truth. The conflict exists in the human mind, not in the rest of nature. Good and evil are the result of that conflict. Believing in truth results in goodness; believing in and defending what is not truth results in evil. Evil is just the result of believing in lies.

17 thoughts on “The Dream Of The Planet, Don Miguel Ruiz – Video

  1. “Evil is just the result of believing in lies.”

    I don’t think it’s nearly that simple, although defining what evil is is challenging. Mostly I equate evil with destruction and good with construction. But I do believe good and evil are real things.


    1. The Buddhist and the Hindus do say the mind is the creator of good and evil. The mind is the source of all suffering. They say the world is nothing but illusion – just a dream created by the mind, and we are dreaming this reality. Nice to hear from you. thank you. eve


      1. might just add – everything starts with a thought. Thoughts are powerful, the state of mind creates the thought. When we act on a powerful thought, an “elemental,” we change the physical world for better or for worse. We change the world we live in. It is hard to explain in only a few lines. I have the power of thought posts on this blog.. thanks again. Hope you stay in touch.. best eve


        1. Indeed. One difference between humans and all other forms of life is that humans imagine a different future and then go out and make that imagination real. Many animals build things, nests, spider webs, but not new things. Humans dream up new things!


      2. Immanuel Kant said much the same thing. He believed in a physical reality, but held that the only reality any of us can know is the one we build inside our own head.

        I think good and evil are indeed something we create from our minds. They don’t exist as “things” in the natural world. They’re like justice — something we made up, but which we hold to be real. “As real as the rules of baseball,” as the saying goes.


          1. Kant is not an easy read! The original German is so torturous that even German philosophy students usually read English translations. What you generally want to do with Kant is read what others write about him. Even the Wiki article will give you a sense of the deep waters that await. But it’s worth exploring at least a little. Kant is one of the philosophical cornerstones.


          2. will do. 🙂 I best not introduce him on the blog though. My readers, are only up to the “lite and easy.” I often want to post deeper posts but I feel this is not the right arena. Am I right in thinking that? eve


          3. Sadly, tragically, probably. I do get into such topics on mine, and as a result, two very appropriate hash tags for my blog are #crickets and #tumbleweeds. 😕


          4. hah! – well, 🙂 one does think about blogs and how they evolve. I think your tags are catchy.. I am all for blogs with interesting post. Not into the fluff-types they offer on face book so much.. eve


          5. Have your watched “inner worlds, outerworld.” I will give you video number four. This sums up all you said. We are human doings, not human beings.”

   – I love the film, often watch it over and over again. Here, the video covers us pursuing happiness out there! The more we think, the more we get ourselves into delusion etc.etc. anyway you can watch. It is late here. So cannot write.. eve


  2. Well written Eve, and what a journey to partake of. It’s not until we become ready within, that these understandings become relevant and their wisdom is gained. But what a journey 🙂 Thank you for sharing the wisdom of wiser minds. Namaste


    1. thank you so much. 🙂 Sharing can be a joy. Don M. Ruiz is always joyful, don’t you think? – He has a page on FB if you want to know more about him, join or like his page. Highly recommend his work.. eve


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